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Divide and Conquer

Reader comment on item: Poll: Israel Victory Gains Strength
in response to reader comment: What Would the "Victory" Look Like?

Submitted by Robert (United States), Aug 19, 2018 at 07:55

I am surprised that Daniel Pipes has not responded to your 8 proposals,
and I have no idea what his reference to 1975 is or means?
Nevertheless, I do recall that he somewhere says that
Egypt should be responsible for Gaza, and Jordan for the West Bank.

On the other hand your proposals are too specific.
The World, and the UN, are currently too committed to a 2 state solution,
in spite of the fact that Gaza is ruled by Terrorist Hamas, and other Terrorist organizations,
while the West Bank is headed by the Aging Totalitarian Abbas Dictator.

Nevertheless, Victory,to the extent that it means Israel gets what it wants or is beneficial to it,
suggests supporting what is in fact going on "on the ground."

Egypt does NOT want to grant "Muslim Brotherhood" Gaza into itself;
nevertheless,talks are going on about building an Airport in Sinai for Gaza,
and a Seaport connecting it to Cyprus.
If successful, that may cause Gaza's Palestinians to have something to loose at home,
or leave for a better Muslim, Arab,or European environment.

As regards the West Bank,the Wall that has been built in most critical places
Here, perhaps,waiting for Abbas 's successor
may be implicit in what Daniel Pipes advocates by "Israeli Victory."
However, I think Jordan needs to be pressured more;
one way to do that is to revive the dormant notion that "JORDAN IS PALESTINE,"
in order to pressure the Jordanian Kingdom
to take on more responsibilities for the West Bank Arabs living outside the current physical barrier.

But as for non-violence and disarmament, the West Bank needs its Police Force
to keep its fanatics (Sunni ISIS-like) elements in place).

Furthermore, with whom is Israel to sign a Peace Treaty?
Currently, it is Egypt that's doing the deal - which is good for Israel,
because it is not committing itself to recognize the ruling and raiding terrorist organizations there,
currently dominated by the Terrorist Hamas.
Regarding the West Bank and Abbas,
he cannot even come to terms with the ruling entities in Gaza,
so there is no way he will accept any Peace terms from Israel,
since he is no-less a Maximalist than Arafat was.
Therefore, here,I believe, Daniel Pipes' implicit idea of just waiting is correct.
Nevertheless, President Trump, and his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared
(and Greenblatt, etc.) are working with Saudi Arabia
to improve the economic lot of the Palestinians;
at some point, the West Bank "Palestinians" may have elections,
and Maximalist Abbas may be gone.
Here too, the Sunni Arab Palestinians need something to loose - a home and good economic life.
On the other hand there is the Failure of the Arab Spring, as well as the defeat of ISIS
in Baghdad and Damascus - where Sunni Arabs will need to rebuild their traditional and historic homeland.
Although Shea Iran is Israel's existential threat, it has done more to bring Sunni Arabs countries
to the "de facto" recognition of Israel that only Providence seems to have conceived.
It appears that the World, or the UN and the EU, "peace terms"
rest on the shoulders of "Dictator" Abbas and his PLO and Fatah organizations.
When he is superseded or otherwise gone,the facts on the ground may determine new peace terms.
The 2-state solution may vanish - but also become more acceptable
- especially to other Arabs, and Muslims,or their diverse sovereign states.
It seems that Time is on the side of Israel.

Israel's biggest problem is BDS and half a dozen misguided Jewish "do-good" organizations,
such as J-Street,IfNotNow,etc. But that was the case since Zionism was conceived,
and the less militancy of Jews resulted in the 6 million Holocaust.

The family of the Israeli Arab who stabbed a soldier the other day and was killed,
complained of excessive force. J-Street,no doubt, explains this attempted murder
as a consequence of so-called "occupation."
But all of Europe is currently being "settled" and "occupied" by Muslims and Arabs.
And President Trump is refusing to let the United States to be settled and occupied illegally.
It seems that it is OK for Arabs, and Muslims, and Latinos to settle occupy other people's countries,
and even to re-introduce ANTISEMITISM against Jews everywhere outside of Israel.
At the same time, Jews are accused of Settling and Occupying their ancient homeland
that's supposedly reserved for 100 % non-Jewish residence.
Maybe that's what Mel Brooks meant in his movie,"Jews in Space."
Non-Jewish author,Paul Johnson,in his book,"A History of the Jews,"
makes it very clear that Judaism spawned both Christianity and Islam.
Perhaps for that reason the greatest threat to Israel's existence
comes, unconsciously, from those quarters;
here, again,may be grounds to support Daniel Pipes' implicit vision of waiting things out.
Daniel Pipes, as those who follow him must know, sees "Civilizational"parties rising in Europe.
Perhaps this is a good indication that Europe will come to terms
regarding Israel's difficulty of making peace with Arab Muslims that the Palestinians are,
once they experience the consequences first hand of the non-assimilation of these same peoples
that have flooded Europe, ironically, in part, due to Germany under Merkel.
What's surprising is that the countries of Europe fail to respond in kind.
I can only imagine that unconsciously Europeans, like the British and French,accept the narrative
that Jews are getting what they deserve
because Israel "refuses" to make Peace with the Palestinians, Arabs,and Muslims.

In brief, Victory requires at a minimum articulating the historical force at work
is favor of the countries at War or Revolution.
And since the UN has "recognized" Palestine,
Israel is still at War with it,
even though Israel itself sees it effectively as an inconclusive Civil War since 1947.

It is really surprising that Europe hasn't yet recognized Israel
as the Frontier of Western Civilization in the Middle East
against the influx of Ideological Islamization.
How effectively the notion of "Islamophobia" has been disseminated is surprising.
But now there is also Western hope
in Trump having taken up Islamist Erdogan of Turkey
who denies the Terrorist nature of Hamas and its Gaza population.
Here, again, DP implicit waiting things out seems correct.
There is even talk of removing Erdogan's Islamist Turkey out of NATO.

But I think the part most beneficial awaiting Israel
is the deal that our current Trump administration has been incubating.
What's great about it is that it will have the support of (1) Saudi Arabia & the Gulf States,
(2) Egypt, and (3) Jordan, and (4) Hamas, etc., in Gaza,
while Abbas,the PLO, and Fatah will be forced to take its terms,one way or another.


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