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Reader comment on item: Darwish, Pipes, & Sultan Joint Statement
in response to reader comment: So what is the reason for revelation for ayat la ikrah fi al-deen? and how about the Meccan pagans did they have a choice?

Submitted by SALAMA (United Arab Emirates), Sep 17, 2010 at 09:01

Dear brother in Humanity. I really can't stop admiring your ability to analyze things and put it in the right order "per say", or what u believe is the right order!! I still insist that you don't lose the minimum level of required respect between each other which we all were brought up with, and i am sure that Sayedna Eisa "or Jesus" have taught you this!!

if you believe we are enemies, which we are not, so fine by me but till you can be my enemy and we both carry full respect to each other, as our talk is about something very elite and pure, it's about our relation with the almighty, ALLAH the creator of all creations, including Saydona Jebreel "you name him the Wholly spirit", also all the prophets, including "Ibrahim,Ismaeel, Mousa, Eisa, and their leader Mohammad peace be upon all of them." We carry full respect to and believe in all the prophets. I am sure you know all of that and nothing of it is new for you. I can tell that you have had debates with dozens and may be hundreds of Muslims, so you are experienced, or may be fully equipped with all the required negative arguments. Any ways, be it.

In the Quraan, which is the wholly book of all human, Arabs and Non Arabs, it is said that, we should not swear و لا تنابذوا بالألقاب or disrespect each other لا يسخر قوم من قوم, NB I know that you will tell me that these Ayays are addressed to Muslims per the exact wording of the Ayah, but since you are a knowledgeable person, you must also know that the rule always is "العبره بعموم اللفظ لا بخصوص السبب" and this is why the Quraan is valid for every time and all generations and is applicable for all of us. So as the rules of these Ayahs and many more is applicable to all people, Muslims and Not muslims, hence I should not make fun of you or disrespect you even of you are my enemy and carrying a weapon in front of me, we can still be respectable to each other. This is how it is in Islam. If you have faced people who are not doing this to you, so I petty you and petty them.. I petty them cause they are not doing what they should do, and petty you cause you couldn't figure out the right from the wrong, though you have been reading a lot about Islam, but as I told you, you are equipped with all the negative arguments.

The above rules and all Islamic rules should be kept to every person whom we are dealing with, and a wise reader of the history can easily tell that Muslims were very famous of their characteristics and manners while dealing with others. Like in Egypt, they entered the country with the help of the pops, then they allowed every person his full right to live and enjoy his religion and pay Jezyah, if they choose to, or they can happily embrace Islam, and in both cases, لا إكراه في الدين also, all rights are reserved whether for Muslims or Non Muslims. And it is known again as per the fair history, that the Christians in every place have never been discounted their rights, instead in good times, when Muslims were attached to their deen, equal rights where given to every person, and no enforcement was there in front of the law!! The same happened in Al Sham, Al Quods Al Sharif, Yemen, Bahrain, the whole of Africa and all over Europe. No one can deny all of that. Unless he is a deceiver or an unfair person. My dear, twisting the facts doesn't change it, one day every one may easily discover it. You know the proverb "you can fool some people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time" I am sure you know this one and even more.

It is also known that Islam was spread in India, and the far east, after the opening of these areas, by trading and dealings, and showing true qualities, and not by enforcement or wars, which a lot of the western unfair people are trying to spread.. However from a fair point of view, everyone knows that Muslims were the best rulers ever, with one condition, "that they stick to the rules and guidelines of Islam and not be diverted to follow the human nature characteristics, which all of us have inside and without fear from god we may be very bad to each other, the same way you are trying to be with me.

Claiming killing Hindus in India, easy to say, but tough to analyze, you need to read the history of Hinduism before you say that and try to understand the historical factors behind it, the Hinduism as a religion, is a real depart from the believes of Seydna Mousa PUH, who believes in Allah the almighty, exactly like all the prophets and who all follow the religion of ISLAM, maybe you will not believe that, but the true Hindu Monks know it, and they cannot deny it, this is why there are a lot of Hindu Embracing Islam, simply back to their origin!!.i advised you to really read this part of the history, from 2000 BC, till 1500 AC. You will enjoy it and you will learn a lot about others then you can respect them.

In a nut shell yes killing happened during wars, between the people of India whom are very well known of being among the toughest and strong warriors and they never give up easily. But no one can deny that Muslim and Hindu, were living for almost 12 centuries under the governing of Islamic laws. I agree wrong brutal doings happened by the shahs' and the kings, by wrong application of Islamic rules, but unfortunately this is always the case when human lose their rational behind the things!!, same like what happened in the late days of Jewish in the middle east, and the early day of Christians resulting in Massacres that was narrated in our Quraan, on the hands of Jew, in Yemen أصحاب الأخدود also what happened after the start of the calling for worshiping Allah on the hands of Seydna Eisa "peace be upon him", that resulted in the Jew trying to kill him, but allah saved him and he will return again, also in Europe when the Dukes s and the Lords/kings tried to twist the laws as per the bible and tried to force the pops to change the versus of the bible and some other times came up with a new sect and re-wrote the versus of the bible, to match their wishes, hopes and desires. NB this never happened for the Quraan, any crazy Muslim King dare not do that, he can abuse its terms but can never change it, this is why it is a miracle, I mean the Quraan for sure.

Also brother, the history, can easily tell about what took place by the Spanish when they entered Al Andalus, where Muslims and Jew were burned to death to convert to Christianity, also In the Philippines, where they started their ruling period on the hands of Magellan as a discoverer !! while he was attacking Muslim un- armed villages, and ended by the defeating of the Muslims on the hands of López de Legazpi who did massacres all over the place to vaporize any trace of Islam in these lands and he succeeded by absolute brutal efforts that no one can deny.

Dear, what I am sure of, is Islam is not for Arabs only, remember, Seyedna Bilal he is from Habashah, Sayedona Salman From the Persian lands, Sayedona Suhaib, from Roman origins, and the most proof is the people who are embracing Islam all over the world, because of so many reason, whether scientific miracles in the Quraan, or being dazelled with the characteristics of the prophet Mohammad, or seeing the site of people praying and even for more simpler reasons, seing the real Muslims dealing with them with the real characteristics of Islam. I do admit that Muslims are not the way they should be, and not even is the whole world, look at what is happening every where in the world, poverty, hunger, starving all types of problems, and this is all because we have changed. We lost our human nature.

Mind you, like it or hate it, we are from the same father "Adam" and the same mother "Eve" , maybe we need both of us to ask ourselves " what was the religion of our first father and mother??". I have the answer for that and I am sure you have it. If you don't!! think about it and find it for yourself and not for me.

I see you commenting on the Ayah and the way I type things, good for you, if you have such a very critic way of catching things and analyze it, and you have read in the Quraan, cant you at least analyze it the proper way.!! I read a lot in history, and other religions, but ever never tried to discount any one or degrade what he is. This is against my respect to myself, which I learned from Islam. In the same time I have full complete strong believe in Islam, and not really because I inherited it from my parents. I have had my own research so where I am is where I believe deep down in my heart I want to be, so what about you. " و إذا قيل لهم اتبعوا ما أنزل الله قالوا بل نتبع ما ألفينا عليه آبائنا" And I am sure you know the meaning of this Ayah. By the way the Hamzah at the end of the word is not a T it is a H!! I learned Proper Arabic and I know Nahw as well. Well I know this doesn't concern you, but just informing you.

You are living in a country where freedom is given everywhere but you didn't learn in it to respect the freedom of others and apply what you want and that your limits ends where others boundaries starts!!

I started my writing to you, by a sincere well to correct a wrong information, but you dragged the conversation into all types of non sense that shows your qualities. For me brother I have no time to waist with you. If you really wish to talk about religions and go on with debates and counter debates I can do this with you even for years and not days or hours, but the way you are going is not reaching any where, as it is not based on any logic it or is taking us anywhere!! So learning time management is what all of us should obtain then practice, unless you are free!! which I am not. I have my own researches and means of serving the society I am living in, including people of all religions, Muslims, Christians, Jew, Hindu, Arab, Non Arabs.

So you don't need to reply to me You need to have a target. if you want me to convert to Christianity, try it and I will listen to you, but with full respect and with pure objectivity, though you will not reach anywhere with me as I have done my bit of research in too many ways,

if you are interested to hear from me about Islam I am all yours, again with full respect and full understanding of your believes and what you have been braught up with, but too carry on this way, so sorry it doesn't work for me as this is simply arguing for the sake of arguing, and I didn't start that, you simply didn't take my correction to you with an open heart. So over here and now we need to stop or even start, it is OK as long as we keep the rules.

Last but not least, I am not from Pakistan, and not an Arab, and not an Asian. I am not a person from a third world country living under any types of pressures!!! So I am not a follower by nature, and very tough for me to follow any simple words of sarcasm from anyone and get trapped into any unnecessary debates. So chill up and stay cool.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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