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A Claim Superior to the 'Palestinian' Objection is Invoked

Reader comment on item: A Turning Point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict?
in response to reader comment: Palestine

Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), May 18, 2011 at 13:17

Are we to understand that by a revisionist sentimentality of the previous post the 'Palestinians,' a people of various Arabic and similar descent, who have been able to use the land for centuries without having to describe themselves other than by the names given to them by others like the Caliphate of the Ottomans (and others), now need to take away the land already consigned by history to Israel; and to revert the previous contentions of the United Nations in 1948 that Israel has a right to exist? By asking the question: "why have they left the 'Palestinians' with no country," a presupposition needs to be addressed, that of why did they not form the nation when there was the better chance?

Prior to the rebirth of Israel, 'Palestine' was not a nation, nor was there a national presence. The indigenous peoples were, for a very long time, subjects to the various regimes that had control over the land for centuries, the Ottomans being the last of the Islamic empires that held the control before being wrested away by the British, who helped make the region, labeled Trans-Jordan, a protectorate until the United Nations performed in an act of unconscious obedience to the promise made to the people of Israel thousands of years ago. Until the underlying circumstances of the real reason of why the 'Palestinians' are seeking to have Israel reduced to a former state again, the questions of 'why' will be perennially academic as they have been for millennia.

The 'Palestinians' are a cause for uniting the fundamentalist Islamic followers to achieve one thing, and one thing only: the destruction of Israel. Do you think that the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has promised to 'wipe Israel from the land' for no reason? Did anyone not understand that when Kofi Annan of the United Nations made his presentations for dealing with Israel, that the map of his depiction of the nation of Israel was labeled entirely 'Palestine,' in Arabic? Indeed, the people that live in the Middle Eastern area now comprised of Israel for over sixty years (and Judea-Samaria since 1967) and the surrounding territories, have been fought over between Israel and the Arab neighbors for one reason only; the militant Islamic forces from before the rebirth of Israel have never recognized Israel at all; ever.

There is no recognition by them of Israel's right to the promise to Abraham; nor do the powers that be ever want to allow Israel to continue in spite of the fact that no one has yet been able to evict Israel. And they have not yet figured out why. Let us temporarily dismiss the precepts of Hertzl's secular national identity, or the evangelical Christian perspective as to why Israel seems to defy the odds at remaining in the land. As much as many would like to provide some justification for and against Israel retaining the rights to the land, there is a subliminal circumstance for why no one seems yet to be able to diminish Israel's claim. But if it is impossible for any to see that Israel is, in fact, in possession against all odds, then discussing the hidden facts will not help here. Israel remains; and the 'Palestinian' cause will be the cause of the destruction of many who seem intent on trying to eliminate Israel's claim to the land. As to a birth right to the land, if the ethnicity of those who filled the land during the Ottoman reign could truly be determined, and of those who were born there generations after their ancestors' moved in were truly known, then there would be an understanding of how the development of the land (prior to Israel's involvement, development was by most accounts-stunted-like Gaza is now) evolved over the millennia. Ask them to explain how they were never able to nationalize back then.

When Gaza was ceded (a prophetic circumstance, by the way) to the 'Palestinian Authority,' virtually most of the advancements found in Gaza were set to ruin in order to 'cleanse' the 'Jewish' influences. Then Hamas was invited by the 'Palestinian' population, not to advance the 'Palestinian' cause, but to advance the cause of hatred against the Jewish people. If, in this experiment they are unable to bring about a civil society that is willing to live with any neighbor, how can it be expected things will change if they are given any more land when they cannot control what there is now. Israel is a functioning democracy now, with a certain indigent Arab population that, when not held accountable to extremist threats, are more than willing to live under the more benevolent Israel government than the definitively oppressive Hamas/Fatah controlled 'Palestinian' Authority. Ask again: "why have they left the 'Palestinians' with no country?" One must first seek the real reason why they have not for centuries; then understand that Israel did return to the land because it was meant for them to, 'Palestinians' notwithstanding.


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