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The Urban Legends of Moderate Islam and the Integration of Muslims in Western Society

Reader comment on item: In Defense of Europe's So-called Far Right

Submitted by Warren.D.Peace (Switzerland), Jan 21, 2015 at 05:39

Muslims are not inherently evil - they are utterly different:

The Urban Legends of Moderate Islam and the Integration of Muslims in Western Society

First, let's abandon the misconception of a conflict between the religions of
Islam and Christianity, as this obvious "Clash of Civilizations" is exactly that - a violent collision between one civilization and all the others, where religion is only one of many dimensions thereof.

Islam is not just a religion!

We "Westerners" must finally come to the understanding of a simple, basic, yet critical fact - Islam is not just a religion, but an all-encompassing societal System with total authoritarian control over all social, cultural, economical, legal a n d religious institutions through totalitarian,oppressive, archaic religious methods, rules and ideology.

Islam, since its inception around 600 A.D., has this terrible built-in design-flaw with fatal consequences up to today- in accordance to and compliance with Islamic scripture, true Muslims can and shall not accept or adopt any model of aforementioned societal frame parameters - from western systems of government, values, freedoms, equality, to the western understanding of law - other than its own version, and must at all times, according to its never evolved or reformed doctrine, actively seek to replace these dimensions of (modern, evolved, inclusive, enlightened, developed) western civilization with the (rigid, exclusive, archaic, stagnant) Islamic version.

Muslims who only subscribe to the religious component of this societal concept, can indeed (somewhat) function and cooperate with and within western societies. These are the so-called "moderate, or nominal " Muslims, our liberal progressive, multi-culti-elite, nowadays so prevalent in our societies and governments, likes to talk about and so desperately wants to cater to.

Albeit, those very same individuals are being considered and often persecuted as blasphemers and apostates by a large segment, if not the majority, of the Muslim community - in the Islamic world as well as in the West - by those therefore, who, according to mentioned rigid, original doctrine, consider Islam as all-encompassing societal construct, which - due to its attributes - is utterly and fundamentally incompatible with any other.

It's the literal square peg which can not fit into a round hole. It's not and or within - it's either<>or. In other words - where Islam lives and blooms, all other forms of civilizations must die or be replaced, which explains the bloody history of this death cult (an ideology which is built around and celebrates war, conquest, death, afterlife, Jihad, martyrdom - as opposed to Christianity for example, which celebrates life).

A 1400 year long red line of conquest, conflict, war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, violence and terror all the way to this day.

Consequences thereof:

Islamic clerics, the undisputed and indisputable "bringers of the word", who are obliged to follow the scriptures of Qur'an and Hadith to the word,can by design not condemn the Islamist ideology which considers Islam as all-encompassing System for the society - on the contrary - their sermons are to promote it. That fact alone forces them onto a direct collision-course with all aspects of Western Civilization and it explains the relative silence and passivity of the majority of Muslims, let alone prominent clerics and scholars, in opposing, condemning, debating, criticizing and finally, forcefully repudiating Islamist ideology.

While few, usually not very prominent clerics and likely a plurality of western Muslims, based upon Islamic Dogma, may at best find reasons and a motive for condemning violence against the infidel and Muslim innocents alike, an inherent sympathy for Islamism throughout the worldwide Muslim community, with the desire to expanding the Islamic societal concept, is ingrained and can under current, unreformed doctrine, never be overcome.

Rejecting just the violence alone, can not be deemed sufficient or satisfactory - albeit, that's at present about the best-case scenario we can possibly hope for, since a loud and clear repudiation of Islamism by prominent Muslim clerics and scholars as a prerequisite for a pan-Islamic reform-movement, is considered as heresy or blasphemy and hence, seems to be an unattainable proposition.

Moderate Islam is a purely western concept.

True Muslims would never and can never accept such a classification. It's
nothing but a crutch - from a purely western perspective - to differ between the radical extremists and those who are non-violent, reject violence, or only subscribe to the religious component of Islam. It is also a Non-Sequitur, as the attribute of "moderate" can only be applied in comparison to violent Islamist extremists. In comparison to our understanding of how a civilization should be framed however, the same Muslims would have to be qualified as anything, but moderate.

Integration, let alone assimilation of Muslims in western societies, is yet another purely western idea or, better yet, wishful thinking.

For the same mentioned ideological frame parameters/conditions, a true Muslim is not allowed to adopt western models. Not even in part, as any deviation from the rigid and very narrow path would be deemed as Heresy. It therefore follows consequentially, that such demographics will congregate in those "ghettos" or outright enclaves within western states. Much more so than other minorities which do the same, based upon culture, language or traditions alone. These ghettos, best exemplified in the Muslim banlieues in France, have, ignored, if not outright enabled and empowered by über-tolerant western governments, become mini-states with their own (Shari'a-) law and authorities, not to mention customs, culture, language, religion, schools, teachers, curricula, signs et al.)

The various societal problems we in America for instance experience with those many minority enclaves throughout the nation, are thus even further massively aggravated in any Muslim ghettos, where the divisive factors are not just language, culture or geographic regions of origin, but literally all aspects of a society.

America, with her unique and way more far-reaching freedoms pertaining to arms, privacy and anything which can be interpreted as religion, faces even greater and potentially much more dangerous threats, stemming from the mentioned segregation tendency, as in the US we have a long history and tradition of cults or spiritually like-minded to seclude themselves, oftentimes heavily armed in heavily fortified compounds in remote rural areas. More than 22 such Muslim compounds have been identified by watch dog orgs or think tanks, where armed young men train and work out. And, no, these men, running around in the woods "on private property" with AK 47s, surely are no survivalists, training and preparing for the apocalypse. Considering the uber-tolerant mindset of the Obama administration, shackling law enforcement with tight restrictions and rules of engagement in any conflict or tension area, It seems highly debatable or doubtful, that these Muslim enclaves are under (absolutely necessary) tight surveillance at least. It appears certainly quite ironic, that such Muslim training grounds evidently are tolerated within America, while at the same time Obama drones similar compounds in Pakistan or any other nation, providing a safe haven for them, to the stone age.


Moderate Islam is nothing but a Fata Morgana. A by western liberals and
progressives devised, clumsy and crude tool to differentiate between violent Muslim Zealots and a non-violent, widely passive, yet inherently fundamentalist--sympathetic broader Muslim community, which may or may not subscribe solely to the religious component of Islam - a crude instrument and contortion of a sad reality in order to justify appeasement strategies and a softening of our western pillars of civilization by enabling the "mission-creep" of Islamists, resulting in an increasing Islamization throughout the West on literally all dimensions of our societies, such as education, traditions, culture, law and religion.

If only - according to various polls conducted within the demography throughout western nations and in countries of origin - 1%, the most conservative estimate, are radical, willing to promote the all-encompassing and for us toxic ideology, that leaves many thousand potential Jihadists, willing to apply terror as means to coerce us to adopting it. Nothing moderate about that.

Integration and Assimilation of Muslims in the West is another non-starter, as long as Islamic Doctrine remains unreformed. Quite actually, the dire situation
will worsen in parallel to appeasement politics, such as Muslim clerics being allowed to unsupervised and unmonitored preach Islam in its true form and thus by design adding to the divisiveness between demographics.

Unhampered, unregulated growth of the Muslim Ghettos, fueled by an almost uncontrolled influx of Muslims into western nations, currently pretty much without any legal assimilation pressure due to corresponding passed legislature, exercised by Western governments, will only add to the toxic, explosive situation and a growing recruitment base for radical-Islamists.

Home-grown, lone-wolf -or soft target terrorism will undoubtedly spread and increase throughout the West with every day, ISIS or it's Khalifate is allowed to exist and to serve as a worldwide blazing signal or call to arms for all Muslims and - in parallel - eroding western pillars of civilization due to by our governments enabled Islamization.

The notorious law of unintended consequences surely has bitten the Obama administration in the behind, as ironically his (naive) utopian, pacifist, conflict-averse mentality has led him to hastily and hectically withdraw from Iraq way too prematurely and leave no residual stabilizing force behind, but a dangerous vacuum instead, into which thousands of radical Islamists poured.

Since, with this context in mind alone, it is mission-critical to utterly destroy and eradicate ISIS, America finds herself faced with the terrible requirement (again) of having to send in our military, including ground forces, in order to achieve the goal of wiping this worldwide terribly inflammatory, radical movement off the face of the earth. Trying desperately and confusedly to end the war and/or avoid it in the future, Obama has in fact laid the groundwork for an even greater and likely much more bloody one. One, which in my humble opinion is absolutely unavoidable, as any future (GOP) government will come to appreciate. Hap-hazard actions, such as occasional air force strikes, arming a couple of thousand "moderate" Muslims and hoping for them to defeat ISIS (and Assad, which is another prerequisite to obtain at some point a slither of stability in the region), naive expectations of the Kurds to be able to do more than at best re-conquer their own territory, or expecting the by now increasingly islamist Turks under Erdogan to do more than offering lip-service in this conflict, will not accomplish those for us vital objectives. With our direct national security in mind, American soldiers and ground forces will have to be deployed again with the sad consequences of creating yet a wholly new set of challenges.

What a shame to have to experience time and again the notion of " the way to hell is paved with good intentions", Mr. Obama.

The at present appearing popular anti-Islam - if not islamophobe - movements
in the West (PEGIDA, Front Nationale etc,) will undoubtedly gain momentum and may likely and increasingly result in violent clashes between demographics, not seen in many generations, if said governments do not begin to respond to the justified fears of the local population, vis-à-vis mentioned growing Islamization, with robust legislature and enforcement of the law of the (western) lands. The European Zeitgeist will undoubtedly eventually spread to America, where similar popular movements will sprout up.
Again, ironically, due to the über-inclusive, appeasing in-action of western governments to Islamization, the very same islamophobe mind-set will take hold, all these governments tried so hard to avoid in the first place. Enabling and rewarding bad behavior has never worked to eliminating it, as any parent well knows. Tough love, strict rules, boundaries and enforcement thereof has proven to be much more successful in the endeavor of raising children - an analogy which can directly be applied to integrating (at least nominal Muslim) minorities into our societies.

All measures said governments may now or eventually be forced to entertain, nevertheless must be understood as nothing, but symptom-fighting. In order to address the actual root-causes and possibly eliminating some day the frame-conditions of this clash of civilizations, nothing short of a fundamental reformation of a l l aspects of Islam itself, will be required. Albeit - any such reformation must happen from within, since history has brutally demonstrated, that such can never be forced upon a society from the outside.

Having said that, as history again sadly demonstrates, with this Ideology, staunchly remaining at 600 A.D., all those built-in design flaws of Islam form an insurmountable barrier against any such initiative or effort...... so far.

See - they are not evil - just so incredibly different from us.


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