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Hypocrisy and Watchdogs of Broken doors - I

Reader comment on item: Turkey: An Ally No More
in response to reader comment: European Enlightenement against Turkish Obscurantism

Submitted by Turk (Turkey), Jan 24, 2010 at 12:43

Nice to learn of humanistic missionaries of Allah spreading Buddhist morals of compassion and love among the Greek nomads by burning their villages, desecrating their churches, slaughtering and raping their priests and monks, cutting throats to peasants, abducting their cattle, enslaving and selling on the near Middle eastern slave markets the kidnapped Greek youth ! How generous of the Turks! If Turks had a sense of humour they might use withouth changing a single world the Turkish scholarly "discussions" ( I include here yours) as a perfect example of obscurantist parody.

I apologize you enlightened one, I failed to see how Byzantium enlarged and prospered with love, compassion and absolute humanitarian values.

Instead of trying to create theatrical images of 'stolen cows' and 'kidnapped Greek boys' under fake emotional outbursts with the mindset of a B class action movie producer , why dont you ,'humanistic missionaries of God spreading Buddhist morals of compassion and love can not say a single word about the many you have forced to convert , raped , killed and slaved ? How about starting with the 100.000 Paulicans that Empress Theodora found the oppurtunity to show her compassion ? So that we can further go with the slavery in ancient Greece , Medieval Europe and aspects of the slave population in Byzantium.

But hold on there…How can' worthless nomads' , like Turks, can slave more 'valuable' races like Greeks..Damn, there is something wrong , an anomaly .. Is that what disturbs you Ianus ?

Let's quote more copiouly from the letter which only hints at all the horrors the Turkish Islamic beasts have brought to the civilized world : "

The famous letter of 'poor and opressed Christian' whining to a larger Christian community far away strikes here once again.

It's a real mystery to me how Romanus found spare time to write such a tragic letter to Rober Count while he was supressing the riots in with naked sword in and in Thrace and in Epirus. Whine from one side , slaughter from the other. A real multi tasker..

Anyhow, I have to confess that such letters of Romanus and his various other attempts turned out to be successful. He managed to start a series of crusades.

"On 12 April 1204 A strong northern wind aided the Venetian ships to come close to the wall. After a short battle, approximately seventy crusaders managed to enter the city. Some Crusaders were eventually able to knock holes in the walls, small enough for a few knights at a time to crawl through; the Venetians were also successful at scaling the walls from the sea, though there was extremely bloody fighting with the Varangians. The crusaders captured the Blachernae section of the city in the northwest and used it as a base to attack the rest of the city, but while attempting to defend themselves with a wall of fire, they ended up burning down even more of the city The Crusaders took the city on April 12. The crusaders inflicted a horrible and savage sacking on Constantinople for three days, during which many ancient and medieval Roman and Greek works were either stolen or destroyed. The magnificent Library of Constantinople was destroyed. Despite their oaths and the threat of excommunication, the Crusaders ruthlessly and systematically violated the city's holy sanctuaries, destroying, defiling, or stealing all they could lay hands on; nothing was spared.."J.Phillips, The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople

Sadly Romanus could not live that long to see how his civilized Christian brothers reached for his help… What do you call it Ianus ? An 'obscurantist parody' or a divine comedy ?

Now for the Turk such things are simple taboo, not thinkable, therefore their historical reality must be consistently denied. But interestingly enough, this denial of reality suggests the Turks know what 'really' happened. But how can they know that ? They deny the extant sources and have nothing to support their happy pseudo-history with except their big-mouthed claims. But why bother? They hate history and despise its methods and results unless they can abuse history for their jihad and their missing historical identity.

No it's not .. But on the contrary to you , some of us also can also see the things that you know quite well but opt to neglect due to your 'personal holly crusade' here. We can also see the atrocities, colonialism and imperialism that Western Civilization is based on as well , and feel disturbed when such are not mentioned by the 'South East European Polish Greek Philosophers' like you.

And when it comes to big-mouthing ; Sorry enlightened one – Noone deserves such a title more than you.

Anywa, there is a thorough German study on how the Turks eradicated Hellenism in Asia Minor in the early stages of their jihad " But go deny also this book and all the sources it contains and many other sources you Turks forgot to destroy, distort so far and yet deny without ever inspecting them! Commit the second part of your barbarism -that of destroying the last spiritual vestiges reminding of your heinous crimes.

Sure. An 'ode' to Roman Empire, where you used to protect the Gates.

'Pillagers of the world, they have exhausted the land by their indiscriminate plunder. East and west alike have failed to satisfy them. To robbery, butchery and rapine, they give the lying name "government". They create a desert and call it peace.' (Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant) Tacitus, Agricola..

I am sure that before seeing the letter you have never heard of it.

How can I ? I am a nomad living in my tent just going out from time to time to satisfy my genocidal frenzies , writing through the single PC available in the country located in Ankara.

The Turkish bestialities described there are documented in many other sources too. You can't admit the bad reality though. And it is not just because you can't see that what is historically documented and what did happen but mainly because admitting it by you in Turkiye would be tantamount to 3 years in jail and many other unpleasant consequences. Living in police state leaves you with two choice - following the aggressive Turkish herd or being eaten by the same aggressive herd. This is roughly how historical awareness is engineered in Ataturkistan. A popular catchy lie like the notorious 'Turkish historical thesis' is invented, spread and taught as a dogma, no discussions are allowed and persecutions of anyone who disagrees are threatened. So what happens is what we can see reading angry pseudo-history like yours here.

'Upwards of ten thousand Turks were put to death. Prisoners who were suspected of having concealed their money were tortured. Their arms and legs were cut off and they were slowly roasted over fires. Pregnant women were cut open, their heads cut off, and dogs' heads stuck between their legs. From Friday to Sunday the air was filled with the sound of screams... One Greek boasted that he personally killed ninety people. The Jewish colony was systematically tortured... For weeks afterwards starving Turkish children running helplessly about the ruins were being cut down and shot at by exultant Greeks... The wells were poisoned by the bodies that had been thrown in..' William St. Clair, That Greece Might Still Be Free - The Philhellenes in the War of Independence

"For three days the miserable inhabitants were given over to lust and cruelty of a mob of savages. Neither sex nor age was spared. Women and children were tortured before being put to death. So great was the slaughter that Kolokotronis himself says that, from the gate to the citadel his horse's hoofs never touched the ground. His path of triumph was carpeted with corpses. At the end of two days, the wretched remnant of the Mussulmans were deliberately collected, to the number of some two thousand souls, of every age and sex, but principally women and children, were led out to a ravine in the neighboring mountains and there butchered like cattle. W. Alison Phillips The War of GreekIndependence, 1821 to 1833

'Such a tragedy seems to be more a side-effect of the butchering of the Turks of Tripolis, the last Ottoman stronghold in the South where the Jews had taken refuge from the fighting, than a specific action against Jews per se."' Steve Bowman – History of the Jews in Greece'

What exactly you were selling Ianus?

Yes, above are bestialities from documented sources, but not ones of Turkish side... All organized and written by people 'on payroll of Warlors from Ankara' , arent they ?

And when it comes to Turkish herd in Ataturkistan, everyone here discusses about the 'Supression of Kurds' and 'Armenian Genocide' from coloumn writers to ordinary people nowadays, I think we are not living in same Turkiye with you, but sorry – You must definitely be more informed than we are , writing from Poland and describing a Turk what Turkiye is , right ?

Now, I am sure that you have no idea or interest what the 1st Crusade was all about. Why should you care about the innumerable old volumes written on the subject while a catchy silly slogan spread by Moslem media is such a nice alternative and replaces all the toil needed to learn the history of Europe and the Middle East in the second half of the 11th century. So why should you care that the 1st Crusade came as a reaction to killings, kidnappings and lootings of Western pilgrims and to doing to them on the part of the Turks what the emperor had described above as being done to the Greeks by the invading Mongoloid hordes? Why should you care about an Egyptian khalif ordering the destruction of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem? Don't fool us. You don't care about those things in the least unless as a slogan to be hurled against gavurlar to show how virtuous you Moslem criminals in contrast were and how bad those were who came to stop your depredations and Islam-driven banditry and atrocities!

Definitely. Crusades are the most rightfull and innocent acts of history. All we need is more crusades under the leadership of people like you still jumping out of their beds in the middle of the night in sweat shouting 'Es ist schon dunkel. Türken kommen' , so that while you are sacking and killing you can also educate peasants like us about the merits of Crusades , the sociopolitical and historical facts of 2nd half of 11th century with your vast and unbiased knowledge.

Gladly! Romanos IV Diogenes lost the battle due to treason. .As always, the divisions among the enemies were the main strength of the Turk. So this is what happened.

A nice combination of historical facts with your 'realities' . Now everyone knows that that 'divide and conquer' strategy was also invented by Turks. By the way , your detailed reply misses what actually happened the Romanos which I was asking you indeed Although you mentioned about the freeing of Diogones by Alp Arslan , you 'forgot' to add that same Diojen which Alp Arslan allowed to leave, was blinded and exiled to the island of Proti by Byzantine Doukas family and soon after died as a result of an infection caused by an injury during his brutal blinding. Want sources from historians ? Anyhow , that must definitely be an insidious game of Turks , most probably Doukas family were also financed by Turkish Ministry of Defense..

What I do think is based on other grounds than your cheap propaganda, general ignorance and contempt for historical realities which you display. So according the historical statistics, from the 15th to the 18th century more than 1000 000 Poles were kidnapped by the Tatars and Turks from our territories, raped, mistreated, tortured and sold as slaves in the Turkish slaves markets in Kaffa, Istanbul and other Turkish cities. Their fate was horrifying. All these people were lost to the country and civilziation they belonged to. The women raped in Turkish harems bore Turkish brats who later continued the jihad against their grandfathers and greatgrandfathers. It goes without saying that they all became Moslems and spoke Turkish and behaved in all like bastardized Turks.

Because Europe was a heaven between 15th and 18th centuries. Not age of terror , no Inquisitions , no witch hunts , no colonialism , no Spaniards walking into Aztec and Inca capitals to enslave and plunder their gold almost without any fight due to all locals being on verge of death from smallpox that Spaniards brough with them, no Caraibbeans slaughtered immediately in masses as they refused to convert to Christianity, no European ships regularly trading between African ports and their dominions trading slaves. Everything was in order and the happy , snow-white and pure Pole were living like contented piglets on heavenly Poland where grass was always green and the sky was always blue..

You even did not have a country between 1795 and 1918 as your country was partitioned between Russia , Prussia and Austria when Ottomans always left an empty seat for Polish diplomats protesting the participation, and you are still singing songs of freedom here to me.

One of the Polish slave Eva even gave birth to Turkish Sultan Ahmet III.

Eva is the mother Sultan Ahmet II is, not Ahmet III . If you really knew Ottoman history , you would mention Anastasiya Lisowska who is still a very respected figure here, instead of making such a mistake...

Ottoman Empire was a theocratic one based on Ummah principle not race. There were people from all around the both from east and west. Critizing it without knowing and understanding the realities of the same with the mindset of a medieveal inquisitor, may lead an unefficient commentor to usage of cheap slurs like'bastardized.' , which is exactly your case here .

My country Poland. Well, I am not quite sure about that.

We had the greatest Jewish community starting from the middle ages. Our king Casimir the Great invited Jews to come and settle here. There are still some Moslem villages near Bialystok. These Moslems had fled from recurrent massacres and feuds inside the Crimean Khanate to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and to Poland . But go deny on "moral" grounds what I have said ! e.g.

Casimir was way ahead of his era. Sad to see that he is replaced by broken and prejudiced people from immigrated from Balkan soil like you trying to make a career out of hatred. Anyhow , there were signs of your kind approaching into the history scene;

"A U.S. historian has threatened to publicly reveal alleged Polish atrocities against Jews in the aftermath of World War II, if the Polish State Prosecution tries him for "insulting the nation."

The Polish State Prosecution said last week that it would consider pressing charges against historian Jan Tomasz Gross for "insulting the nation" in his book "Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz."

http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/944917.html - Sunday , January 2010..

Polish State Prosecution threatens a historian with trial for 'insulting the nation' if he reveals Pole atrocities against Jews ?

Article 301 in Polland ? Freedom of Speech ? A free counrty ? No revisionist history ?

Come on Janus .. Tell us more jokes, especially small ones , like you..

Good question asked to a wrong person! Let's look at Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code :

"1. A person who publicly denigrates Turkishness, the Republic or the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, shall be punishable by imprisonment of between six months and three years.

2.A person who publicly denigrates the Government of the Republic of Turkey, the judicial institutions of the State, the military or security organizations shall be punishable by imprisonment of between six months and two years.

3. In cases where denigration of Turkishness is committed by a Turkish citizen in another country the punishment shall be increased by one third. So who is the father of this mad medieval law ? Turkish paranoia or cheap Turkish propganada narcissism being its mother ? Which one does Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code and the trials and actions based on it exactly belong to ?

I dont need to look at Article 301, but you should.

The law changed while ago when you were busy writing here 7/24 without checking your sources regularly. Imprisonment periods are reduced at limits allowing the change of imprisonment to fines , Following articles are also added ; Expressions of thought intended to criticize does shall not constitute a crime. ; It requires permission of the Justice Minister to file a case. The permission procedure of Article 301 will be carried out by the Directorate General of the Criminal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice where competent judges are seconded to the Ministry. Even if a criminal investigation is launched upon the permission of the Minister of Justice, the prosecutor still has discretionary power to decide not to prosecute. Further ammendements are presently being discusse

Move on. Thats exactly what you need…

I admit that Turkish sense of humour is utterly paralyzed by fear of Turkish jails and jailers awaiting all possible 'denigrators' and doubter of holy Turkishness, virtuous Turkish government, the impeccable Grand National Assembley and the great Turkish warlordism. "Midnight Express" should be a warning to everybody, not just foreign tourists.

Ah ! Here comes the famous Midnight Express again. , this time furnished with trivia of insulting 'Turkishness' which ones like you love a lot.. Conclusion ; don't get caught with dope , or don't insult Turkishness otherwise you may end up in an Alan Parker movie..

Speaking about prisons , can you share your valuable opinions with us about Guantanamo, Abu Gharip , or the 'Black Spots' of CIA that include Poland and Armenia ?

Wrong ! "Korkak Yahudi" "cowardly Jew" is the stereotype Turkish expression.

There are thousand of racial slurs used againsy Jews all around the world, starting with 'Dirty Jew' with latest addition of 'kike.' Why dont you see and have the courage to write down all of them here instead of concentrating on an obscured " Korkak Yahudi' statement ?

There are a lot of derogatory words of racial and religious hatred , like 'camel jockey', 'raghead' , 'mudslime', why cant I see a single word of opposition to these from you? Doesnt Janus know everything ?

Why cant you speak about 'Turkey is my home by Einstein' , or tell us the story of Jews, Marranos, that escaped to Ottomans from Tomas de Torquemeda and his dreams of Sangre Limpia ?

'Sultan Beyazid welcomed them warmly. "How can you call Ferdinand of Aragon a wise king," he was fond of asking, "the same Ferdinand who impoverished his own land and enriched ours?"' Why cant you talk about the above statements of Beyazid ? And you are talking about revisionist history of Ataturkistan…

Humoristically enough, insulting Jewishness doesn't constitute a crime in Turkey. But what can I say? Despising Jews is an act of self-evident Turkish virtue and identity. It's an act of patriotism which must be encouraged by insulting those 'korkak yahudiler' in public! The less you can curse your own oppressor , teh more you are encouraged to curse the imaginary ones. while doing the same with Turkishness is a major crime

Turkish Penal Code Article 216.

(1) A person who openly incites groups of the population to breed enmity or hatred towards one another based on social class, race, religion, sect or regional difference in a manner which might constitute a clear and imminent danger to public order shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one to three years.

(2) A person who openly denigrates part of the population on grounds of social class, race, religion, sect, gender or regional differences shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of six months to one year.

(3) A person who openly denigrates the religious values of a part of the population shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of six months to one year in case the act is likely to distort public peace.

The penalties imposed are higher than the penalties imposed by Article 301. And it doesnt need any signature from the Mister of Justice to file a case. Do you still think it is 'humoristically enough' ?

We know what sort of disease Kemal the Holy died of and what causes it, don't we ? So we agree on his notorious alcoholism.

And your point is ? Drinking is a hazard for human health ? Alcoholism is bad ? What kind of lesson we have to get out of it ?

With his blue eyes and fair hair he was hardly a Jew. He must have been Slav in origin.When types like him emerge in Tashkent or Beshkek they are immediately taken to be Russians. True yellow Turks can see what bastardised Anatolians have lost any sense for.

Now here we have the oppurtunity to see what lies behind the peacefull, civilized Western Way of life as presented by you. Praises for racial purity from the 'door keeper'. Nice.

Thanks for your super-competent remark, dear defective correction machine!

Sorry , you have already proved to be a competent clown , my mistake..


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