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Never-ending, isn't it?

Reader comment on item: Lessons of the War in Gaza

Submitted by Michael S (United States), Aug 9, 2014 at 18:01

Hello, Daniel

It is delightful to see an article here about the conduct of the war. Normally, the last place to look for news of what's going on in a war, is news outlets of the participants; but in this case, I guess world-citizen-Jews could be considered an outside source.

Tunnels: not really news, as you say

Consensus in Israel: it is as you say

Middle Eastern response: Here I would digress. It is true that the only governmental support for HAMAS comes from Turkey and Qatar (significantly not Tunisia, which used to be the third Musketeer of the Islamist group). Popular support for violence against Israel is, however, still widespread in the Middle East. This dichotomy has made it difficult for me to follow events there. I divide the Middle East power blocs into

1. Iran, with clients Syria, Iraq, Hizbullah, the Houtis, Eritrea and Sudan

2. Saudi Arabia, with clients Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon central govt, Libya, the rump "Free Syrian Army", the Moroccan king, and half Tunisia

3. Turkey, with partner Qatar, overt client HAMAS, and under-the-table clients Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, IS, Muslim Brotherhood and all the other Islamist groups, most of which are fighting each other as well as outsiders.

The Iranian group, of course, consists of religious Shi'ites and anyone else they can buy. The Sunni camp (which at the moment also includes the Omani Ibadis) is split between, on the one hand, autocratic rulers who see the Turkish group as dangerous to life and limb (the lynching of Gaddafi being a poignant reminder); and on the other hand by the absolute crazies, the Qataris who want influence to match their wealth, and the Turks -- whose delusions of grandeur are personified in Recep Tayyi Erdogan.

It is this split among the Sunnis (as you know), that is responsible for the Saudis et al to equivocate -- continuing to label the Jews as barbaric sub-humans, while at the same time giving no material help to HAMAS. That is such a delicate balancing game, I have to check the news in these countries day-to-day, to see how it currently stands. In Jordan, for instance, I would not be surprised at any time to read in the headlines that King Abdullah had been overthrown by a radical islamist coup.

Rising antisemitism: Is this really news? The frog in the kettle is being slowly heated until it cooks. Jews, frogs... it works the same for both.

Dead babies: Pallywood has a habit of using sleeping babies as "corpses", of continually recycling photos of real dead babies, and of using photos of dead babies from Syria when there aren't enough Pally ones. Nearly all Pally casualties are, as far as I've been able to pick out, young men of military age; though the few that are otherwise form the bulk of propaganda photos. I don't see how anyone with any awareness of the facts can be taken in by this stuff anymore -- which explains why the Europeans are generally so taken in.

I don't see any resolve on the part of anyone, to truly end this conflict. Everyone involved does well, to keep the BS down to a low roar, so as not to disturb my dinner.

Shalom shalom :-)


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