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Reader comment on item: American Taxpayers Funding Terror?

Submitted by Nur el Masih Ben Haq (United States), Apr 10, 2011 at 02:35


This program really demonstrates how avoidably self-destroying America is. That goes even beyond direct funding of destructive interests. America unnecessarily accommodates factors that are openly bent on dethroning it as the sole superpower due mainly to envy and hatred and less to its foreign policy.

The sole superpower has unnecessarily let her social concession to the Islamic World remain dangerously unreciprocated. This very risky compromise is understandably not appreciated by the beneficiaries because it was neither born out of selflessness nor any intentional morality -- America was penetrated, manipulated and tricked by Muslims into being so accommodating to its systematic dethronement by Islam.

At this point I must have started amusing some Western intellectuals, most of whom seem to think that the scientific and technological backwardness of the Muslims affects their ability to manipulate. On the contrary, what Muslims lack in science and technology they gain it comparative advantage in strategy and scheming. This is partly because Muslims invest on strategy and scheming, the equivalence of time and efforts Westerners invest on science and technology. And the danger is that once custodian of science and technology is manipulated, the science and technology end up serving the manipulator by default.

Muslims scheme has come a long way. The intelligence wings of the Islamic stealth 'daawah' agencies long realized that, while Muslims can hardly ever match the West in science and technology; they can achieve an equivalently same goal by sort of Islamizing the Western science and technology by an initial systematic Islamization of the West. To do that, all they needed was to exploit the weakness of the West and if possible infest the West with additional social ideological cancers –principally atheism.

As Pipes rightly pointed out, Muslims are not only sacrificing their lives and oil moneys in their struggle to control and conquer the West. Muslims, like any other ambitious conquerors, adopt every humanly possible strategy. As a matter of fact, sacrificing ones life is the costliest, riskiest and last in the scale of conquest efforts. So, when sacrifice of lives is observed in conquest efforts, it is an indication that the cheaper and easier methods have for long been applied. So, it is very logical and reasonable to believe at this point that Muslims have for long been planting agent at strategic positions; buying goodwill from the normally atheistic and unchristian Western media; recruiting atheistic Western academicians as propagandists apologists among other strategies that are cheaper than suicidal methods, which Muslims have been applying lately in their efforts to conquer the "fortunately indulgent" West.

How Muslims Created Conducive Atmosphere For Their West-targeting Agenda.

As the intelligence wings of Muslims 'daawah' had realized, individualism is the most effective means of rendering a society vulnerable to outside penetration. On the other hand, shared sentiment such as a common religious belief, is the most effective means of uniting people against outside influence and making them proud and passionate about the protection of their heritage. Consequently, all Muslims needed to do to be able to penetrate the then 'too cohesive' Western society were to infest it with more individualism and weaken its common religious belief. To effectively infest the West with individualism and weaken Christianity, all Muslims needed to do was to promote atheism in the West through sponsorships of so-called intellectual activities etc in the West. At times in order to cover up the purpose of sponsorship, decoy objective such as: "promoting interfaith understanding, the study of Islam and Muslims world and the study of relationship between religion and science etc " are said to be the purpose of such funds that are usually huge. The less Christian an academician behave himself, the more he is likely to get such Islamic funds. Such funds are used for two main additional purposes: to discredit Christianity indirectly in the name of intellectualism, glorify atheism at the expense of Christianity among the Caucasians and window-dress Islam with science to make it very attractive to ordinary and gullible Westerners. That is why atheism is being preached in the West with a religious zeal in contrast to the increasing incidence of Western atheists being video-taped attributing much scientific information to the Qur'an and Hadith in staged spins whose targets are gullible ordinary Westerners and the populations of the Third World. This is in addition to the main objective –rendering the West vulnerable to Islamic encroachment.

Christianity, the ultimate target, is weakened in the process. Like I said, the intelligence wings of Muslims 'daawah' agencies had discovered that Western atheism could be promoted to aggravate individualism, materialism, emotional independence, survival of the criminally fittest and ruinous crimes — each of which could be exploited to the advantage of Islam. The more individualistic and emotionally unattached people are, the more they can be penetrated. This is because they hardly can routinely share vital information and provide common wall of ideological defense against an intruding ideology or share common vital information about a mischievous intruder.

Any social scientist that compares the Western society with others will come to the conclusion that Westerners are too vulnerably individualistic. And Muslims are taking advantage of that. Whenever Muslims start their usual systematic Islamization in a typical Western society, the locals find it very hard to come together against Muslims because of individualism and emotional independence. They only come together by common fear when it is very late. There are many such instances in Europe, where Caucasian communities who have abandoned Christianity and become atheistic and so individualistic have been penetrated by expansionist Muslims. Such "civilized" Europeans discredited Christianity to the amusement of their Muslim guests, sold their Churches to Muslims to turn them into mosques; sold strategic plots of lands for mosques to be constructed to compete or even outmatch local church; allow Muslims to convert Caucasian youths and less privileged to Islam with impunity among other acts of stupidity. Now the entire Europe is screaming. From the politicians to the academicians to the business class to the complacent Christian communities ---every one is raising alarm as Islamic systematic conquest becomes obvious now. The European atheists, whose showy and fake intellectualism discredited Christianity away only for a dangerous faith, Islam, to take advantage of the situation appear to have nothing to offer as Europe screams.

Similarly, Western materialism and the survival of (some times criminally) fittest are also effectively exploited by the Muslims. In fact in many cases they are exploited simultaneously with individualism. Whenever Muslims are pressing for something in the West they bribe atheistic Western individuals and groups to side with them for effect. For instance many greedy atheistic Westerners were hired to protest along side Muslims in support of the construction of the Ground Zero (Victory) Mosque. Similarly, many corrupt Western atheistic politicians pretended not to see the triumphalist intention behind the proposed mosque. They abused their office by going out of their ways to support the planned construction of the potential symbol of Islamic conquest of the West. That is another case of American tax payers funding what is against them.

While it is clear that the authors of the US's 1st Amendment wrote it to cover Islam as it then harmlessly appeared, Western politicians that secretly front for Muslims often interpret it as if it was written after 9/11---Islam is heavily protected to the detriment of Western society. Any one who dare call a spade a spade is branded racist or Islamphobic. Corrupt Westerners paid to front for Muslims often hide behind noble groups such as the 'moderate,' 'liberals' and so on.

The more atheistic the West is the less its Christian opposition to Islamization; and all the atheistic population need to tolerate Islam is bribe since it does not feel morally compelled to resist bribery or defend Christianity against Islam. In fact, Western atheists go out of their ways to fight Christianity on behalf of Islam in return for some favors. Muslims who invested so much in funding Western atheism have no reason to regret at all. In addition to the aforementioned gains Muslims make, Western atheists effectively sabotage and blackmail Christianity to the advantage of Islam even when not directly motivated by Muslims. In fact most of the anti-Christian arguments advanced by Muslims are either plagiarized or 'bequeathed' works of Western atheists. Therefore, Muslims might have spent millions of dollars to promote Western atheism, but Western atheists have saved Muslims from spending billions of dollars if they were to weaken Christianity to this extend by themselves.

Some of the so-called atheists in the West are Muslims in disguise on taqiyya mission.
Similarly, the daawaists establish secret friendships with some atheistic Western politicians. It is very reasonable to believe that some atheistic or nominal 'Christians' politicians are sponsored indirectly by Muslim groups.

Many Western media organizations have also been infiltrated by Muslim daawah agencies either directly or through a third party. The Western materialism and individualism have indeed affected its media a great deal. Any development that is capable of ridiculing and discrediting Christianity to the advantage of Islam is given maximum publicity by the materialistic and atheistic Western media. On the other hand, due to greed and cowardice, many Western media avoid giving publicity to whatever appears to be insulting to Islam.

The result of all these is that while Muslims control many non-Western lands by forcing every one to either convert to Islam or become insignificant, humble and submissive minority; the same Muslims who have left their relations behind in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to continue to fanatically enforce Islam; come to the West to demand that Islam be given equal rights with Christianity in what is clearly a taqiyya (stealth) jihad. Instead of Western politicians to take into consideration the possibility of Western deceptive Islam one day being replaced by Qur'anic Islam that is very hostile to any other ideology and believers, most of them either pretend that the deceptive (taqiyya) brand of peaceful Western Islam will prevail even if Muslims become substantial in number. Others have chosen to keep quite. Very few have the liver to warn that an Islamic America will be as intolerant as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and even the black people of northern Nigeria and so on. So, this is another case of Western tax payers funding Islam ---paying to sustain pro-Islamic politicians.

Similarly, it is very logical to link the treasonable sale of American technologies to China among economic sabotage to erosion of America's Christian values. Atheism makes citizen feel morally free to sell communal property in his custody as long as it will no be discovered. Logically, those who criminally sold American enviable technologies to China were influenced by atheistic mentality in addition to Islam-induced hatred. (Even though America is officially a secular state, Muslims see it as a Christian state and as such are jealous of its greatness, which they die to see that at least a non-Christian nation of China takes over).

The rampant family collapses, drug dependency, murder to inherit monetary policies among other social cancers in the West are largely attributable to atheism. And these social menaces are rapidly weakening the West to the advantage of its enemies. That is why agents of Islamic conquest infest the West with drug culture by default. If not because nature has favored America, it would have since collapsed under the heavy weight of sabotages.

But how much of warnings should visionary intellectuals like Daniel Pipes painstakingly give before some greedy Western politicians know that their actions constitute threat to global (relative) peace? Because Islam and peace are so mutually exclusive that once the West is Islamized, the entire World will definitely become a bleeding jungle of Islam. God forbid!!


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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