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Our dear Hussam and here is the long version

Reader comment on item: The Jewish-Muslim Connection: Traditional Ways of Life
in response to reader comment: Wow. Just wow.

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Apr 6, 2014 at 10:33

Our dear Hussam who lives among his wahhabi masters wrote

First of all, before attacking, you should have at least a little knowledge of what you're discussing and you should most certainly check your facts, BY YOURSELF, and not read something someone who just wants to discredit something wrote.

But you can prove me wrong our dear Hussam as in saying this or that is incorrect and give the reason. No one is stopping you

Secondly, I want you to tell me where in Qur'an was it said that Jesus must be God. It was said that Christian claim he's the son of God or is God many times, but it never said that he must be God. That goes to show how ignorant you are.

The Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says that Jesus did not die right? and the only being that does not die is a God right? Then Jesus must be good

The Qur'an says that Jesus created life and you must agree with me that only a God can create life then Jesus must be God. Oh the Biidhinallah? But you see our dear Hussam your Allah says in Surat al-Baqara 213 that when he tries to help his creation he asks for permission from himself! Rediculous but this is what it says what can i tell you

The real disaster here your Allah says that he is the best of those that create and the truth is 25% of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions because of major malformations that are incompatible with life this means that your Allah is a very poor creator after all if he was making cars and one car in four does not function he will be out of his job. Jesus? Well as far as we are told all the birds that he breathed life into them did not die which makes him a better creator that Allah

Jesus has Roh Allah in him as per Q66:12 and Ibn Abbas tells us that he is Kalimatu Allah

Jesus Raised the dead and who can do such a thing but a God this means that he is God

Jesus cured the sick and restored sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf and we know he was not a doctor and this was 2000 years ago which means that he must be God or a very good doctor that was far ahead of his time

But here is the biggest disaster of them all your so called Allah plagiarized the idea of the one God (which is a flawed idea) from the Jews and their Bible and from the Syrians and their Bible in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and the Peshitta, Mark 12:29 (so next time you claim that Christaisn pray to 3 Gods read Mark 12:29) and he did not even get it and if you read the word الصمد as in الله الصمد no one has a clue what this word means and al-Tabari provides 7 different meanings for it and why is that our dear Hussam when the Qur'an is supposed to be a kitab mubeen you tell me

But this is a loan word from Syraic ܨܡܕܐ or Samada and here is the meaning of the word ܨܡܕܐ


And it means to bind or to bundle or Allah who is a bundle aka the Trinity

What a disaster and it is straight from the Shima in the Peshitta

He was a plagiarist and a poor one at that

Again, an ignorant answer to the birth of Jesus, PBUH.

Where did i talk about the birth of Jesus you tell me oh I forgot this stupid PUBH thing

In Islam, the angel Gabriel went to see Mary and told her that she'd give birth to a son who'll be a profit of God.

Oh Gabriel who did blow the soul of Allah in Mary's vagina or I forgot in a pocket but it ended in her vagina! How stupid

She said how can that be when I haven't been touched by a man, he answers her saying "God creates what he wills", just like Adam, whom he created with no parents, yet no one seems to mistake him for His son.


Blowing the spirit into her is figuratively speaking, there was no actual blowing, idiot.

Well I proved you wrong because it says in Q66:12 that Allah BLEW his soul in Mary's vagina! So read this again


And her vagina had nothing to do with it, either.

It means that you cannot read the Arabic or you depend on translations by liars the likes of Yusuf Ali so which one is it

And what is figurative about Allah blowing his soul in Mary's vagina? this is as graphic as it can get and it is pornographic

Why the lies?

As for word idiot: I will leave it to the readers to judge who is really the idiot

Oh, and whoever doesn't find praying in Islam spiritual is doing it wrong.

Islam is about orthopraxy and no more and there is nothing spiritual about praying in Islam

You have to have a level of "Khushu".

ROTFL there is an Arabic word called Khushu? You cannot be an Arab it is الخشوع Mr wannabe Arab and even الخشوع is part of the big act or orthopraxy

Do you pray in Urdu our dear Hussam? and does your Allah understand Urdu? and how come the Qur'an was not revealed in Urdu? what is wrong with Urdu our dear Hussam? and how come your Allah is silent about your Hindu ancestors in the Qur'an? Could it be because he is an Arabian deity?

Man, your comment is just a bunch of lies from the beginning to the end. I knew it'd be of this tone the moment I read "wahhabies".

But you can prove me wrong oh I see you cannot

Your ignorance has no limits, man. Allah's names are just his attributes, nothing more.

Sure sure and Aqaneem Allah are also his attributes now do you get it? and how can Allah being a makkar and sadek at the came time unless we have more than one Allah do you get it?

As for the word ignorance I will leave this to the readers to judge you

You should research the meaning of each of the names before hurting your brain, which probably jumps to fast conclusions just out of laziness, then start arguments which you can engage in with at least a little bit of "facts" and civility. Yes, I could be more civil, too, but not replying to what you wrote.

The only thing you will get from me is sarcasm and no more

Tell me, how does someone plagiarize themself? If you knew anything about Islam, you'd know that it doesn't claim to be a new religion.

So why was the real need to have islam and how come your Allah was not able to get it right the first of the second time after all your Allah says that this life is about القضاء والقدر so who is the liar here?

Muslims follow the same God Jews and Christians believe in (in their own way).

Then congratulations our dear Hussam but you are saying that your Allah is the ethnic God of the Jews and Jesus the God of the Christians! You I should report you to your masters the Wahhabies? What do you thin would happen to you? Hint: Deportation

It is just but to bring people to the right way.

Says who?

Of course there will be similarities between the books, because they all come from the same place and preach the same thing, it just happens that people kept on changing the previous ones to suit their wants and needs.

Then how come Allah says that the Jews and Christians corrupted his book the Bible after all he claims to be the author of the Bible? Hint: Your Allah says that no one can change his words

Do you see why we kuffar say that islam is ridiculous?

Last, but not least, Mohammed, PBUH,

Oh is this Abul Qasim aka Quthm aka Quthm ibn Abd al-Lat whose papa died 4 years before he was born?

was not a "Jahil". Being illiterate, doesn't make a person any less intelligent.

But I just proved to you that he was jahil

For someone who can't read nor write, he achieved more than anyone else has.

Your so called prophet was no more than an Arabian warlord and caravan raider who married a 6 year old girl when he was 53 years old and whose followers were responsible for the murder and raping and enslaving of millions of your Hindu ancestors! Right?

He is truly the greatest man ever.

Great men do not murder 950 Jews and do not tell their followers to own slaves and rape them

Ghandi was a great man and the Buddha was a great man and the Christ was a great man

Muhammad? he is not even close

But I'm curious Muslims call Abul Qasim الانسان الكامل how come Allah was not able to create even one more انسان كامل? Any guesses?

Even Michael S. Hart, who is Jewish, put him as the most influentail person ever.

Sure sure sure and Khuram ul-Haq who left islam said that Muhammad is in the same class as Hitler! You see our dear Hussam talk is cheap what can I tell you

But here is your poor circular logic you are saying that because Hart says that Muhammad was great then Muhammad must be great! Do you get it?

Based solely on what I read from you just now I'd say you're the one who is Jahil.

Wrong. I can read and right your so called prophet could not read and write which makes him a jahil big time

Please, read more and bring facts before ever participating in an argument. Shia are practically mostly "kuffar", btw.

And i'm sure that they say the same thing that you our dear Hussam the wannabe Arab is a kafir but did I ask you if they are or are not kuffar? Shame on you and your hate

They don't believe in many things which essential to be a Muslim. I said MOSTLY, not all.


So you tell me do you also pray to Muhammad after all your Allah says that he and his angels pray to Muhammad! What a disaster Allah prays

Since you know about Hadith, then I don't have to tell you that they're not all right.

Then how come you still have them in your books if they are not right?

You have to trace them to their origins to make sure of the chances of them being right. There are false, weak, strong & true ones.

And how come you did not know that the Shia have their own Ahadith? This means that you are ignorant or you knew and you were hoping that we kuffar do not know

I'm still curious it is true that the Wahhabies call your likes Maskeen men el-Hind and is it true that they amke fun of your likes when you mangle the Arabic language and they have racist jokes about the food and the spices and the dress of Muslims from India? and it is true that Muslims from India are subjected to verbal as well as sexual abuse by the Saudis? And it is true that the wahhabies would hire a westerner or a Christian Arab before they would hire your likes?

I'm not done with you


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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