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Two More Insights ... & the Messiah, Jesus Christ

Reader comment on item: Lessons of the War in Gaza

Submitted by Ludvikus (United States), Aug 9, 2014 at 14:11

But first, more on the Anti-Semitism rising phenomena:

"More Western anti-Semitism" by Walter B. Williams

This is an excellent analysis by a distinguished American economist the rise of Western anti-Semitism in the context of this latest Israel-Hamas war:


"With Israel, the world is blaming the victims" by Richard Cohen

Here is an extremely well-written analysis of the blame-Jews/Israelis phenomena because not enough Jews are dying from Gaza-Hamas's genocidal terrorist militancy:


"What a Turkey! Has the Turkish leader lost his head?" by Steven A. Cook

This is an exceptionally well-written analysis of the mentality of the Evil-Genius and Demagogue, alleged future President of Turkey, the one-and-only, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan:


"Latin America, Israel trade after trading insults" by Mac Margolis

Here, essentially, is an analysis of Latin-American populism in which the "exploiting" Gringo has been replaced by the Jewish Israeli, and therefore the Palestinian Gazans "deserve" the sympathy of their fellow Latinos of the Americas (notice the slip-of-the-tongue involving Synagogues instead of Mosques):


The Two More Insights

(8) Multi-International-Events: (a) Ukraine vs. Russia vs. EU; (b) IS in Iraq-Syria

On this I only wish to point out that the "International" community has too much on its plate to be able to devote all of its attention to bashing Israelis and Jews; by which I mean that the Outside World (outside Israel-Palestine) has too much to digest in the News and Current Events.

a) Ukraine is going thru a kind of "civil war" in which the former Soviet Union, or Russian Empire is once again Moving West and digesting countries through Military Conquest along the way. That makes Europe very worried - and busy, too busy to express its ingrained hatred of Jews, in which "Israelis" merely means "Jews in Palestine," which often somewhat unconsciously, also means the land lost to Jews for having rejected and killed Jesus Christ.

b) Western geographical ignorance, and/or indifference, is ingrained in the Western cultures on the continent, and even in Great Britain, or England, where "London-stan" has become the home of Islamists from the former Great British Empire; but that is even more the case with "Paris-tan" after France's President Charles de Gaulle was instrumental in granting French citizenship to Algerians, many Muslim, who suffer the "Humiliation" due to the "Arrogance" of the Koran-ic Jews rising up around Al-Quds and "Shaming" the dispossessed Palestinian "fellow" Muslims, both militarily, and economically.

(9) Genocide by Islamists, IS & Hamas & Cambodia

Once again, I need to point out that the UN definition of Genocide doesn't require the actual killing of many people to be deemed the crime of Genocide; because the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza haven't succeeded in killing a vast number of Jews or Israelis does not mean that the International Crime of Genocide isn't being committed against Israelis and Jews in the "Holy Land": It is common knowledge that a substantial population of Islamists, Palestinians (especially in Gaza) aim to destroy Israel - by driving its citizens into the Mediterranean Sea (especially after the Catastrophe, as Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt used to expound). But now, there are these 10,000 missiles that have, and are, being launched, indiscriminately, at Israeli civilian population centers which, as targets, are only limited by in sufficient range, and inadequate accuracy; but the purpose is to terrorize and kill as many Israelis as technologically possible; the fact that Cyclone-B isn't available to Hamas, or Islamic Jihad. shouldn't obscure the careful reader, or the rational observed, that the true aim of these missile, is to exterminate the Jewish Israelis; nevertheless, because only Islamists have the Chutzpah to attempt Genocide against a Superior Force, it seems the "International" World is blind to this Crime of Genocide; on the other hand, it's also useful to conclude with the psychiatric observation once made - that "he Germans will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust," as is apparently the case with a substantial portion of the Western World; on the other hand, it appears that most Islamists, and particularly Arabs (I omit Palestinians, because of their "victim-hood") will never forgive the Jews for Israel, unlike American Evangelical Christians, who see God's Destiny in the Rise of Israel which is to precede the Return of the Jews to the Holy Land before the Cumming of the Messiah.

"Cambodia tribunal convicts Khmer Rouge leaders" by Todd Pitman and Sopheng Cheang



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