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Reader comment on item: Islamism in Disarray
in response to reader comment: Dear Prashant

Submitted by Peter Hall (Australia), Jun 26, 2016 at 12:20

Dear Debanjee

"You are again not including the role Westerners play in these. Let us take the case of the Saudis. They have so much surplus money yet they are manipulated to purchase US military junk. This only benefits the US military-industrial complex and the not the Muslims in general."

A perfect example of Muslim self delusion. The problems with the Saudis is Islamic cultural practices and tribalism. Muslims like you never can accept, that at the diseased core of the Middle East and Muslim world in general, is Islam itself. The Saudis have squandered a massive economic windfall that would of set up any other culture. the oil monies that have passed through the hands of the House of Saud, Muslims and the Islamic culture have squandered it totally.

The West owes NOTHING to Islam and Muslims. The West paid good money for the oil, and did ALL the work to extract it.

Muslims need to grow up and accept the responsibility for the mess they have created.

Then you add this gem

"It is a natural tendency of the human kind to migrate for greener pastures. Because the West do have a lot of untamed land (as in US , Canada and Australia) I believe these vast deserted places should be populated with the Muslims in question."

What you seem to forget, is that the migration you refer to, is where surplus population of a dominant successful culture moves into the void, created by a less successful culture, therefore improving the country.

However, the Muslims fleeing Muslim lands are leaving a failing culture, with poor education and work ethics, and trying to enter more developed societies that they are not equipped to survive in. The result is welfare dependence, criminality and creating a burden on the host country. That is the reality of Muslim immigration. That is what you are proposing.

Countries like Canada, Australia and the USA do have vast tracts of land, but we do not want to fill them with a large number of ignorant Arab Pagan Moon God worshippers, who contribute little, but demand much. Muslims love the idea of moving to another country and living on welfare.

The Islamic world needs to address its population problems, but stop having so many kids, educating the ones they do have, and stop killing each other, and grow some food. They need to stop expecting hand outs.

Your attack on Prashant, is ironic, as the hatred of the USA, Jews and Westerners you express, is far more racist and bigoted than Prashant's criticism of the obvious dysfunction of Muslim majority societies. You are always criticising the West, but also casting the West as the saviour of Muslims. that is a very traditional Muslim attitude. You hate us, but still want us to save you.

However, whenever the West has tried to help the Muslim world, Muslims always manage to sabotage those efforts, then blame the west for failing to help.

You keep mentioning Iraq. Which was run by a bloodthirsty Dictator. Who in turn invaded Iran, the Kuwait, over oil. Over 1 million muslim deaths due to Saddam.

Now History shows, that any country in the last 80 years, fortunate enough to be invaded and defeated by the USA, emerged with American help, pretty well off. Look at Japan, Germany for example. Americans are not overall a nasty people, they want to be liked.

The Iraqis had the opportunity to milk the Americans dry, as in many ways Americans will go out of their way to be liked, and end up with a modern economy and be far better off than they were before. But no, they squandered that chance and look at Iraq now. Iraqis are now a welfare state living on handouts.

The Palestinians had the chance to work with the Jews after WW2, and be partners with some of the smartest people in the world. (I know Australia squandered the chance to take large numbers of Jews on many occasions, and the economic benefits would have been huge). So the Palestinians missed the chance to be the richest Arabs in the world, and in turn are now among the poorest. With again billions wasted. And the Palestinian population permanently living on the generosity of westerners, a welfare state. And they sit next to the most successful country in the region, throwing stones at those that help feed them.


By the Muslim world attempting to live by a set of 7th century values and norms, that even for their times would hardly be described as progressive, but by today's standards absolutely abhorrent, dooms the Muslim world to failure. Until Islam reforms itself, to a set of values and norms that are compatible with the modern world, it will always be at war with itself and the rest of the world.

The islamic world, trying to live under a sharia law, in 2016, is like trying to work out how to program a super-computer, using the dummy's guide to using an abacus. The Islamic world is getting more and more out of touch. Its people are falling further and further behind.

The confusion for Muslims like our poor Debanjee, is that he honestly believes in Islam, and cannot understand why Muslims are not ruling the world, collecting the Jezra and selling Christian slaves, being admired and envied by all.

His posts show a detachment from reality, in that his conclusions only reinforce his own delusions. He is on here hoping one day, desperately: someone will agree with him.


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