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Issa Nakhleh: Holocaust denier (published/lectured in IHR); nazis' invented ideas re WW2

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Senior Advisor UN 'Palestinian' Delegation The Arab Higher Committee for 'Palestine'.

* In agitating Anti-Jewish hatred in Argentina. 1950s.

* As he represented Sirhan in R. Kennedy's murder, Arabs (whether by his initiative or his tacit go-along) spread around a conspiracy theory blaming Jews that they did it and pinned it on an Arab... 1968.
* May-1970: Recavassed Hitler's old canards on Jews; pushed neo nazis' inventions about WW2; referred to (in singular term) "Jew war criminals" in his article in violent racist publication.

* Addressed at "convention" of Holocaust deniers; published a denial "piece" in their publication ;wrote for various racist groups. 1981-2.

* This very same denier, has also pushed for the idea of some so-called "mutual admiration" (by highlighting some of the Zionists' agreement for emigration in 1930s).

* Much of his writing is dedicated to his hero, infamous ex Mufti al-Husseini, Hitler's staunches active ally in the Arab world.


Nation - Volume 164 - Page 561 - J.H. Richards, 1947
The Mufti's Henchmen A Who ' s Who General Assembly by the Nation Associates . ... Most of the originals are in the possession of the Department of State . They substantiate to the last detail the charge that the Mufti not only was an Axis agent throughout the war ..
... The persons named were the following : Emil Ghouri , Henry Katan , Wasef Kamal , Rajai Husseini , Isa Nakhleh ...


Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress
... Ghouri, Rajai Husseini, Henry Katan, Wasef Kamal, Isa Nakhleh, Rasem Khalidi. ... In 1922, he became the Mufti of Jerusalem and later the President of the


Justice Department Keeps Watch on Arab Students Group As Sirhan Probe Continues
June 24, 1968
The Department of Justice said yesterday that it will remain alert to operations of the Organization of Arab students while the investigation of Sirhan Sirhan and all ramifications of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination is continuing. This disclosure was made by J. Walter Yeagley, Assistant Attorney-General, in a letter to Rep. Joel T. Broyhill, Virginia Republican. Mr. Broyhill had asked the department to investigate Arab extremist activities in this country and possible Communist links with them.
The department said that on the basis of information so far available to the Government, "it does not appear that the Organization of Arab Students has incurred an obligation to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act at this time. While the organization does receive some funds from officials of foreign governments, the amount is not sufficient to warrant a conclusion that it is acting within the United States at the direction or control of a foreign government so as to create the requisite agency relationship necessary to require registration."
Arab-American businessmen in Los Angeles are spreading a story that Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was "a secret agent 'paid by the Zionists' to blacken the name of the Arab world," it was reported here today by the Washington Post.
In a related development, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, in Beirut, has instructed its New York office to offer "all possible assistance" to Sirhan. The committee's spokesman, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who visited Berlin during World War II and collaborated with Hitler, said it had instructed its New York representatives to legally defend Sirhan as far as United States law will permit. The committee is known in New York as the Palestine Arab Delegation. Its New York representatives are Issa Nakhleh and Omar Azzouni, both attorneys


"Anti‐Zionists" and antisemites

Journal -
Patterns of Prejudice , Volume 4, 1970 - Issue 4, p.28
Taylor & Francis journals

The antisemitism of "anti-Zionism" was re- vealed when the violently anti-Jewish US paper. Common Sense, No. 560, of 15 May 1970, published a long article by an Arab lawyer, resident in London, Issa Nakhleh, LLB., "graduate of London Universuty and Barrister-at-Law of Lincolns Inn", who not only berated "Zionist colonialism" and "Zionist control" of US mass media but also canvassed the neo-Nazi allegation that Zionist leaders had "railroaded the US into World War II to implement their 1933 declaration of War against Germany". In this spirit Mr. Nakhleh freely refers to "Jew war criminals" now, "Jew gangster of Tel Aviv" who were "completely eradicating Christianity and Islam from the holy Land".

He does his best to revive the somewhat old-fashioned propaganda -- Hitler's piece de resistance -- about "Jewish Bolshevism." He rehashes all the long discredited tales of "the international conspiracy of the Jews", how they have plotted the Bolshevik revolution in Russia unleashing communism in the world"... He also adds one or two touches...
Nakhleh is aware that "the American reader might question why it is, if Communism is Jewish ... then why does the Soviet Union now take a position of favouring the Arabs?" But he has a "very logical" answer." One the one hand he says, "Arab States were compelled to seek arms for their defense from the Soviet Union", and on the other, he argues, the Soviets are not really with the Arabs, since they tecognize and support the existence, sovereignty and rights of the so called 'Israel'". Therefore, he concludes, the Americans would be wise to back the Arabs against Israel, or rather the "Jew war criminals"...
The National Front unequivocally avows it racialisim. This is what its official statement says: "Is the NF a racialist organization? Yes. We are nationalists -- Patriots -- and we see as our first duty the preservation of the British Nation. While there is no such thing as the 'British race', the people whom we call British are the descendants of various tribes of European racial origin who invaded these islands in the Dark Ages and early Middle Ages. Because these tribes were kinfolk (e.g. the Normans were simply the French-speaking progency of Viking pirates who settled both in France and Britain), they were able to assimilate and form a homogeneous population group.

American Spectator - Volume 19 - Page 20 - 1986
... Muslim Congress's representatives at the symposium was Issa Nakhleh, an attorney who has served as U.N. Observer ..
The Six Million Reconsidered attempts to prove that the Holocaust never occurred; Antizion, a compendium of anti-Semitic writing, includes a description of Hitler as a "twentieth century statesman" and the assertion, "There were no Jews killed in ' gas ...
and with the racist West Coast group, Western Front. In 1981 Nakhleh spoke at the Third Annual Convention of the Institute for Historical Review, a group that maintains that the Holocaust is a myth concocted by Jews. Nakhleh's address was called "Palestinians and Zionist genocide"...

National Lampoon - Page lviii -
New York Times (L. Kagan)
According to Issa Nakhleh, a Palestinian Arab leader, the six million Jews generally thought to have been exterminated by Hitler are "very much alive" and living in the United States and Israel after fabricating the well-known story of their deaths..

Nakhke said it was the... invented the big lie....

The American Spectator - Volume 19 - Page 20
The NGOs' status with the UN. gives them a prestige they would not have as individual groups and gives their ... was Issa Nakhleh, an attorney who has served as U.N. Observer of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, and who, ... The Six Million Reconsidered attempts to prove that the Holocaust never occurred; Antizion, a compendium of anti-Semitic writing, includes a description of Hitler as a "twentieth century statesman" and the assertion, "There were no Jews killed in 'gas ...

The Holocaust denial: antisemitism, racism & the new right - Page xxviii - Gill Seidel - 1986
The previous year the conference had been addressed by Mr Issah Nakhleh, who describes himself as "Legal Adviser to the World Muslim Conference". In 1982, when the Swedish Holocaust- denier, Ditlieb Felderer, was convicted of ...

Kenneth S. Stern
The American Jewish Committee
New York - 1993
Revisionism in Australia," p. 56.
117. For many years the IHR, like its cousin, the Liberty Lobby, has tried to
ingratiate itself with the Arab world. While refusing to call what happened to Jews
in World War II genocide, it liberally promotes the term to describe lsraeli treatment of Palestinians. At the IHR's Third Revisionist Conference, lssah Nakhleh, described as "chairman of the Palesline-Arab Committee," was a highlighted speaker about "Zionist genocide." An IHR article noting the criticism of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for printing Holocaust denial wondered if the Red Crescent would be expelled from the ICRC, thus allowing Israel "to strafe those Palestinian ambulances which roll up to collect the latest dead and wounded Arab youngsters on the West Bank and Gaza strip?" An IHR pamphlet advertising its tenth conference quotes Faurisson as saying: "Of course I am ready to go to jail. I don't mind. I am sure that I will convert first the guards, and then the prisoners, because seventy per cent of them are Arabs."

Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam - David Dalin - 2017
In 1982, Issa Nakhleh published an article in Journal of Historical Review, a publication devoted to Holocaust denial...

Shofar FTP Archive File: orgs/american/ihr//nakhleh

Archive/File: orgs/american/ihr nakhleh One participant of the 1982 conference was Issa Nakhleh, head of the Palestine Arab Delegation, an extremist pro-PLO group originally formed by the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who broadcast from Nazi Germany to the Arabs in the Middle East. In the US, Nakhleh has associated in recent years with Western Front, an antisemitic organisation.

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Project MUSE -
Perceptions of the Holocaust in Palestinian Public Discourse

Meir Litvak and Esther Webman
Israel Studies
Vol. 8, No. 3, Israel and the Holocaust (Fall, 2003), pp. 123-140

Meir Litvak and Esther Webman
Perceptions of the Holocaust
in Palestinian Public Discourse

The origins of the Palestinian discourse could be discerned in the period before the end of the war. The growing realization of the extent of the Jewish tragedy brought about mounting pressure by the Zionist movement to hasten the rescue of Jewish survivors and refugees and to allow increased Jewish immigration to Palestine. Understanding the repercussions of the possible success of this Zionist eff ort on the struggle over Palestine, Palestinian public figures and the press had to address, willingly or unwillingly, the issue of the Holocaust in their response to the evolving political
conditions. Two approaches seem to have emerged simultaneously since
these very early days.
One, which was shared by other Arab leaders, acknowledged the Jewish tragedy in Europe but rejected any linkage between it and the situation in Palestine. It argued that the entire world should participate..

... Some Palestinian writers conclude that this alleged collaboration was not only motivated by pragmatism but also by the ideological affinity between Nazism and Zionism, claiming that many Nazi leaders sympathized with Zionism and its goals. Issa Nakhle, for instance, attributed the "mutual admiration" of both movements to the great similarity between them.


1946-1973 - TCU Digital Repository - Texas Christian University
by D Grantham · 2015
led by nationalists and pro-Catholic groups, like the Tacuara, turned on Jewish citizens and ... Arab League representative in Argentina, Issa Nakhle, " started

Israel in the Third World - Michael Curtis, Susan Aurelia Gitelson · 1976 · History - pp.157-8
In September 1947 an official delegation, representing the Arab states, visited Latin America...
On the establishment of the state of Israel, Arab propaganda's main job was to content that Israel was a fictitious state... the Arabs also tried to influence public opinion... "Jewish imperialism"...
... LA representation in Arab countries has increased. .. To this list may be added Arab League representation that began in 1952 when Issa Nakhle, accredited as. press attache to the Egyptian Embassy and later a Syrian diplomat, opened an office in Buenos Aires. The office continues to function despite a crisis in 1964, caused by the relations of Hussein Triki with right-wing circles.
A curious result of this policy took place at the United Nations in 1962: Ahmed Shukairy, then head of the Saudi Arabian delegation, openly praised the Argentine Nazi group Tacuara. The Argentine delegate expressed dismay.
Another example of cooperation between pro-Nazi groups and the Arabs is the Chilean publication Cruz Gamada (swastika), most of which is devoted to "Palestine. Arab land" and "Communist- Jewish infiltration." Or "capitalist Jewish exploitation,"
Another curious result of this sort of collusion took place in Buenos Aires in 1964. At a public meeting called to express solidarity with the Arab states, the Arab League delegate was greeted with " expel the Jews to Israel" and the Nazi salute.
Israeli-Latin American Relation, Edy Kaufman, Yoram Shapira, Joel Barromi, Transaction Publishers, 1979


"One Land, Two People," and Dozens of Errors
By: Eric Rozenman - September 1, 2004

...the Post's inclusion of the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, edited by Issa Nakhleh. In the encyclopedia's introduction, Nakhleh blames World War II on the Jews. He claims that
Zionist leaders in the United States, in Great Britain and throughout the world, not only waged their "holy war" against Germany and the Germans in the economic field, but they initiated a world-wide propaganda campaign to block any avenue of understanding, or settlement of disputes, between Germany, Great Britain and France. The pressure which Zionists were exerting upon Great Britain and France to wage war against Germany was quite apparent everywhere and could not be mistaken.
To these "Elders of Zion" conspiracy ravings, Nakhleh adds the accusation that "the Zionist and Israeli leaders have followed in the footsteps of the Nazis."
Nahkleh dedicates the encyclopedia to two of his heroes. The first is the pro-Nazi Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, who incited anti-Jewish pogroms in pre-war Palestine and then spent World War II in Berlin advising Nazi leaders. The second is Saudi King Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz, who also promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and once handed a copy of the czarist forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionto then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.


The Arab League is not officially recognized by Argentina...

According to its historical tradition, great Britain, tries to prevent,through intrigue and manouevers of its satellites in the Middle East the Arab aspiration to constitute a nation.the civilizers close the road to those becoming civilized," The Arab League, as said before, is not affidaily recognized by Argentina. This does not mean, however, that it does not de loy great activity. On the contrary, under the disguise of other names, or by fronting through other Arab or Argentine bodies, it is intensely active.

Its representative until lately was Issa Nakhle, who, inter alia, published under his editorship the journal "America y Oriente", starting from November 20, 1952, until he left the country in "AMERICA Y ORIENTE" was a very efficient arm of the Arab propaganda, and reached wide circulation among the leading J'eronist circles, antisemitic nationalist groups, nazi elements and university circles.

On the other it is apparent now that Issa Nakhle was the factotum of said journal, and since he left the country, it stopped publication and it seems that at the moment there are no people capable to continue the work.

Many other means are being used, in the meantime.- In that journal, besides the glorification of Naguib and later of Nasser, and of other Arab rulers, great space was devoted to falsifying grossly the real situation in the Middle East, and to infamous slanders against Israel, among them chiefly the item that "the Jews desecrate the holy places of Jerusalem", that they persecute other faiths, particularly the catholics.

One of its objectives was to incite the hate against the Jews of our own country. Furthermore, by establishing an identity of ideals between the Arab countries and Latin-America, based on pretended common longings of "liberation from the imperialist yoke and the flowering of the nationalist movements for freedom and progress", the journal suggested the establishment of a block of Latin-American countries in support of the Afro-asian demands, and particularly in support of the Arab demands. At the same time, and from the start, "america y ORIENTE" attacked the Jews. In an article called "The Arab League and Bonn", it criticized the decision of the Bonn government to the amount of 715 million dollars to the Jews as reparations, echoing the Arab League's protest before Bonn against that decision. It referred very often to the problem of the Arab refugees of Palestine. lt went so far as to praise openly the criminal and terrorist action of the "fedayeen", counting some of their "prowesses".

The virulence and the deleterious effects of the propaganda campaign managed by "America y Oriente", caused the DAIA to present July 23,1954, an ample memorandum to the Minister of the Interior, in which it was said that "It has become a custom with Arab publications appearing in Argentina to attack regularly and systematically the Jews living in this country, to whom is thus made extensive the hate against Israel in the Middle fast."

Previously, on December 2nd, 1953, in a note addressed to the same ministry, DAIA had drawn the attention to the anti-jewish campaign of "El Diario Sirio-Libanes".- In order to furnish a more precise idea about the danger involved in our country by Issa Nakhle's action, we may add the fact that the Israeli ambassador felt compelled to make a presentation before the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by the end of 1956, in which he drew the attention "to the activities of an organism called "Delegation of the League of Arab States" and of its head, Mr. Issa Nakhle, stressing that by a campaign of instigation to racial and religious hate an attempt is being made to create in the public opinion a feeling contrary to the friendly relations between Argentina and Israel.

This poisonous agitation, carried out through the despatch of letters and pamphlets profusely distributed in the streets, propagates vicious slander, appealing to the most primitive instincts and attempts to convince the public of the existence of a "world Jewish plot whose objective is to throw out Christianity from the holy places in Palestine".

This propaganda was a direct outgrowth of the one carried out in nazi Germany.

The presentation also stressed the fact that the person responsible for said campaign pretended to invest diplomatic character and was supposed to carry out a mission of the Syrian government before the Argentine government.

Issa Nakhle had started his activity in Buenos Aires several years earlier as Press Attache to the Egyptian Embassy, later he was the founder and editor of the journal "America y Oriente", known for its systematical anti-jewish campaign and its glorification of the totalitarian regimes, particularly of the nazi Germany.

In August 1956 Issa Nakhle returned to Argentina, after a prolonged trip to the Soviet Union, this time in his character of head of the "Delegation of the League of Arab States", armed with a diplomatic passport as plenipotentiary minister of the Syrian government.

This status created the mistaken impression that the formerly egyptian "diplomat" and present Syrian "diplomat" was exercising his authority with the Argentine government's consent Issa Nakhle, main promoter of the Arab propaganda campaigns has been succeeded by Nazih Hakim, who came to this country in June 1957 and henceforth deploys an intensive action, within the line established by his predecessor. He publishes pamphlets, inspires statements signed by institutions which seem to exist or revive only when there has to be signed some advertisement or statement,and gives lectures. Lately he has carried out a series of visits to the more important Arab communities in the provinces.

In these meetings propaganda films are displayed. He has attempted to have these d-ocumentals shown in commercial movie houses,up to now to no avail.he had planned for March last a great meeting in the city of Mendoza,with the cooperation of the Cuyo University. He sends petitions and protests to various embassies.from, his office have started various actions,particularly related to the problems of Algeria and Tunis.

He tries to establish offices; of the Arab League in other Latin-American countries.he is also endeavouring to attract to the Arab cause Argentine personalities. Nazih Hakim figures as Press councillor to the Syrian embassy in our country.

Attitudes towards Jews in Argentina - Jstor
by VA Mirelman · 1975 · Cited by 15 · Related articles
and published a bulletin under the name Tacuara which appeared irregularly. ... Issa Nakhle who had started his activity there as Press Attache of the Egyptian.


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