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Basically you deny

Reader comment on item: Turkey's Islamist Turn, 10 Years Later
in response to reader comment: facts not prejudices

Submitted by Alexandros (United Kingdom), Nov 30, 2012 at 05:50

I wrote that Hitler said this about the Armenians, but who slaughtered them is the issue. In any case you basically deny the slaughters. The massacres started along before the Greek-Turkish war, they started in 1914, and they had different faces, concentration camps as workers, deportations, death marches killings, these events in Pontus and in the Aegean coast of today's Turkey where such things had already started from 1915, my grandfathers came from there into mainland Greece before 1923 or 1922 and the exchange of the population because the hunting had already started.

The Greek army was sent to Smyrni (Izmir) to secure the Greeks there because in Pontus the game was lost the ethnic cleaning was very successful. The reasons that we lost that war are many, the issue is that the crimes from the Turkish side from 1913 to 1924 can only be compared with the national cleanings Hitler tried to do and did in a lot of cases. The exchange of the population was signed because the Greek Government could not guarantee the security of the Greek population in Turkey. During the exchange though the Turkish Army guaranteed a death marching to the Greeks, stealing, killing whoever tried to defend his property raping the women and stealing the children, there were thousands of witnesses who have written these things and a few are still alive and very old. On the contrary try to find these kind of descriptions from the people who left Greece.

In addition, the Muslim minority which remained in Greece according the the Lausanne treaty, which was in relative majority of Turkish origins, but not in Total as the Turkish government says, Roma muslims and Pomaks are the other two cultural groups who are being suppressed by the rest of the minority and the Turkish ambassador in Komotini, but this is another issue, they voted in the Greek referendum of 1924, let's not mention how the Greek Minority or orthodox minority, which remained in Istanbul and Imbros were treated....

You wrote that Menderes was responsible, i do not know whether i can trust a military court owned by the Junta, but if Menderes organised it then the enemy of the Kemalists used as an excuse the false information that Kemal's house was burnt so to organise the pogroms, something that enhances my opinion that Islamists and Kemalists share the same values, but you have failed to write anything about the role of the army in the pogroms and the Tactical Mobilization Group.

The Greek-Turk relations were good from 1923-1950, because nobody could afford a war and from 1940 to 1945 we were occupied by the axis, also from 1945 to 1950 the Turks were not allowed to intervene because the message was clear, Greece had to stay away from communism.

You call prejudice the slaughtering of million of people and not only that, but by adopting your point of view is like saying that Hitler was not guilty for the holocaust or the tens of millions starved to death around Europe, it was the rest of the Nazi officers who committed the crimes, Hitler never gave such orders.

How can you deny all this blood, honestly, denying these means that you do not seek for friendship, but for submission.

As for Cyprus, as far as i know the coup in Greece ended in 1974, so if this was the ridiculous excuse of the Turkish government, as admitted even by Ahmet Davutoglu in his book, then the danger of the coup is long gone and the Turkish army has no reason to remain on the island. Cyprus is an independent state and half of it is occupied by Turkey, they should leave, is as simple as that.

Look you can of course deny these things, but the truth is that all the problems in our region are induced by the Turkish government, it is amazing, but it is also true, they always interfere in other state's matters and speak two languages in their foreign policy.

Turkey denies Greece it's right to expand the water territory to 12 miles as the international law dictates and threat Greece an ally in NATO with war!, and all this is voted by the Turkish Parliament. At the same time Turkey has applied this right to some islands in the Black sea, they say Patriot is a defensive weapon, but S-300 was offensive? They support the Kurdish minority in IRAQ but deny the same rights to 20 million Kurds living in Turkey, they say Hamas is a freedom army, Hamas who is bombing civilians, but PKK is a terroristic organisation when PKK is striking only the armed forces. Turkey supports that muslims in Greece are suppressed, when Turkey has eliminated all it's minorities and when the Turkish embassy in Greece hunts down any Muslim who says that is not Turk, of course this is also Greek's government fault. Also Turkey is working against Greece in every issue, take FYROM for example, Davutoglu said that feels "Macedonian", he does n't even know what the word means and his height does not allow him to call himself like that if you take the word literally. Turkey always sabotages the relations between Albania and Greece, Turkey is always acting against Greece, always and without any provocation.

Now they started the same with Israel, they try to make the people accept the neo-Ottoman vision, we do not want it, we do not want this barbarian culture reborn, we want our freedom, whatever Clinton says or Obama or Soros or whoever we do not want it. What kind of democracy can there be under Islamic control when Islam is already a political sytem? Islam is talking about submission of the people, it does not know what Democracy means, Turkey with the Kemalists in power had a military coup and now Turkey has an Islamic coup, both for me are two sides of the same coin!

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