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More info on Paul LaRudee and PCWF from StoptheISM.com

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Submitted by Lee Kaplan (United States), Nov 1, 2012 at 12:18

Terrific article on Riad Hamad. I and my organization StoptheISM.com got Paul LaRudee deported from Israel the year before Hamad's death when he tried entering under the false name Paul Wilder with a new passport. LaRudee had entered to work with Hamas under the guise of being a piano tuner. After short effort by the ISM that went to Israel's Supreme Court where he lost, he finally left and went back to San Francisco where he was arrested in front of the Israeli Consulate. He then went to Lebanon as a human shield for Hezbollah during the 2006 summer war. He has since been photographed many times with Hamas leaders in Gaza and was on the last flotilla propaganda stunt.

Given Hamad's funding of terrorism, it's a shame LaRudee is still dancing around here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Politics is keeping him from being prosecuted for aiding terrorist groups like Hamas, the US Attorney's Office says "there's too much sympathy for him in the Bay Area." At the time I was speaking to the US Attorney's office urging prosecution, there was a Muslim attorney handling his case who brushed me off, refusing to accept any undercover investigative information. LaRudee really needs to be exposed. He of course was involved in the Flotillas too, along with ISM anti-Semite Greta Berlin who is now in France.

They both are raising money for flotilla boats and God only knows what else for Hamas and money has caused a rift between them. Israel- bashing has become a profitable business and a cult. When I covered the San Francisco State Al Awda Conference Berlin tried to intimidate me, telling me she was close with Hamad and if I ever wrote any more about her she would have Riad sue me. She was taken aback when I stuck my face in hers and said, "Do it!"

My name was mentioned in the complaints against Pipes and Horowitz for an article I wrote.. A student from the SJP at UC Berkeley named Yaman Salahi started a smear blog against me titled Lee Kaplan Watch and then ran Articles claiming I had been sued in a federal libel lawsuit and referring to the Riad complaint. I sued Salahi in small claims court for tortious business interference and defamation (he also wrote my publishers and threatened them costing me jobs) and after 13 months and two appeals by him I won a judgment of $7,500 + court costs, over $8,000. Salahi refused to pay me but I found out he had a relative who was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK and when I spoke with Salahi's father about the family, the kid paid the judgment the next day. I discuss this in my article My Day in Court at frontpagemagazine.com.

Salahi was a protégé of Professor Beshara Doumani at UC Berkley (who has been written about at Campus Watch) and apparently also worked for him. The outcome of my trial was it sparked a desire to attend law school and he got into Yale where he managed to write enough propaganda to get one of the best college courses teaching about anti-Semitism removed from the curriculum claiming it was anti-Muslim (the kid's not even religious, nor Palestinian, but he is virulently anti-Israel). Incredibly, the Berkeley Hillel would allow him to attend meetings at the Center where he claimed he was "dialoging." This was part of why the center director was removed.

We really should find some way to reopen law enforcement's interest in LaRudee given his financial connections to Hamad. LaRudee is driving a new SUV and crowing about how much money he's making as an "activist" he never made before. He's even tried to raise money for an airplane to fly into Gaza to upstage the flotillas.

Maybe something can be done after the election next week.

Good article at American Spectator.


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Daniel Pipes replies:

For more on Larudee, see http://www.israellycool.com/2006/06/06/the-loathsome-paul-larudee/

For more on Greta Berlin, see http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/2007/04/my-disrupted-talk-at-ucla, especially the most recent entries.

And here is confirmation that Hamad also attacked Lee Kaplan, in a verbatim e-mail he sent out and that Greta Berlin re-sent:


From: Tecspk@aol.com
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 00:29:36 EDT
Subject: [WIB-LA] Please call for Riad

Riad Hamad is suing Daniel Pipes, et. al. and would like our help this week by calling the Illinois Chief Consul for corrections. The more of us who can do this, the better it will be for Arabs and Muslims who have been harrassed and maligned by these thugs. Al-Awda is prominently talked libeled on FrontPage magazine. Greta

Dear friends,

As you know Riad Elsolh Hamad and pcwf.org filed a lawsuit in the federal court regarding false allegations of links to terrorism. Also, we have discovered that two websites owned and closely linked to :ee Kaplan, Daniel Pipes , David Horowitz and Joe Kaufman are using false information and collection donations for " investigave journalism" which is fraud and mean to attack and discredit Arabs, Muslims and to tarnish our names and our domain names. You will find hundreds of articles accusing ISMs, Alawda, Middle East Children's Alliance, Palestine Children's Relief Fund and many churches and Jewish groups tied to terrorism and other false allegations. Please click on the links below for militantislammonito r.org, discoverthenetwork. og and pipelinenews. org and see if you name or that of your organizations are listed there.

If you find your name or that of your organization you need to call the office of the attorney General of the State of Illniois for Internet Crimes and let him know and contact ICANN, the organizations desigenated by the U.S government to manage domain names on the internet. The emails are listed below and take few minutes to read the letters that I sent and act accordingly unless you do not mind having you name listed as supporter of terrorism or having some one use fraud to raise money and attack you, Arabs and Muslims and get away with it. If you have any questions please let me know and looking forward to hearing from you

Riad Hamad

p.s We need at least 1000 people to call and write this week.
The contact information for the office of the Attorney General

Ed Huntley, Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Corrections

His phone number is 217-522-2666

The contact information for ICANN

To: icann@icann. org, dam@icann.org, lentz@icann. org, patrick.jones@ icann.org

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