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Two rogues -Mahomet and Ataturk

Reader comment on item: Is Turkey Going Rogue?
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Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Oct 11, 2011 at 17:56

havas ,

I have already had the dubious pleasure to have an exchange of opinions with you.The outcome was as easy to predict then as it is now.You will never admit any valid and verifiable point which exposes Turkey while you love taking refuge to the unverifiable and the irrational covering it up with "morality" just like in this post which you might have spared me as I have fogotten neither you nor your twisted Turkish mind. My simplest answer to you is "What's wrong about hating evil which I do contend Turkey was and is"?

>many people can critisize turkey for many things happened in the past and even today.but you must know that life is not black and white. there are big grey areas.<

What's your point here?After murdering several million Christians in recurrent genocides and after consistently denying your crimes against humanity which are all well-documented; and after supporting your lies with inventing an extra nasty lie of "being victims of genocide" instead and threatening with penalties, jail and death anyone who would question in public the official Turkish lie you dare lecture me on the freedom of speech in Turkey ??? Nobody can criticize Turkey in Turkey without jeopardizing their life, property and health. You should know it better than a Polish gavur (kafir) like me.But instead of telling the simple and sad truth you turn up with an abstract remark which however on closer examination turns out to be not applicable to Turkey at all!

I wouldn't like to repeat the word "liar" too often, so I'd rather refrain from calling you one as practically EVERY Turk by definition bears the name.

> when you look from turkey poland doesn't look such a bad country. but israel and america looks terrible countries to us.<

This perspective is not applicable to someone who 1/ isn't blind , 2/ is curious ,3/ isn't corrupt and 4/ looks closer at this monster called Turkey.

Both Israel and America are countries where vocally criticizing the official lies and wrongdoings of people and ideas in power is an obvious,traditional and acceptable way to act open to EVERY citizen. This way is hermetically closed to EVERY Turkish citizen. What is open in Turkey instead to every citizen is servile and dull repetition and justification of the official lies and wrongdoings in which you've engaged here and elsewhere. To put it a bit differently, both America and Israel are free societies based on Enlightenment while Turkey is an Oriental perfidious police state based on the mad personality cults of two rogues - Mahomet and Ataturk.

>we can not forget what they have done to ıraq<

It would be interesting to learn when you discovered so much love for Iraq?Is your sudden "love" called Mossul and its oil fields perhaps?

Anyway, after murdering tens of thousands of Kurds, destroying some 4000 Kurdish villages and expelling a million Kurds you tell me you "cannot forget what they have done to ıraq"? Well, others cannot forget what you have done to the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Kurds. And they understand quite well what you can still do with your genocidal record. Frankly, can you imagine that you Turks with your heinous record of gencoides are the most unlikely persons on this planet to complain in public about anyone doing anything to any other country or population?

>and how they murdered 9 turks in the middle of mediterrenean for example.<

First, as a Moslem you mustn't say - "they murdered" but "Allah made them murder 9 Turks". After all in your twisted Moslem mind nothing happens without this Arab demon's will, does it? And if so why complain?They are now in Allah's brothel, have their 72 female or male prostitutes , drink wine without suffering from hangovers, enjoy roast beef and lamb in jannah. Lucky jihadists!

Second, if you are so angry with the Jews that dispatched your Turkish jihadists to where they wanted so much to go anyway, why won't you tell us about all the Turkish jihadists killed and captured by the Russians in Chechnia? The Turks provided by far the largest contingent of foreign jihadists in Chechnia. That's also a very interesting chapter in recent Turkish history, isn't it?A Turkish jihadist here, a Turkish jihadist there ...

One more detail worth knowing would be how it was possible that on five other ship of the flotilla no one died despite the IDF intervention while on the Turkish ship 9 jihadists did allegedly because of the IDF intervention ?

> the way america brought democracy to ıraq is something horrible.<

It's nothing compared to the way you brought your Turkish barbarism and primitivism to Anatolia and Europe. It's nothing compared to the Bulgarian horrors of 1876 , to the Armenian-Greek-Assyrian genocides, nothing compared to the never ending war against the Kurds, nothing compared to the barbarity you displayed in 1974 in Cyprus.

And note also another important "moral" thing. Had it not been for the US such a state as Turkey wouldn't exist today. It was America that thwarted Stalin's just revenge for your Turkish treasons , genocides, assisting Hitler against the USSR and for many more crimes and felonies you had committed. Now when there is no mortal threat from the USSR any longer, you forgot your cowardice and desperate begging for America's protection after 1945 and insolently defy your savior of yesterday as you did defy earlier the Leninist savior of Kemal's regime of 1920-1922 ! Not so much changes in Turkey's ways. And you do such outrageous things referring to some imaginary moral grounds !!! Turkish perfidy knows no bounds, Havas !

> but we are only people and governments decide instead of us. so it may be better to leave hatred aside and try to act independently instead of trying to be the voice of our governments. No? ı want a better world where there are less hatred and no more wars and blood shed. <

We know your "better" Turkish world ad nauseam, your brave new Turkish world where skull towers like in Nish/Serbia will be erected at every corner which will have as an extra decoration a mosque, a portrait and a statue of Ataturk and billboards with Quranic verses.

> ı strongly advise you to be a more human for your own health.<

I definitely need no Turk to give me advices on what is good and what is bad for my health.

And as to being human , no Turk has any right to even hint at the word "human" as long as he doesn't acknowledge and regret in public the genocides Turkey has repeatedly committed. The word "human" is a blasphemy or a sneer in the mouth of a Turk!

> and by the way we use not too much toilet papers because we wash ... with water.<

In case you didn't understand the quote let me adduce it again :

"According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, over the last 10 years approximately
589,000 people in Turkey have been subject to diseases caused by excretion, such as
typhoid fever, dysentery and jaundice, diseases which in most instances could have been
prevented by the use of toilet paper and correct personal hygiene methods...Research conducted by the Faculty of Medicine of Dokuz Eylül University in 1997 shows that the usage of toilet paper greatly increases toilet hygiene when supported by washing hands."

If all you need is "wash ... with water", then where did those 589 000 Turks get infected with filth-related diseases ? Won't you blame perhaps the Mossad or the "denigrators of Turkishness" for the nasty filth Turkey is suffering from?

>be a better human please.<

I told you that you as a Turk have no right to even mention the word "human", didn't I?

And on a general note it's worth stressing that today every rogue and scoundrel uses morality as a smokescreen to cover up his old crimes and to prepare new ones.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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