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Reader comment on item: I Win Apologies, Retractions, and Corrections
in response to reader comment: Misunderstanding

Submitted by der Alleswisser (United States), Dec 11, 2008 at 07:52

Very good Krista, and may God (not Allah, that is Beelzebub, Satan, the Beast, the number 666...) bless you. It really is not very complicated, any one with any rational critical inquiry skills has to work very hard to not see thru all the lies, the hypocracy, that is very well established in America. The Dhimmicratic Party, one scandal after another, now the governor of Illinois arrested, and that stalwart of self righteousness, son of Jesse Jackson, that name has come up. Jesse "Sleuth" Jackson and Al "Sherlock" Sharpton, those two who thoroughly examined the evidence and convicted those "Rich White Boys" at Duke, these two may well have set the high water mark for hypocracy for all time, past and present.

We will have to wait and see where that goes, we all know that an invaluable skill for the immoral and corrupt is the ability to lie, and can't yet say that he is, but he is squealing like a stuck pig. Krista, head on a swivel, engage mind, cast out all the lies from Islamics, Dhimmicrats, those who have made lying an art form. I mean, Beethoven would be proud of Islam and Dhimmicrats, the ability to tell appalling lies, wallow in self righteousness and corruption, and any rational person would think that the Moral Majority would see right thru them, and castigate them, lock them up, take back all the money. Beethoven, unmatched for all time in the field of music, stunning the Chopins and Schuberts with his God - Given perhaps unmatched by any other member of mankind. Beehoven would be stunned by the ability to lie fo Islamics and Dhimmicrats. Watch this again, you just cannot watch this too many times, it is perhaps the most mind boggling thing I have ever seen, this appalling greed and hypocracy that is the Dhimmicratic Party, and the most stunning thing of them all is what happened November 4th, in the face of all reason, the American People went out in droves to vote for this, utter corruption, greed, selfishness, wow it is so easy to fool these stupid Americans, all we need to win, just tell them anything to win, and we can tax and spend and promote our stupid liberal agendas, pocket millions of kickbacks, tell the people all this feel good liberal prattle and just grin like a donkey chewing briars, THEY BELIEVE YOU AND GO OUT IN DROVES AND VOTE FOR YOU!! Watch, just take it all in, with your own eyes:


The secret is lying in plain sight?? I thought it was just "hiding" in plain sight. And I mean, just look at this again, and again...

And this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY9a6Oy8UVI . Does anyone really understand how the Jimmy Carters, Harry Reids, Bill Clintons, Ted Kennedys, George Sorrels (really can't put Hillary here, she has actually said some things about Islam that tells me she understands very well what is going on, and I fear that she is much more qualified than who won, but there is hope?? I hope HOPE is justified, if it is not, we are DOOMED, I really do not think this nation can survive the second term of Jimmy Carter, and so hope that this is not what this is. That is really all there is, or it may indeed be Terminal Stupidity.)

I remember just a couple or so years ago, thinking, "Look at what Mespotania was so long ago, the Cradle of Civilization, and so just how have they become so inept and evil with such a head start?" And perhaps a bit of smuggness, chutzpah, moxie, hubris there, that so satisfying feeling that somehow one is enlightened and so much better than everyone else, I mean, man on the moon, the most dominant empire in the history of mankind in the twentieth century, nevermind that we sent brave kids right out of high school who died by the thousands on the Normandy beaches and elsewhere in Europe so that the good people of Brussels would have the freedom to not be able to have a moment of silence in observance of 9/11. Nevermind that Europe hates us for it, denys that it even is true, lived under the American Nuclear Umbrella for decades, abolished their armed forces, set a high water mark for handouts and socialism due to the American Largess, just nevermind that. They can say it is not so, but any rational person knows it is so, so deny the Marshall Plan ever happened, blame everyone on the Americans as you Europe, march off into oblivion, going the way of other extinct civilizations, the Armenians, Zoarasterions, Copes, ... who have been slaughtered by Islam. You lucky ones, you Europeans, you just keep blaming it all on America as they come to you with Allah Akbar and behead you. Just charming.

But I digress, what I am leading to is, with all this hubris and chutzpuh about how great America was the LAST century, and looking down on what is now Iraq for their retreat from the civilized world, as I look at the Dhimmicrats in the above video, I cannot escape the realization that WE, we walk on the moon folks, we who have done so much for the civilized world (yes, deny it folks, but you cannot lie to yourself, if you examine the facts, the truth is inescapable...) as I look at that video of Dhimmicrats and what they stand for and get my arms around what happened November 4th, we have no right to laugh at the Islamics for being so backwards, to laugh at the decadent Europeans as they march off a cliff, we are in lockstep right behind them. So go watch the video again, and please tell me it is not so, that what you see in that very short video is not irrefutable evidence that our sytem of government that has worked so well for us in the last century, not only no longer is working, it is riddled with a TERMINAL affliction, that being the corruption and greed of the Dhimmicratic Party, and worst of all, the indolence of the once proud Amerian people who let it all happen. And tell me that it is not true that if Thomas "The Informed Citizen is the cornerstone of democracy" Jefferson, and Abraham "You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time" Lincoln, please tell me that they would not just jump out of their graves and kick Margorite "California Freeloading" Waters, Barney Franks, Gregory Meeks, that stupid liberal from Alabama whose stupid name I do not recall, Lacy Clay, ... and while they are at it, Sherlock Sharpton and Sleuth Jackson, just tell me that they would not kick their teeth out.

In closing Krista, God bless, and keep in mind that there is right and wrong, and there is truth, and it is really quite simple. Seek those things and they will serve you well.


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