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ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS... From a Muslim's opinion

Reader comment on item: Finding Moderate Muslims - More Questions

Submitted by Jihad Fee-Sabeel'Illah (Australia), Jan 8, 2006 at 11:13

1. Justification of any Islamic Terrorism, Palestinian or otherwise
Islam Forbids terrorism, and in fact the term 'Islamic terrorism' is an oxymoron if i ever saw one.. Islam meaning 'Peace and Submission to the Will of ALLAH, and well terrorism... im not sure if anyone has ever defined that... It just seems that if you are fighting against america or the west, regardless whether that you are right or not.. you are labelled a terrorist.. I think it's important not to judge Islam, upon the actions of some so called 'Muslim's' or maybe then I could judge Christians based on the murderous crusaders or on people like the KKK and Timothy McVeigh... Would that label Christianity as a religion that allows terrorism?

2. Supporting or refusing to condemn Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hamas, or other terrorists or terrorist organizations by name
Once again, If ANYONE supports the killing of innocent people, then I condemn them, whether it is Al-Qaeda or America

3. Promoting jihad for Muslims to fight against what they determine is "injustice" or "aggression"
I would like to ask, If someone came into your house with a gun, told you that it is now their house, ate your food, starved you, raped your wife and daughter and killed your son.. Would you not force them out of your house??? If you say no, then you are lying to yourself

4. Demands for Sharia law in the West, or denying that Sharia forbids equal rights for women and members of religions other than Islam
Islam was the first feminist movement, before Islam came, women were treated like property, female children were buried alive, they had NO right to divorce, NO inheritance rights and were just oppressed...
When Islam came, It gave women the right to divorce, the right to be protected, the right to have inheritence, the right to not have to work (and if they did work, their husband STILL had to provide for them, and they would not have to contribute a dime to him) they have the right NOT to be judged by their appearence and treated like a piece of meet. If women in Islam are oppressed for these reasons, then you are clearly mistaken... In fact.. Women in the west are virtual slaves.. Made to work 40 hours a week, and then on top of that, come home and cook and clean while their lazy husbands sit on the couch. On top of that, for a woman to ever get anywhere, they have to dress in revealing clothing and put up with men looking at them in a lustful way, like they are a piece of meat.. how degrading is that??? In regards to other religions, I would like for you to find me a religion that allows other religions to be practised

5. Demanding that Americans accommodate the public expression of Islamic laws, customs, and practices that conflict with, or are harmful to American laws, customs, and practices
What a silly question lol

6. Denying that Muslims were involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and other attacks around the world
I deny Muslim's were involved in 9/11 attacks, because if you kill an innocent person, it takes you out of the fold of Islam, and it is not like you can repent... because you just killed yourself in the process.. so these people arent muslim's, no matter what they called themself.. to be Muslim means, 'one who submits to the will of ALLAH' going out of his commandments, to that extent when you are harming not only yourself, but other people too.. Is certainly NOT following that.

And If their sheikh is telling them to do such a thing, and they blindly follow without finding out for themselves, then they are worshipping their sheikh, not ALLAH, which constitutes shirkh (associating others with ALLAH) which is the gravest sin possible, in which there is NO forgiveness from ALLAH.

7. Refusal to cooperate with or inciting others not to cooperate with authorities or standard security procedures
There is a difference between standard security procedures and acts by the government that are directly designed to harass Muslim's and those which impedes on one's religious obligations

8. Branding progressive Muslims or Muslims of different opinions as apostates.
What is your definition of a progressive muslim??

9. Refusal to interact, converse, or socialize with non-Muslims
That is something which is not really appropriate, because how are we supposed show non muslims what Islam is, if we don't interact with them?
(October 5, 2005)

Dec. 16, 2005 update: Tarek Heggy, the liberal Egyptian political thinker, worries about the impending U.S. government dialogue with his country's leading Islamist force, the Muslim Brotherhood. He proposes a list of questions for American diplomats to ask their would-be interlocutors. With his approval, I have edited these for reasons of space and style.

1. Could a Copt (an Egyptian Christian) in principle be elected president of Egypt?
No... I wouldn't accept this, because I won't follow a non muslim, when the country is full of Muslim's and can elect a Muslim leader (furthermore, the system used in egypt is NOT islamic, and the proper way is khilafah.. so that is the way to go

2. Would you follow the Saudi model of segregating girls from boys in schools and universities?
Yes... Academic results tend to be better when sexes are seperated...

3. Beach tourism generates in excess of 75% of Egypt's tourism revenues; what are your views about alcoholic drinks, gambling, and casinos, and about women dressing as they choose?
If they want to do that, then let them do it in their own home

4. What is your opinion concerning the peace treaties between Egypt and Israel and between Jordan and Israel?
There can be no treaties with a country that is murdering your brothers and sisters in Islam, or occupying a land that isn't theirs

5. What do you think of the different forms of economic cooperation between Egypt and Israel, such as the Qualifying Industrial Zones?
There can be no trade or cooperation with countries that are occupying Islamic land, and killing innocent Muslim's

6. How do you describe the killing of Israeli civilians in suicidal operations by Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad?
These are STRICTLY forbidden in Islam...

7. Is Sayyid Qutb's doctrine of Hakimiya (à system of government based exclusively on Allah's law that rejects democracy and human law) still your political goal
I reject democracy and human law too.. If God was wise enough and powerful enough to create us, then surely He would be able to have the wisdom to tell us how to live our lives, furthermore, i believe it was Aristotle who firstly identified this as 'reason uneffected by desire' in which the laws are made by God, for the benefit of the WHOLE of mankind, as opposed to laws made by man, to benefit him and his cronies, as is the case in many situations.

8. What are your views on women occupying high governmental offices?
In Islam, we do not believe a woman can lead.. Just as it says in the bible.
1 Corinthians 011:003

"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God."

If the woman cannot be the head of ONE man, how would she lead the country?

9. What are your views on George W. Bush's vision of Israel and Palestine living peacefully next to each other? If it were achieved, would you accept the right of Israel to exist? Would you accept that the Jewish section of Jerusalem is Israel's capital?
I don't accept Israel as a legitimate state. They are occupying a peoples land..

10. Egypt's legal system since 1883 has been based on the Code Napoléon. Do you have plans to change it? Do you endorse physical punishments, such as are used in Saudi Arabia?
Well... The jews believe their massiah will come, and establish the rule like it was at the time of King Soloman peace be upon him. Is that ok? If that is ok, then why can't Muslim's want a proper Islamic State to be in place?

11. The Egyptian banking system is based on the notion of interest; would you keep it?
no.. interest is like making war on God.

12. Is Iran today a force for stability or instability?
Is America today a force for instability or stability, clearly instability? Take a look at the world, and you will find that the American government has had a hand (through the CIA) in almost every war on the planet.. From south america to africa, and then there are those in which the US are directly involved in through overt military force.

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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