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Replies to Sidda, Italian and David B

Reader comment on item: Sudden Jihad Syndrome (in North Carolina)
in response to reader comment: Islam the religion of peace does not allow this

Submitted by tariq (United Arab Emirates), Mar 18, 2006 at 08:45

to sidda:
"Tariq, first of all the extremists declared war on every American man, woman, and child in 1998."
the extremists. not the muslims

"Bin Laden decreed that it was permissible to murder any American civilian anywhere they could be found"
hes wrong

"The WTC was bombed in 1993 for the first time. America sustained attacks at its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and then the Cole"
Ever thought of the reason?(hint: has to do with US foreign policies)

"The final straw was the attacks which killed thousands of our citizens on 9/ll."
Attacks from whom? wot proof do u have?

"THEN came Afghanistan and Iraq."
Why iraq? oil?

"The difference is that we are not waging war in the name of any religion."
unlike hitler

"It is a government action to protect its people."
Protect from wot? and y? did u ever think wot effect ur foreign policies are having in muslim countries?

" The Islamists are waging war in the name of Islam; bin Laden states in his own words his desire to recreate the caliphate"
because they are ignorant of Islam.

"will also find that the definition of "innocent" is very elastic in the minds of the extremists"
extremists not muslims

"Resisting the spread of Islam is considered "aggression against Islam." So is putting a KFC in Pakistan or a Victoria's Secret in Saudi Arabia."
By extremists maybe.

"You know that "there is no compulsion in religion" was abrogated by all of the verses which extol believers to wage war on unbelievers until Islam covers the earth, "Islam must dominate and not be dominated.""
This is a common misunderstanding. Actually no verse in the Quran allows muslims to kill non-muslims for the expansion of Islam. There are many verses which look like they do but they are only quoted out of context.

I wish it were as you say, but it is not.
It IS as i say it is. u need to stop wishing.

" go on any fundamentalist Islamist website and try to convince THEM of your interpretation of Islam."
Send me a link to such website.

"Then come back and let us all know how you made out."
you can check it yourself

To italian:

"sidda you wasted your time."
he didnt. he has many misunderstandings about Islam. its good that he'll learn.

"Tariq is brainwashed"
haha ha. lisa said the same thing. read my reply to her again. it goes for u too.

"he wrote to me that cutting hands and feet are good because quran explains this."
Good? can u plz send me the link to that comment? i said its effective.

"he also stayed in silence when i observed that this stuff is not good for every people (even to him)."
Huh? wen? maybe i didnt read ur coment properly. or maybe i forgot that part while replying(i was debate FIVE ppl at that time u know)
so send me the link to ur comment to which i gave no reply.
and it no use making up stories about me being silent. anyone who visits this page(http://www.danielpipes.org/article/3281) would know that its YOU who satyed silent not me.

"He routinely take us for a ride"
On the ride of truth.

"and i think there's many more interesting and intelligent muslims we can talk to."
Thats wot u say wen u lose a debate.

"please let this guy alone with koran because he believes koran has everything (even theory of relativity....).."
Its not koran, its Quran.
Wen did i say it has everything? it does not speak about an italian guy lying on DanielPipes.org.
And where did i say tht Quran speaks about relativity?

Oh and tell erery1 wot u think about the bible; thats its a violent which should be discarded.

"the muslims can't make the difference between the right or wrong."
Those muslims who know nothing about Islam cant.

"Those people are like the people from sects (example: the davidian) they sleep until the islam teaching wake up their evil side and they perform some stupid and violent act."
Ignorant ppl

"But they are atheists or not so interested in religion."
actually this iranian has no idea about Islam teaches.

"Every religious muslim will be a problem or a menace for the kaffir."
ummm. y? actually u christians with misunderstandings are a problem for us

"and example Tariq,"
hey i know that you are angry me. but u dont have to be. i was only removing the misunderstandings about Islam that u have.

" i am sure he will be a great friend,"
u ca be sure of that...as long as u dont lie about Islam but ask questions.

" i can joke with him and him and his family will be nice to me, but if someone stolen his car he stop to think with his brain but instead use quran and claims for cutting hands."
What will u do? send him to jail? he may come out again and repeat the crime. just the thought of having his hand cut off will prevent the criminal from stealing. so there WILL BE NO ONE to have his hand cut off. this way the would be theif has his hand, and i have my car. all very effective.

"If i talk with him about christ he probably react with arrogance to me (because only quran is the truth, the other religions are not in right)."
Ok. So? for u new testament is the truth. u even reject the old testament

"He sees bad americans everywhere,"
i dont.

"It's trivial said "americans are not good, muslims are victims"."
Not all americans, not all muslims.

"If osama bin laden or saddam hussein of even one of the saudis rule the world,"
[Shuddderrrrrrrrr(saudis are ok)]

"So you must consider devoted muslims like sect people: they usually don't think with the brain but with sura and hadith."
do u have a problem? u dont think usinf the New Testament?
The problem is that many muslims dont know Islam. and instead of arguing those who do, u should learn from us, and argue with the extremists and teach them the real Islam. this way those extremists will feel ashamed as they have to learn Islam from non-muslims and hopefully practice the true and peaceful Islam.

"and sura and hadith say "kill the infidels""
read these surahs in context.

""humiliate the dhimmi" and so on."
where does it say to humuliate the dhimmi?

"It's not human and it's not good in every modern human culture except islam."
i have quoted many verses from the Old testament in my previous comments to u and others. plz tell ur christian friends that those verses are not 'good' and not human, and that they should be discarded.
dont be afraid. they cant do anything to u as they dont know you. u told me that Old testament should be discarded. now be a good christian and tell the others as well

"I don't think God needs weak humans to preserve his power,"
thts right. he doesnt.

"he can punish human incorrect behaviour in the outerworld but it's strange he needs people with knife ready to kill the next, i think he must be a weak God not a powerful God,"
i could say the same to u. infact ur bible even needs rest.(genesis)
(i know dont believe in it, but tell this to chrisitians)

to David B:
"There is absolutely such a thing as radical Islam."
no there isnt.

"It is the Islam of Osama Bin Laden and his followers."
its not Islam. they are not muslims. they are munafiqs

" I have heard it estimated that as many as 10% of the 1 billion Muslims can be considered "radical Islamists"."
Some ppl estimate this to be as low as 1%. but still. none of them are even remotely comparable to hitler

"These are people who live in the 21st century but think in the 8th century. Their only goal is the re-establishment of the Muslim Caliphate and the use of jihad. Not for self defense- but for expansion of the Muslim empire and the destruction of the infidels."
Tell those ppl to learn Islam.

"Zarqawi himself recently repeated these very concepts on behalf of Bin Laden."
hes is not an islamic scholar.

"He said that the jihad will continue until all Muslim lands are free of infidels..."
Free from their tyrany? wot do u think about this part?

"and the Shari'a has been established throughout the world."
tell him to prove it from the Quran. and also tell his that jihad does not mean to fight. it means to strive.

"All one has to do to understand the preferred future of these idiots..."
idiots and munafiqeen.

"is to look at what they did when they had the chance to influence the creation and continued power of a government- The Taliban."
dont forget, the US helped this government.

"These people are not fighting the policies of the U.S."
USA makes N bombs
USA nukes japan.
USA helps israel steal the land from palestinians
USA attacks Afghanistan for tajik gas
USA attacks Iraq for OIL
USA threatens Iran with war for.. for.. for... for wot?
wots the reason? nuclear weapons? so usa has them israel has them. wots the proof Iran has them?

"They are not fighting to establish freedom and democracy in their native lands. If Bin Laden was able to overthrow the Saudi royal family and establish another form of government in Saudi Arabia or any other Arab country what do you think he would do? "

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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