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DAVID M. FRIEDMAN and Jews on What's Best for Jews in Israel

Reader comment on item: The Three-Way Option: Arab States, Israel, Palestinians

Submitted by Robert (United States), Feb 20, 2017 at 17:34

Dear Daniel Pipes,

As you know, since at least the formation of Zionism by Theodor Herzl about 1896
in his booklet, "The Jewish State," (German title "Der Judenstaat")
Jews have been divided into roughly two (2) camps:
(1) those who supported it, and (2) those who opposed it,
primarily on the grounds that it would expose them to the charge of Dual Loyalty.

And in fact, Herzl received his greatest support among the poor Yiddish speaking Jews of the Russian Empire.

That division in the Jewish world continues to this day,
except that Israel is a reality, those Jews who oppose it
are an Orthodox fringe, but the rest are in J. Street, American Jewish Committe, who decided that
Obama and Kerry is right, and that the Two-State Solution is the Best for Israel
in spite of what the Israeli government coalition holds,
and what Netanyahu as it Prime Minister expounds.

Now as is common knowledge David M. Friedman, an American Orthodox Jew
has called other Jews, those who oppose the government of Israel under Netanyahu
"worse than Kapos." This is certainly an emotionally packed term,
meaning by "Kapo" a Jew who worked for the Nazis in a Concentration Camp
in an effort to not be exterminated
by serving as an intermediary.
A less provocative, or inflammatory term would be "Traitor" to Jews (in Israel).

In his confirmation hearing before a Committee of Congress
for the position of Ambassador to Israel
lawyer Friedman walked-back on the expression,
explaining that it was used in the heat of Campaigning for Presidency.

The fact of the matter is that the millions of Jews living safely
outside of the Grip of Hitler's Nazi Germany
and Stalin's Soviet Union
were not effective in their means and policies
of saving the Millions of Jewish victims.

As you know, ironically, Israel was conceived by Herzl
precisely to avoid such atrocities against Jews
precisely from the later-day "Jewish Jesus,"
namely French Jew Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935).
Unlike Jewish Jesus, Dreyfus wasn't executed, but ultimately vindicated.

Nevertheless, though the Balfour Declaration was declared in 1917,
motivated not by mere benevolence for Jews by the Brits,
but by their belief that Jews world-wide,
had sufficient political influence to help the British Empire
against the Central Powers of World War One.

It seems clear that Prospective American Ambassador to Israel,
David Friedman has the correct grasp of History
and perceives correctly not only what is best for Israel,
but also what is best for the West, including the USA and Europe
(and the former English-Speaking British Colonies).

As it turns out, in the contexts of 9/11, the so-called "Arab Spring"
and the De Facto Establishment of the ISIS Caliphate in Iraq and Syria,
as well as potentially (in 10 years at most)
Atom Bomb armed Iran under its Ayatollah,
the interests of the "Freedom Loving Western World"
is to support Israel on the Eastern Front of the assault on the West,
party accomplished by flooding the West with Millions of Muslims.
This Demographic Movement is only in one direction:
from the lands of More Muslims,
to the lands of Less Muslims.
That means that Tactically, and Strategically,
the Fanatic Muslims are winning, as well as their less violent Ideologues,
the Muslim Brethren, where the live relatively comfortingly in Turkey,
but far less so Hamas-ruled Gaza.
And in the United States of America
there still is no law criminalizing the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization.

I expect all this to change for the better (us Christen and Jewish Americans);
unfortunately, there will be some difficult unavoidable criminal acts
against our fellow American citizens who truly are American Peace-loving Muslims;
but this is partly the consequence of the fact of the existence of a Fifth Column in the USA.
The fact that McCarthy stigmatized American Communist unjustly,
does not deny that the Soviet Union and its Stalinist ways was not a threat to the USA in the 1950's.
The fact that Japanese Americans were loyal citizens,
certainly more so than German Americans,
and that Racism was the primary reason
for which they were incarcerated in Detention Camps,
does not mean that Islamophobia is a phenomena
which has no basis in Reason (as one commentator pointed out).
Unlike Jews, who were never more than 15 Million,
Muslims are 1/5 of the world's population: 20 %.
So they are no Minority in any critical sense of the term.

The danger to Americans is their Way of Life.
This was never the case before,
when discrimination was mostly based on Racism,
and the view that certain people are Inferior based on Genes or DNA.
But those who are brainwashed by Islamist Ideology are Inferior,
but though they cannot change easily,
that is not like one's Skin which,
unlike a snake, one cannot shed and become White.

The Spread of Contemporary Terrorist Islam
is like a Contagious Disease - it needs to be Quarantined.
But when you Quarantine people
you unfortunately include the uninfected as well.
I also apologize for the use of this medical metaphor.
But it is a relatively good way
of categorizing possible Terrorists among us.
I certainly do not condone any criminal acts against Muslims.
Our conduct must conform to our Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional law.
Restricting Muslims from the USA as immigrants isn't Unconstitutional.
Neither should we impose Security Council Resolutions on Israel,
which are Unacceptible to the duly elected government of democratic Israel.

-it needs .

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