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For Coco and Muslim logic revisted! part deux!

Reader comment on item: Do I Win a British "Islamophobia Award"?
in response to reader comment: for Dhimmi no more

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Nov 14, 2006 at 07:38

My dear coco I will go through your post line by line and maybe we can talk more

In regard to the bizarre doctrine of the unity of your Allah or al-tawheed you wrote;

> "we can never see Allah"

And why is that our dear coco?

>His miracles happenings all around us

You could have fooled me my dear coco. When I check the news there are wars, famines, rapes, killings, killer storms, illnesses, sufferings and starvation, and in your back yard of Pakistan people line up to migrate out of Islamic heaven. It seems that evil is in charge of this world and not your Allah. Why is that our dear coco?And even if I agree with you, how do you know that this God creator is indeed your Allah and not Ra' or Rama or ganesh etc....?

>That is proof of Allah's existence

Ah the old "argument from design" and this is my proof of your lack of basic logic and your poor and you must padon me Muslim education. Now I have two questions for you:

1. If this is indeed your Allah's creation then who created your Allah? Remember our little story about the Jews of Mecca extant in your Rasul's sira?

2. And if argument from design is evidence for the existence of God, then how can your be 100% sure that this God is your Allah?

>for eg: Allah says that Allah gave us (the) Quran and Allah will take care of (the) Qur'an

And your point is? And why do you Pakistanis and tableghees do not use the definite article before Qur'an? It is al-Qur'an and not Qur'an! Now do you get it? And what does this have to do with my questions about the fraudulent doctrine of tawheed? More later.

As for the Qur'an: It is nothing but poor literature. It is full of garmmatical errors and fables palgiarized from the literature of the people of the Middle East (see: Dhul Qarnain and the story of Ahl al-Kahf). It is a very disjointed, violent and poorly edited book. So much for the Qur'an. And yes I can read it in Arabic!

> that is why (the) Qur'an remained unchanged for 1400 years (sic)

Your knowledge of the history behind _the_ Qur'an is very defective. In my previous post I explained to you that the word MLK in Surat al-Fatiha is _an edited_ word as it can be read as: Maliki or Maaliki so which one is it? And as I explained to another tablighee/Pakistani with the screen name of Sohail (when we were chatting about Jesus in the Qur'an and the poor theologian Muhammad) that the rasm of the word ALBYNT in Q2;253 was clrealy edited by the brazen 3Ulama by adding: fatha above the beh, and a kasra under the yeh, and then a shadda or double consonant above the nuun, an alif above the nuun, and a kasra under the teh! And if the 3Ulama indeed edited MLK and the end result were two vert different words: "Owner of" and "King of", they also edited your Allah's poor Arabic by spelling the word ALBYNt in a correct way by adding an alif and a second nuun then they also added the tashkeel to the defective rasm of your Allah's poor Arabic grammar. So much for the unchanged book of Allah and so much for wannabe Arabs!

I'm also curious: Do you really know what is really the Muslim masora? I very much doubt it,

>Qur'an tafseer

Again your understanding of the subject matter of exegesis of the Qur'an is defective.

So I have two questions for you:

1. What is the difference between Tafseer and ta'weel?

2. And why do we get very different tafseer/ta'weel of the Quranic material? If you check the story of Mariya al-Qibtiya you will find nothing in the Qur'an that such person ever existed but the likes of Ibn Ishaq and Tabari give us a fable about such a person , but if you turn to Ibn Kathir's tafseer we are told another fable about Abul Qasim aka Muhammad eating some bad quality honey and nothing abourt Mariya al-Qibtiya! So who was right and who was wrong? It is either Ibn Kathir was right and in this case there was no such pesron as Mariya al-Qibtiya or Tabari and Ibn Ishaq were correct and there was indeed a pesron by the name of Mariya al-Qibtiya!

And why do those that provide us with al-tafseer have no clue what these strange letters at the begining of some suras and they also have no clue about the meaning of many words in your Allah's little book? eg: Ilaf in surat Quraish?

But do you know what all this confusion means?

It means that:

1. The Quranic material was already old by Muhammad's time and no one had any clue in 632CE when Muhammad died what all this confusion really means, but this detaches Muahammad from the Qur'an.

2. OR: The Quranic material was circulating as pericopes and logias after the death of Muhammad that is and was not canonized for 2-3 centuries after his death but in this case Islam would be detached from Arabia and Muhammad! So which one is it?

>..Be used for translation of (the) Qur'an today

You must be kidding! There is a big difference between Tarjamma and Tafseer/Ta'weel may be you can ask your ignorant Mullah to tell you what it means!

You still did not answer my questions:

1. So how do you know that there is a God or Gods?

2. And if there is a God how can you be sure that He is your Allah and not Ra' or Rama or ganesh?

3. Andf if there is a God who created this God? Remember our Aristotelian question?

I'm still waiting for your answer.

As for your last and funny line:

"it seems that you do not belive in God at all"

Wrong. I believe that if there is a God He is not Allah and am I an ahtiest? Well you will never know!

Stay tuned for more!


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