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To Dhimmi: Universal Islam

Reader comment on item: Did Michael Jackson Convert to Islam?
in response to reader comment: Islam is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only and you ain't no Arab

Submitted by Mahfooz-ur Rahman (Bangladesh), Oct 17, 2007 at 15:57

Universal Islam

The fallacious hypothesis that Islam was meant for the Arabs only, as against its universality, is not newly invented - it's centuries old, starting from the time when the Quran was first translated into European languages. There has been much discussion in the academic world in this respect, even as Islam spread all over the world and increasingly accepted by peoples of ALL races and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it's an academic discussion only, because the Muslims themselves do not accept this view which they also disprove by the fact that full 80% of the estimated number of Muslims in the world today consist of racially and culturally non-Arabs peoples.

However, Dhimmi keeps repeating this age-old fallacy like a mantra and a war-cry every and each time in all her blogs, and taunts people of non-Arab ethnic background by it, as if they have committed a crime by being a Muslim!

In order to put an end to this senseless, ineffective but irritating repetition of the slogan, for the general readers information so that they are not further misinformed by likes of Dhimmi, I venture forth this discussion, firstly by quoting excerpts from an authoritative source:

Quote: ...There are many passages in the Quran that appeal to the germ of national feeling and urge the people of Arabia to realise the privilege that had been granted them of a divine revelation in their own language and by the lips of one of their own countryman.

"Verily We have made it an Arabic Quran that ye may haply understand. (xlii 2-3)

" And thus We have revealed to thee an Arabic Quran, that thou mayest warn the mother of cities and those around it, (xlii 5)

" And if We had made it a Quran in a foreign tongue, they had surely said, ‘Unless its verses be clearly explained [we will not receive it] (xli 44)

" And verily We have set before men in this Quran every kind of parable that they happily be monished :

" An Arabic Quran, free from tortuous [wording), that haply they may fear [God] ( xxxix 28-29)

" Verily from the Lord of all creatures hath this [book] come down.. in the clear Arabic tongue (xxvi 192, 195)

"And We have only made it [i.e. the Quran] easy, in thine own tongue in order that thou mayest announce glad tidings hereby to the God-fearing, and that thou mayest warn the contention thereby." (xix 97)

But the message of Islam was not for Arabs only; the whole world was to share in it. As there was but one God, so there was to be but one religion into which all men were to be invited. This claim to be universal, to hold sway over all men and all nations, found a practical illustration in the letters that Mohammad [SM] is said to have sent in the year AD 688 (AH 6) to the great potentates of that time. An invitation to embrace Islam in this year was sent to the Emperor Heraclius, the King of Persia, the Governor of Yaman, the Governor of Egypt, and the King of Abyssinia. ...the claim to the universal acceptance... is repeatedly made for Islam in the Quran:

" Of a truth it (i.e. the Quran) is no other than an admonishment to all created beings, and after a time shall ye surely know its message (xxxviii 87-88)

" This[book] is no other than a admonition and a clear Quran, to warn whoever liveth..(xxxvi 69-70)

" We have not sent thee save as a mercy to all created beings (xxi 107)

"Blessed is He who hath sent down al-Furqan upon His servants, that he may be a warner unto all created beings (xxv 1)

"And We have not sent thee otherwise than to mankind at large, to announce and to warn. (xxxiv 27)

"He it is who hath sent His apostle with guidance and the religion of truth, that He may make it victorious over every other religion, though the polytheists are averse to it (lxi 9)"

The claim upon the acceptance of all mankind which the Prophet[SM] makes .. is further prophetically indicated in the words "first fruit of Abyssinia" used by Muhammad [SM] in reference to Bilal and "first fruit of Greece" to Suhayab, Salman, the first Persian convert .. who embraced the new faith in the first year of the Hijrah. ... the Prophet [SM} had clearly shown that Islam was not to be confined to the Arab race.

The proof of universality of Islam, of its claim on the acceptance of all men lay in the fact that it was the religion divinely appointed for the whole of human race, and was now revealed to them anew through Muhammad [SM] " the seal of the prophets" (xxxiii 40] as it has been to former generations by other prophets:

[Excerpts from the Quran]

"Men were of one religion only: then they disagreed one with another and had not a decree [of respite] previously gone forth from thy Lord, judgement would surely have been given between them in the matter wherein they disagree. (x 8)

"I am no apostle of new doctrines. (xlvi 8)

"Mankind was but one people: then God raised up prophets to announce glad tidings and to warn: and He sent down with them the Book with the Truth.... ( ii 209)

"And We revealed to thee: ‘follow the religion of Abraham, the sound in faith, for he was not of those who join goods with God. (xvi 124)

" Say: As for me, my Lord hath guided me into a straight path: a true faith, a true faith, the religion of Abraham, the sound in faith..(vi 162)

"Say: Nay, the religion of Abraham, the sound in faith and not one of those who join gods with God (in our religion) (ii 129)

"Say: God speaketh truth. Follow therefore the religion of Abraham, he being a Hanif..

"Verily the first temple that was set up for men was that which is in Bakka, blessed and a guidance for all created beings. (iii 89, 90)

"And who hath a better religion than he who resigneth himself to God, who doth what is good and followeth the faith of Abraham, the sound in faith? (iv 124)

"He hath elected you, and hath not laid on you any hardship in religion, the faith of your father Abraham. He hath named you the Muslims" (xx 77) UNQUOTE

Prof T.W. Arnold, The Preaching of Islam, London, 1913 PP 27-29

The author, a most respected historian and Arabic scholar, professor of Arabic, University College, London, continues by saying "It is strange that in the face of these passages some have denied that Islam originally was intended for by its founder to a universal religion."

Strange indeed, and this misconception continues to this day, Dhimmi being the latest and most vehement exponent of this fallacy. Bu the late lamented Professor surely knew as all men of wisdom know that some will never admit to truth, deny it even at the most overwhelming evidence, but happily for mankind, their untruth can not win over sublime truth that manifests itself in the annals of man, as history is a stern and ruthless adjudicator of contentious issues.

We further learn from the great 19th century linguist, Indologist, comparative philologist and theologician, Professor Max Muller, who translated the entire Vedas from the original Vedic Sanskrit to European languages, that the six principal religions of the world may be divided into missionary and non missionary. Under the later head fall Judaism, Brahmanism (Hinduism) and Zoroastrianism and under the former Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. He defines the term missionary religion most ably as one "in which the spreading of the truth and the conversion of the unbelievers are raised to rank of a sacred duty by the founder or his immediate successors..."

This sacred duty is incumbent upon adherents of all three great missionary religions of the world. As history shows, some had been more successful than others.

The success of the missionary efforts by the Muslims resulted, in the worlds of Professor Arnold: "At this present day [Circa 1913] the faith of Islam extends from Morocco to Zanzibar, from Sierra Leone to Siberia and China, from Bosnia to New Guinea. Outside the limits of strictly Mohammedan countries and of lands, such as China and Russia, that contain a large Mohammedan population, there are some few small communities of the followers of the Prophet, which bear witness to the faith in the midst of unbelievers. Such are Polish speaking Muslims of the Tatar regions of Lithuania, that inhabit the districts of Kovno, Vilmo and Grondo, the Dutch speaking Muslims of Cape Colony, and the Indian coolies [sic] that have carried the faith of Islam with them to the West Indies, South Africa, and to the British and Dutch Guiana... Islam has found adherents in England, in North America, Australia and Japan.

...The duty of missionary work is no after thought in the history of Islam but was enjoined on the believers from the beginning..."

The missionary work of the Muslims continues, as it will till the end of time. Thus by 1996 Muslim communities were present in ALL countries of the world comprising from 100% in some to negligible percentage of the total but present nonetheless, according to various authoritative sources [http://islamicweb.com/begin/population.htm]. In the last half a century, Muslim population of the world has increased by an astounding 234% whereas Christianity increased by 47% and Judaism has DECREAED by 4%.

The success of missionary religions as against non missionary religions may also be ascertained from these demographic data. The great increase of the Muslim population in the world in these recent times was NOT affected by any conquest, conflict, war, or violence of any kind. This stupendous result was achieved by natural increase of population and conversion from other religions as the Muslims have spread themselves in ALL countries of the world, taking with them the message of Truth that was divinely revealed to their Prophet(SM) by Allah 1400 years ago as happy and glad tidings for all mankind irrespective of culture, language, race and locality. These facts are revealed in the demographic records of the UN and the routine CIA information available for public usage needing no propaganda. The cold figures speak for themselves and needs no further proof of the Truth as revealed in the Quran, per the summary table below (1996):

Islam is the fastest growing religion and
the second largest religion in the world

Muslims in Asia (1996)

1,022,692,000 (30%)

Muslims in Africa (1996)

426,282,000 (59%)

Total Number of Muslims on the Earth (1996)


Total Number of People on the Earth (1996)


Percentage of Muslims (1996)


Islam annual growth rate (1994-1995) from U.N.


Christianity growth rate (1994-1995) from U.N.


Total Number of Muslims on the Earth (1998)


Expected Number of Muslims on the Earth (2000)


All the above facts and figures belie once for an all Dhimmi's oft repeated untruth that Islam is the religion of the Arabs only. But in the last count, it is the Muslims themselves, whose faith and belief in the spiritual plane and their numbers and distribution in the world on the physical place that are the final irrefutable proof of the universality of Islam.

Mahfooz PS: PS: This is my last communication on the subject which I hope that will put an end to this absurd and irritating taunt that Dhimmi utters at every alternate sentence but deceives and misinforms no one other than her own convoluted self.


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