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Dates picking time and our dear so called Nabil

Reader comment on item: Replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Koran
in response to reader comment: To Jim

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Aug 12, 2009 at 07:22

Our dear so called Nabil who does not read write or speak Arabic and has to depend on translations to figure out what Islam is all about

>The Qur'an WAS a revelation in the true sense.

Really? were you there?

>The Arabs had not had a prophet of their own in millenia.

So?oh I forgot your Allah sent 120,000 prophets that spoke the language fo their people right? then who was the prophet that was sent to your people beause he ain't Muhammad

>The commands of the Qur'an were given to them through Muhammad, and they did not know what to make of them at all. And Muhammad himself knew litlle or nothing of Judaism and Christianity other than his contacts during trading missions,

Really? how about all those Rabbis in Mecca or is it Medina? and how about, as we are told by your masters the Arabs, Muhammad kissing and venerating the so called al-tawrah wa al-injiil and saying "truly thay are the words of Allah" do you think that may be he sneaked and read what was in them? Sorry Muhammad did not know any Hebrew or Syriac for that matter

And how about Bahira? Oh monk the monk. And how about all these stories from the Greeks and the Syrians and the Persians the likes of "qissat dhul qarnain" and "qissat ahl al-kahf" and qissat "al-isra' wa al-mi3raj"? your so called prophet plagiarized such works of fiction and called them the words of Allah!!!

> but he never embraced either religion.

Really? so what was he for 40 years? oh and are you aware that he was a yateem and his father died 4 long years before he was born! Do you know what this means? It means that either pregnancy can be up to 4 years as we are now being told by al-Azhar or that Abul Qasim was no more than Ibn haram!

>And for an illiterate man to produce what his detractors in Mecca called "bewitching poetry",

No he was not illiterate and do you know why?

1. In surat al-3alaq it says

iqra' bi ismi rabak

The word iqra' is from the root QR' and it means read period and the above means

read in the name of your God

2. We are told in kutub al-turath al-islami that Muhammad was told when signing mu3ahadat al-Hudaybiya that he cannot sign it as Muhammad rasul Allah and was told to change it to Muhammad ibn Abd Allah and we are told that he took a qalam and he changed it to Muhammad ibn abd Allah and you know what this means? It means that he was able to write

3. Oh al-rasul al-nabi al-ummi right? well the word ummi here does not mean jahil or uneducated but it means THE GENTILE or the non Jewish

4. But it does not surpise me if he was realy jahil or unable to read or write because the Qur'an is no more than poor literature

> when he had never been a poet nor read a single book, was odd, don't you think?

May be this is why the Qur'an is such a mess

>And he never sought material gain, either.

Really? how about Q8:41 where he and Allah get 1/5 of the loot? so do you want to change your mind now?

>The pagan leaders of Mecca had attempted to bribe him with money, women, even power, in order that he would cease preaching about One God...and he turned them all down. Now why would he have done that?

Let me guess: why would any one bribe a nut case?

>I agree that the Qur'an was put together some years after Muhammad had passed on,

How many years and by whom? was it collected by Uthman as we are told or by Fatima and Ali as we are told by the Shi3a? or was it by Omar as we are told in some obsecure traditions? Oh Omar al-Farooq or was it by Uthman ibn 3afan

For the readers: the story of the collection of the Qur'an is a confused and confusing story and it is as clear as it can get it was all made up 2-3 centuries after the death of Muhammad as you shall see below

> but many of his followers had memorized the entire thing. When it was finally brought together, any "false" or revelatons would have been filtered out.

Well if there were false revelations then they did not memorize it correctely right?

and what happened to ayat al-rajm or the stoning verse? Oh it was written on a palm leaf which was eaten by a hungry goat oh this is what 3A'isha told us! What a joke

And what happened to ayat rida3at al-kabeer? Or the verse of the breast feeding of the adult? Oh another hungry ate the palm leaf! So you know what? It means that the Qur'an is not complete and your claim is bogus

Now for the readers and this is above the poor Muslim education of our dear so called nabil al-tablighee:

1. We are told by the tradition that the Qur'an comes in 7 different readings and six of them were destroyed and if so then we really do not have the full Qur'an

2. In surat al-Fatiha the word MLK is read as Maaliki or the owner of (see the 1923-1924 Cairo Qur'an) or Maliki or the king of (see 1969 Tunisian Qur'an) and the turth is Muhammad would have read it as either Maalki or maliki and it could not have been both and this means: That the Qur'an is really an edited book as no has a clue what this very word really is supposed to be

2. In surat Quraish we have a word that is really a puzzle and that is Ilaf and we also have other words in the Qur'an that no one has a clue not back then or now what they really mean as in: kalala, ababeel, sijeel, and the word that Muslims love: qayuum but no one has a clue what it really means and the word al-samad in surat al-ikhlas. This is a surpise in a book that claims to be kitab mubeen (clear book) maktub bi 3Arabi faseeh (written in eloquent/clear Arabic) when this is far from the truth

Oh foreign words in the Qur'an? the Qur'an is full of them including ruum and tur and hawariyyun etc... even the word sura is really a Syriac word and not an Arabic word

All these liguistic puzzles point to the real truth that:

1. The Qur'an pre-dates Muhammad because by the time he died in 632CE no one had a clue what all these strange words really mean which detaches Muhammad from the Qur'an

2. Or that the Qur'an was only circulating pericopes and logias that were collected and canonized (see Wansbrough) in the 3rd century of Islam and the evidence here is that the Masoritic activity (the muslim masora) is an acitvity of the 3rd century and not any earlier

3. There are NO extant Qur'ans that we have before the 9th century (see Hoyland survey)

See our dear so called nabil what happens when you do not know any Arabic?

>This was not so with the Bible. It was put together CENTURIES after Jesus had left. And then there was plenty of bloodshed with regard to what Christianity was and what its self-appointed leaders wanted it to be. By then surely the message would have been spread out far and wide and mangled beyond recognition.

Listen: religions do not spring fully fledged from the heads of prophets

Oh this is beyond your Muslim mind but again you believe that an ignorant Arab sopke to an Arabian deity via an angel and that you can tell us what a book that you cannot read in its primary language really says! Do you know what it is? It is called delusions

>With regard to Aisha, to do such a thing today would be considered to be immoral by contemporary standards. But back then this sort of thing was commonplace...and not just among Arabs but even among Jews. One of Muhammad's youngest wives came from a Jewish background and was around 17 when she married him. And that was AFTER she had been married to...a Jewish man.

Would you allow your 6 year old daughter to marry a dirty old man who is 53 years old and who has 23 wives and concubines and wannabe prophet? A yes or no answer would do. It was wrong back then and now and more evidence that islam is really a rleigion of the 7th century but not of our times

I urge you to abandon islam and be free again


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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