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Our dear Nabil and the absurd

Reader comment on item: Replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Koran
in response to reader comment: RE. Jim

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Aug 1, 2009 at 09:55

Our dear Nabil who is no more than another victim of Arabian imperialism wrote

>> Muhammad's ordering the cutting off of the hands and feet of 600 Jews

>No, that was the cutting off of their heads, not their hands and feet.

ROTFL that is even worse it is killing of human beings!

>It was the judgment that was passed against the men of the tribe of Quraiza by one of their former allies

Oh the blame the dog excuse but Abul Qasim could have said no do not chop the heads of these people and do you think that may be Abul Qasim aka Muhammad wanted them killed so he and your Allah can get 1/5 of the loot (Q8:41)? Or could it be so Muhammad and his minions can rape their wives and sell their children into slavery and make more money? So how can we get in touch with Allah so he can get his share of such ghanima?

> after they had violated their pact with Muhammad and gone over to the enemy camp when it seemed that the Muslims of Medina were about to be wiped out by the pagans of Mecca and their desert allies.

So you go out and kill people? You know what? If this happens now Muhammad and his minions would be facing trials in the Hague for war crimes

So much for islam and the so called prophet of islam

> Muhammad. There's a lot more to this than what you have mentioned here...

What is more? oh you mean the looting and the rape and the slavery of the wives and the children of these poor people? or that he was as per Ibn Ishaq and al-Waqidi an Arabian warlord and caravan raider ...?

And why would Allah alllow the Jews to join Abul Qasim aka Muhammad's enemies? Let me guess

1. Based on the islamic doctrine of al-qada' wa al-qadr it must be your Allah that got those jews to join the enemies of Abul Qasim right mr demagogue? Then we can only blame your Allah for such mass murder and rapes and slavery right?

2. Do you think that Allah planned it this way so he can get his share of the ghanima or loot? what do you think?

3. And why would your Allah that describes himself as al-rahman al-raheem allow such cruelty? You tell us ya ayuha al-falyasoof al-kabeer!

4. And where was your Allah when the women were being raped? Let me guess: there can not be any Allah that would allow such thing so there must be no Allah right ya ayuha al-fahlawi al-kabeer?

>and by the way, this sort of judgment was also sanctioned against the enemies of God and the Israelites in the Book of Deuteronomy.

Well wrong answer and you know why? because your Arabian alllah and his rasul claim that the Bible is a kitab muharraf right mr demagogue? and do you know what this means? It means that tablighees like you cannot quote the Bible to prove a point

Oh kitab muharraf? well you can ask one of your Arab masters to tell you what is really a kitab muharraf

Or do you think that I should tell al-wahabiyuun that (and that is what they would call your likes) a maskeen men el-bakistan that lives in el-wilayat al-mutahida al-amrikeyya says that the Bible is not a kitab muharraf

You know what? you will have a fatwat al-takfeer declared against you at the blink of an eye

>The judgment here was sanctioned against only those men of that particular tribe who had failed to repent.

"repent" what? the real issue here is that the jews did not believe that Muhammad is a real prophet

Oh let me see:

1. Your Arabian Allah says in the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic: wa ilahina wa ilahukum wahid right our dear Nabil? this means that your Allah says that he is really the god of the Jews

2. In ayat al-Jizya your Allah says to you to fight ahl al-kitab or the Jews and Christians not becuase they do not believe that Allah is their god as in item 1 but because they do not prohibit what Allah AND MUHAMMAD have prohibited! Do you know what this means? It means that Muhammad is as important as Allah! and I do not blame the Jews for believeing that Muhammad is not Allah's partner! so do you know that this means? It means that the real monotheists are the Jews! So much for the bogus islamic tawheed

>Other Jews that were not affiliated with that tribe and living in Medina were not impacted by the judgment.

Really? then why does the islamic tradition tell us that the rest of the Jews were kicked out of al-Hijaz? What a cruel god

>> his marrying his adopted son's wife

>In Islam, an adopted son is not the same as a genetic son.


1. Then where would I find in the Qur'an the following

ina al-ibn al-matabani fi al-islam laysa huwa ka al-ibn al-haqiqi

2. are you aware mr demagogue that al-tabanni is not allowed in islam? then why did Abul Qasim adopt a son? Oh let me see the ulama made this one up right?

> Marrying the divorced wife of a genetic son IS forbidden, which Muhammad did NOT do. That's just the way it is.

Mr demagogue the "way it is" is that there is no tabanni in Islam and how come you did not know that? could it be because you are ignorant or you were hoping that we infidles do not know but in this case and you must pardon me this would be lying to us so which one is it?

>> his having sex with a slave girl the same night he had her brother and father killed

>She was not a slave.

That does not change the fact that Muhammad allowed his minions and himslef to rape women and for this I say shame

> You're talking about the daughter of Huyayy, the leader of the Jews of Khyber, am I right? She had been given the choice of returning to her people as a Jew, or becoming a Musim and marrying Muhammad, which she did. She had been a devout Jew, unlike her first husband (who had abused her in the past) and her father, and became a devout Muslim afterwards and one of the so-called "Mothers of the Faithful" which was the highest rank that a woman could attain in Muslim society at the time.

I thought that babbling 3A'sha is om al-mu'miniin

Oh the islamic gobbledygook

>> his ordering the assassination of a poetess who criticized him

>Back in those days people who composed poetry were considered to be of high stature. Those who composed poetry against their enemies could be considered to be waging a low-key war. And the answer to that was war.

Really? subhanallah so Abul qasim allows the killing of Asma while suckling her infant! then you know what? he is just as guilty as the the person that killed her! So much for Allah that claims that he is al-rahman al-raheem

And do you know what we do for people like that? we put them in jail

I understand that to do such a thing nowadays would be considered to be an act of cowardice, murder, terrorism, etc. but remember, we're talking about 6th (sic) century Arabia

Then islam is really the religion of the 7th century Arabs only and it is the religion of the 21th century and as if we did not know that

Well we know already that the Qur'an also says that islam is really the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only as per

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmihi

Right mr demagogue?

> here which had no real civilization.

Oh the civilized 7th century Hijaz

>This act can be compared to acts taken against idol-worshippers and their champions in biblical Israel...they were treated pretty harshly

Oh quoting the Bible again but we have established that the Bible is a kitab muharraf right? then do us a favor and do not quote the Bible to prove a point

And what is wrong with praying to idols? You pray to an unseen God and you know what? there is no difference between praying to an idol or to an unseen god except in the mind of an ignorant Arab that shall remain unnamed. You also kiss and venerate the black stone at al-ka3bba right? this is also idol worshiping right our dear Nabil? you also kiss and venerate a copy of a book that is no more than paper and ink and glue and the book here is the Qur'an your idol too right? and Muhammad is your Arabian idol big time and you venerate the city of mecca which is idol worshiping on a grand scale right? then congratulations our dear nabil but you are also an idol worshiper

So much for islamic hypocricy

>and almost without any mercy whatsoever. Am I correct?

Correct about what?

>> consumating his marriage to a 9 year old girl when he was 53

>Back in those days in that place marriage between an old man and a girl on the verge of puberty was not uncommon. Muhammad was not criticized for it, not even by his enemies of the time. One must be careful to apply contemporary western standards of decency to that time...it wasn't very long ago when teen girls in western society would be married off before they hit 16. Now it must be bourne in mind that adultery has always been considered to be a sin, and yet is no longer frowned down upon in western culture...on the contrary, it is often promoted in pop culture and in the media as desirable and enjoyable. that doesn't somehow make it right, does it?

Back then and now a 53 year old man with 23 wives and concubines marrying a 6 year old girl is wrong and criminal And would you allow your 6 year old daughter to marry such chracater back then or now?

You know what we do now for a 53 men that marry a 6 year old girls and have sex with them when they are 9? We put them in jail!

>Anyway, good points, Jim. I always enjoy a frank and open discussion...


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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