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The Skull Tower of Niš or what Turks mean by "love" and "humanity"

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Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Sep 27, 2011 at 16:20

M.Ali wrote

>... we do not hate from anyone as you do, i tell you a story and you will be ashamed of your humanity<

Speaking of humanity and Turks, the best monuments to their barbarity have been erected and are left more or less intact to this day by themselves.I am not speaking of the desecrated Hagia Sophia drowned in a sea of Christian blood and suffering on 29.05.1453 which the Turks are so eager to represent as the symbol of what they stand for - without ever suspecting that Hagia Sophia clearly symbolizes the opposite to their intentions, namely Turkish barbarity, violence,theft and plagiarism.

If anybody happens to be in Niš in Southern Serbia, he should take a look the Skull Tower or Kelle Kulesi which the "loving" Turks generously built around 1810 in open air from 952 walled-in Serbian skulls both for traditional Turkish fun and to terrorize the rayas far and wide.The scalps from these skulls were embalmed and sent to Sultan Mahmud II to delight his imperial eyes with what has always been the supreme pleasure of every Turk irrespective of whether his name was Mehmet II,Mahmud II or Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha aka Ataturk who incidentally was the worst mass murderer of them all. He murdered in millions while his predecessors hardly exceeded tens of thousands.

Another place worth seeing on account of the material evidence of Turkish "humanity" is Batak in Bulgaria with its St. Nedelya church where the gruesome scenes of Turkish sadism and atrocities from 1876 seem to be haunting the visitors up to this day.

In Italy in Otranto there is the memorable church La chiesa di Santa Maria Madalena dei Martiri. It is where the remains of 800 Italian Christians who were decapitated by the Turks for refusing to convert to Islam during the Turkish invasion of Italy are piously preserved near the statue of Madonna. In the summer of 1480 the Turks under Ahmed Pasha captured their first bridgehead in Italy.Out of c. 20 000 inhabitants they brutally massacred 12 000.The archbishop Stefano Agricoli together with his bishops and count Largo were sadistically murdered by being sawed in half in the cathedral which was changed into stables probably as a good foreboding for his master's (Mehmet II) promise to do the same soon with St. Peter in Rome. The rest of inhabitants were abducted into slavery to Albania. 800 Christian men were brought to the Hill of Minerva with the choice between converting to Islam or decapitation. As no one converted they were all beheaded, their bodies were thrown for dogs to eat. As I said, the remains of these victims of Turkish savagery are now reverently preserved in the aforesaid church in Otranto and in Naples in Santa Caterina a Formiello while the day of their martyrdom, August 14th, is still celebrated in Otranto.

An interesting monument of Turkish "culture" is also the former chapel (tekke) of the dervish order's saint Hasan Baba in the Tempe Valley in Thessaly. Being a Christian monastery it was desecrated and forcibly changed in the 14th century by the invading Turks into a tekke. Moslems, including the Yuruk nomads transferred to Thessaly from Anatolia, considered the three following holy relics, for which the tekke was particularly renowned, as miraculous : two green flags with the embroidered inscription "Death to kafirs!" , a miraculous club with which Hasan Baba used to smash 100 (!) kafiri skulls a day and the wonderful scimitar he used to cut off the smashed heads of the infidels.The bodies he routinely cast into the nearby Peneus river.

One could multiply such places and monuments ad infinitum as in fact not a single square mile upon which the Turkish barbarian set his foot was spared the horrors to which the four aforementioned monuments - either directly erected or left by the Turks - give too eloquent a testimony. It is the best comment I can think of to the never ending Turkish lies and fairy tales of Turkish "humanity","tolerance" and "culture". The horrifying reality of their animal-like barbarity, degradation and regress of everything they managed to impose their grim Moslem primitivism upon won't of course stop the mendacious Turkish mouth. But who in his senses can expect a Turk to respect and admit the truth?To the best of my knowledge such a Turk hasn't been born yet and definitely M.Ali as a typical Turkish lie machine must still undergo a long series of reincarnations before he sees what is obvious to anyone with a mind worth its name.

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