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You are right again, Dan

Reader comment on item: Anticipating Trump's "Deal of the Century"

Submitted by Ray Exley (United States), Apr 10, 2019 at 08:52

To understand the Palestinians persistent hostility toward Israel, it is necessary to understand their emotional programing as children. Much too big a topic to discuss here, but one critical point is that the Arab culture is based upon a nomadic existence, without any effective government. Thus, the only way to protect oneself and family is by violence or threat of violence. And, the vendetta is a critical part of the threat. That is, all Arab men are taught that they must always redress a slight, or damage with a greater damage, as a deterrent, and this threat never ends.

This view of interpersonal relations and responsibilities is fundamental to their culture, and their current thinking in Arab cultures from the poor man in the street to the top leaders. With this background, and their acceptance of the doctrine of the ends justify the means, has very important implications of negotiation and agreements with them. For Arabs deception is an important tool of interaction with enemies (and friends), and because of their vendetta based culture, they will never give up their hostility toward Israel, and will always work to destroy the state, and lies and deception, such as they want peace, when they only want the destruction of Israel, and that is their idea of peace in the mid East.

The Arab goal of destruction of Israel will not change, until they change their basic cultural values, from a very primitive nomadic value system, to a value system which is better suited to modern society (such as the Christian forgive the transgressor). Without this cultural value system modernization, Arabs will always be hostile to Israel, with their ultimate goal the destruction of Israel, and anyone who supports Israel. This value can not be challenged, unless the person challenges his entire basis value system, if he was raised and indoctrinated by an Arab culture.

Anyone who does not understand these features of their basic culture, and the Arab world view is evolutionarily before medieval, it is a culture of nomads, without any government, you can not understand their world view, and how it demands unremitting hostility toward any enemy, by all Arabs, generation after generation. Just look at how the Palestinians indoctrinate their children.

Palestinians, who are Israeli citizens, of Arab descent, have more rights, and a better protection system, to protect the individual citizens from the government and each other, than the protections any Arab culture country. Just look at Kashogi's murder, because he irritated an Arab prince. Most of his criticisms of the Saudi's were because he was transitioning in his outlook from the primitive nomad value system, to a more modern one, and that threatened a Saudi Prince. Such behavior is common and accepted as a ruler's rights, in all Arab culture based countries, but strongly suppressed in Israel, even for Palestinians, who indoctrinate themselves to hate the best government, in terms of individual rights, and economic opportunity, that has ever existed in that part of the world.

Even though the Israeli Palestinians, benefit greatly from the more modern government and economy in Israel, compared to all Arab governments, their primitive nomadically based cultural values blocks their full participation in and benefit from Israeli society. Early childhood indoctrination is irrational, and never changing, without the intent to change, which they do not have, and will always be superior in their minds to the reality of the world around them, which clearly shows that co operation with Israeli society has many many more benefits, compared to what they achieve with their irrational unremitting attempts to destroy Israel.

And, the cultural values of Israeli are mostly European and Western, and was an imported culture, from Europe, not an indigenous Bedouin culture, which is the basis for every Arab's emotional views of the world, his part in it, and why he should act violently toward anyone whom he views as an oppressor. Because of the early indoctrination and constant Arab propaganda reinforcing their ancient Bedouin values, the Palestinians will always be hostile to Israel, even if Israel gives him more of everything desirable, compared to all Arab governments, who are medieval in organization and outlook. Everything is for the benefit of those at the top, everyone else is expandable.

I am reminded of such cultural control over a population, which was similar to the Arab cultural values, was demonstrated when Stalin died. At least 99% of soviet citizens experienced feelings of great loss. Even those who knew it was all a lie, and that Stalin killed many more soviet citizens than the Nazis did, were caught up in the morning for Stalin. And, many indoctrinated people today, still believe that Stalin was a "great man" and humanitarian who protected his people. The reality is just the opposite on every point.

And, it is the control from the early childhood programing, and constant reenforcement with propaganda lies, which will always dominate the minds of nearly all person so subjected, as the Arabs do to themselves

The only way to start a true peace process would be to stop the anti Israeli propaganda in Arab schools and media, and just tell the truth. Israel, with all its faults, and repressions of some Arab citizens, including the stealing of Arab land, is a better government system, and value system, for Palestinian Israelis, compared to any Arab country's quality of life, protections from violence and corruption, and all measures to desirable existence.

But, don't be fooled, until the Arab's give up on their nomadic culture values, particularly the vendetta, and move into a more modern world view and values, they will never make peace with Israel. They currently believe any rapprochement with Israel is heretical to themselves and their religion, about which they have a very primitive set of values, indoctrinated in Childhood and every after. All current statements about peace with Israel from Arab's (except a few intellectuals) are deceptions to feed the West minds in Israel, many of whom believe that peace with the Palestinians could be found, if Israel would just give up enough. That is a fantasy, until the Bedouin based values of the Arabs is replaced with a more modern world view and value set.

But, just as the Arabs are a prisoner of their early programing, so are many in the West, including many Israelis.


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