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The truth – not the fantasy – is that there was never an independent, sovereign Arab state called Palestine

Reader comment on item: Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital – What Does It Mean?
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Submitted by YJ Draiman (United States), Dec 26, 2017 at 14:39

The truth – not the fantasy – is that there was never an independent, sovereign Arab state called Palestine.
Israel is "the only nation in the world that is governing itself in the same territory, under the same name, and with the same religion and same language as it did 3,000 years ago."

Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab polity in all of recorded history. Only one people has ever made Jerusalem its capital and only one people ever established their indigenous ancestral and biblical homeland between East of the River Jordan and West to the Mediterranean Sea: the Jews.

Israel was reconstituted in 1920 by the April 1920 San Remo Treaty which was confirmed by the August 1920 Treaty of Sevres and Lausanne, also by the January 1919 Faisal Weitzmann Agreement. The Arabs received at the same time over 6 million sq. miles of territory with a wealth of oil reserves and the Jewish State was to receive 46,300 sq. miles which is Palestine. In the years before Israel was formally reconstituted and declared sovereign in 1948, the world referred to its Jewish residents as Palestinians. Indeed, the Palestinian military units fighting with the British Army in World War Two were Jewish to the man and woman. Few, if any, Arabs or Muslims fought against the Axis powers during that war and indeed many Arabs served in SS units; often willing collaborators with the Germans in murdering Jewish communities in the Balkans and elsewhere.

Remember, the word Palestine was the name the Romans renamed Israel and also named Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina. The Mandate for Palestine over the territory was granted under international law and treaty by the League of Nations in 1920 to Great Britain as trustee with the express duty and obligation of re-establishing within it a Jewish homeland as agreed to in international treaties executed after WWI.

At that time, the Palestine Mandate covered all of what is Israel – including Judea and Samaria, or what is erroneously called the West Bank – and present day Jordan.
What so many in the media forget, if they ever knew, is that after the Ottoman Empire was dismantled by the victorious Allies, France and Britain, at the end of World War One, many new Arab states were created with Palestine reserved exclusively for a Jewish homeland under international law and treaty.

But Britain violated international treaties, thus, it reneged on its duty and obligation to the Jews and tore away four fifths of the Mandate territory in 1922 – that is all the land east of the Jordan River – and arbitrarily gave it away as a new Arab State to the Hashemite Bedouin tribe. Immediately Jews were forbidden to live in what became Trans-Jordan and eventually the Kingdom of Jordan: An early example of ethnic cleansing and Arab apartheid. All Jewish property East of the Jordan River was confiscated and any Jews expelled.

The borders of the Mandate for Palestine as eventually determined; Jordan East of the Jordan River as the new Arab state taking away over 77% of Jewish territory and Israel everything West of the Jordan River including Jerusalem.

Interestingly, Arabs and their leaders had rejected any notion of a separate Arab Palestinian identity. For them, Palestine was merely a part of Greater Syria and the Arabs were indistinct from their neighbors. Indeed, the Syrian dictator, Assad, still plots for the return of Jordan, Israel and the disputed territories.
As far as Palestine was concerned to those Arab absentee landlords of the early years of the 20th century, living in the fleshpots of Cairo, Damascus and Beirut, the land was worthless: desolate, barren and malarial infested.

Then the Jewish pioneers returning in the late 19th century began to purchase the wasted and barren land at exorbitant prices – much higher than fertile land in Iowa and Idaho – drained the swamps and redeem again the ancestral ancient beloved Jewish homeland.

Jewish development of the centuries old desolate and neglected land, restored in familial love through blood, sweat and tears, ironically these brought into the territory hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab aliens who found livelihoods that were unavailable in the stagnant and corrupt neighboring Arab societies.
The British authorities invariably turned a blind eye to the flood of Arab Illegals seeing in them a stick to beat the Jewish residents. Herein lays the false genesis of the present day Arab claim to all the land and their descendant's stated threat to extirpate any and all Jewish life within its borders. The British as trustee for the Jewish people gave away without authority land to the Arabs in Israel.

So many well-meaning people in the West, as well as latent anti-Semites, have fallen hook, line and sinker for the fabrication, delusion and myth of an Arab homeland called Palestine. So many people now believe the false and deceptive claim by the well-funded Arab deceptive propaganda machine that the Jews came and stole it, which is blatantly false.
But though it sounds affecting and no doubt to the liberal mind particularly emotional with all the tugging of the heart strings that it implies, it is still an absolute lie just like the weed that can never be fully uprooted.
For so many people who are either ignorant or hard hearted towards the Jewish state, they are unaware that the Jews were the aboriginal and remaining indigenous inhabitants for two millennia before the Muslim religion was created and Muslim armies swarmed out of Arabia with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other to occupy vast territories in the name of Allah, while beheading some of the males, raping the women and taking them as slaves. The pity is that the bible as history is there for all to read. Sadly, so many ignore what is written.

The Arabs have a spread of territory which is over 13 million square kilometers with a wealth of oil reserves in the Middle East and into North Africa (the Maghreb). Israel's territory is barely 21,000 square kilometers (it was suppose to be 120,000 sq. km. all of Palestine) and may soon be reduced further in violation of international law and treaties and the Faisal-Weizmann agreement of January 3, 1919, which agreed that all of Palestine is allocated to the Jewish people; if the Jewish biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria is torn from it to create in its midst a terror state called Arab-Palestine: the 23rd Arab state.
When the world extends to the million Jewish refugees who were terrorized, persecuted and expelled from Arab lands and all their assets including 120,000 sq. km/ of real property confiscated nearly 70 years ago the same sympathetic obsession that they extend to the Arabs who needlessly left Israel at the urging's of the corrupt Arab League, then there maybe hope for a better international community than exists at the present time. The need for oil blinds them to the truth.
Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can not be treated just where it is visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed completely with no traces left.

When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely. That is the way the terrorist organizations and its supporters should be treated.

YJ Draiman


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