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Very eloquently spoken, "Vishvas"; however, the "slander" of Christianity for centuries would be what?

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Submitted by kman (United States), Nov 22, 2009 at 22:43

Remember when you respond, that you are referring to "centuries" of "slander". What exaclty is slanderous about all of Christianity's truth from the Lord and Creator of the entire universe, and universally proclaimed love for mankind?

The God of truth and creator of life has preached the pathway for every human towards eternal paradise with him. No person of any ideology or religion ever perfectly delivers their slant. Consequently you do end up with individual error and even a few nut cases who promote their beliefs to promote their own selfish agendas.

Every religion has been bootlegged by these idiots, so one must refer back to the words of the "god" himself. I think you are spot on about Islam - no problem whatsoever from me there. I would like you to go the New Testament of the Christian Bible and let me know where Jesus Christ or the entire proponents of Christainity have "slandered" Hinduism. Correction to error does not constitute "slander". Jesus never promoted throwing food and dead bodies into scarce bodies of water to promote pollution. He called for sacrifice of a portion of everyone's resources - time, finance, etc. The end result is provision for everyone not just those who happen to be blessed with birth into some level of privileged position.

Note, I am not talking about Americans, Europeans, the white male, Middle East or any other irrelevant point. I am talking about the teachings of Jesus Christ as he exemplified in his own life and sacrificial death - God himself pointing the way and paying price for human sin. His every teaching promoted a perfect plan for all mankind. He knew that as a race we would fail, but provided the hope for all those who would see and recognize truth. For them, he had an incredible offer that he promised would entail sacrifice and suffering in this life. God will sort out all pretenders when they have each fully had the opportunity to choose how thei will live from whatever starting point. It is never easy. There will be sacrifice and suffering. Fraud will be held to account at the end.

Some countries are cursed with leadership that tells all other countries to butt out so they can repress their population in whatever way they choose to benefit only themselves. Some religions do the same - "Butt out! We in power have a way that works for those of us born to privilege."

Which would you choose as the pathway to explaining the God who built the entire universe and all life? Note, again, that the universe is built on perfect scientific laws that when imperfectly understood bring about dire consequences. Truth has to prevail. Now which God demands adherance to absolute truth?

Perhaps the one that has literally hundreds of godlets with no particular attachment or love for mankind, or the one who perfectly lays out the way for all mankind for; not just a few in one geographical location who happen to be born to privilege in that one geographical location?

The universe itself literally screams the truth. Nothing works without perfectly following those truths as so beautifully laid out by Jesus Christ.

Now, which way is it? Do I slander a religion or proclaim truths from the one God who would never decide on life after death over any old capricious allegiance towards dumping stuff into waterways? The latter is a corruption of what God did at one time to clearly spell out the purpose of sacrificially giving to the one supreme being. He then opened the human race's eyes to ultimate sacrifice and all of our call to enter into it. Giving to and acknowledging that being's ultimate supremacy, benefits everyone.

It isn't based on imperfectly delivered teachings. It is what those teachings point the way to. Specific humans have point the way towards finding the ultimate truths of all creation and its Creator.

The individual human being is delivered into life in either a state of privilege or less in any one of an infinite number of degrees all the way to the bottom of the pit. All are offered an equal chance to see the absolute truth and infinite love of a God who reached out to that part of his creation (humans) that rebelled and bought into lie. All inanimate matter has no choice but to perfectly obey all of God's laws as we imperfectly have discovered them in what we have named the various sciences.

Humanity has a choice - to obey or not. Their are inevitable consequences for every single human. Read for yourself what Jesus Christ taught. That is all any Christian has ever tried to get their fellow humans to do. We preach (imperfectly) as well as we humanly can, but make the effort to direct everyone's attention to where all of the truth can be found irregardless of birth, genetic code, intellect, education, or any other factor.

Have Indians been taken advantage of? Sure. What religion hasn't had those who deliver imperfectly? Read for yourself which ones have borrowed and then imperfectly delivered their own version of everything taught in the Bible. Again, this isn't the white man's Bible, not the American's Bible, or anyone else's. It was born in the Middle East from a man of middle ground skin color in a position pretty low on the ladder.

Gandhi even saw it, Unfortunately for him, he focused on those in his immediate environment who delivered the teaching rather than the God himself. Critical error. It's there for every man or woman to grasp. God never did promised anyone perfect teachers except for the one who was his Son and shared co-godship. Their is truth to be perceived and it leads to the way of perfect truth. At anywhere along the line a person buys into a lie, then the trail is lost.

If one's position is one of privilege, one may buy into something that allows one to hold onto that privilege and even call it godly intervention. Or, one can realize that one has been very fortunate and then reach out to help those not so fortunate to see that, before God, no one is born privileged against God's standards. Everyone despite position of birth has opportunity to see the truth of their vulnerable position and then choose accordingly - perhaps to live out their life of privilege to their own satisfaction or to realize that we are all born into a very precarious position needing correction through God's path and plan alone.

What God would be so capricious or only occasionally interested in an occasional human? As far as we can observe, we are the highest pinnacle of all that exists. Why would there be god(s) that saw no value in humanity except as an occasional escape from boredom;Especially if that God created them in the first place?

Think of the infinite implications of every human being living as Christ taught. Poverty would vanish in the blink of an eye. Loving everyone else to the same extent as "self" would make this planet an unbelievable paradise. Man can't accomplish that for some reason (sin?). God points the way and the "how", and the purpose of that way.

We can choose to believe whatever suits us. God gives us the incredible choice of living our lives in any way we choose, but with consequences at the end. It is self serving to adhere to some beliefs. God calls us all to sacrifice and sacrifice heavily. Christianity has its duds, but many men fool even themselves. God will judge the fools and those who mis-represent him. The infallible footpath towards any god's veracity is always the trailway of truth. When we buy into a lie at any point, self-serving or whatever, a new religion is born and the true vision of God is lost.

One last "note". I do not hold myself up as any paragon of virtue. I only as many others do, point the way. I myself am as fallible as any human, but I work tirelessly at improving myself as God leads me. Perfection is unattainable in this life, but vast improvement from any starting point is entirely possible. The direction is what counts. I am not a perfect thinker and have only the lowest of collegiate degrees - an "AA", and that barely. If you want the perfect delivery of God's Word, then look to the perfect resource he provided us with - either or both - "nature" itself and/or his book. God delivered his perfect Word to imperfect humans;Men who made it their lifetime pursuit to obey, follow, and record what God prepared them for - recording His Word. He prepared others to safeguard it. It still exists as man recorded it from God's perfect delivery.

One last thing diverts many from seeing truth. That would be pride of position, country, race, education,or intellect - PRIDE has been the trip wire for countless humans throughout our history. I do not promote my country, race, sex, or intellect. Truth comes first. It is there for every human that doesn't choose privilege or self pride first. One can argue infinitely as man has, but one has to prioritize and recognize truth and its infinite beauty, or ultimately die for making the wrong choice. Death has a borderline that can be crossed over in this life. The cessation of heart beat or cranial function is irrelevant in the end. A living human develops a spirit from the moment of conception. That will exist forever. We can choose where to spend that "forever" at.

Privilege can be a deadly addiction. It is actually a disadvantage for those born to it.

I do not fault either Hindus or Muslims. When anyone tosses truth for whatever reason, they have bought their own "fault", and death sentence. At some point everyone sees truth and makes the deadly decison to opt for a lie to buy temporary advantage. In the end the cost is incalculable. Pride of self, race, or country has bought eternal damnation for untold billions.

The people I am most likely to fault are the wealthy of this world who could have eradicated poverty and all of its horrors thousands of years ago. I am very careful to assign the term "Christian" to those of wealth. It does happen. There are those of much monetary wealth who give not only of their wealth, but also their time with family, home, and other self-indulgences. I loathe most of those of my own nation for the horrific costs they've levied against their own nation and peoples. Self-indulgence has cost the U.S. monumentily. The chance to bring peace and prosperity to the rest of the earth is pretty much gone. The price is well on its way. The outer edges have already struck in integrity, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and political lunacy. The costs to the wealthy and late ex-wealthy are gathering in ferocity. The whole planet is gathering towards a very lethal storm.

I am very attention deficit, so I make some very imperfect attempts here. I won't quibble at having infallible logical skills. My intent is to reach hearts who see mine and through it, God's.

Argue on as you wish, Vishvas. I rarely have the opportunity to spend much time here any more. Loss of attention span drives me nuts, but let's not waste time over some irrelevant little point. Time is terribly valuable and there are many crucial places to spend it. I have given you a piece of the time God has given me on this earth. Think wisely and without prejudice. I have no prejudice against you over race or nationality. I am always delighted to call anyone of any race or nationality my brother. When I see someone prefers a lie, I bow out. I sometimes can do the human thing and allow anger to hold precedence. That can usher in error but emotion is usually temporary and sanity eventually prevails.

A little over a year ago I had some communications with another man in your nation. Don't know, but it may have been you. I had something else come up that was a huge challenge to my priorities. I am still time challenged, so don't know when I will be able to answer or re-comment. There is a very potent enemy of both God and man, and he has inserted himself into my sphere of life. Priorities prevail where they must, but the Daniel Pipes forum is high on my list. Some of the people here (most notably, Dr. Pipes) are so very eloquent and lovers of truth. You have a pretty hefty grasp on that medium yourself.

Almost any news source these days is corrupted, but any of it should speak very loudly of the irrevocable direction a closely packed and heavily militant planet is headed. literally billions live in desperate poverty. I'm sorry for those who don't see it. I see possibly three years and a couple more decades of life as it currently exists - at most. That period of time is going to be increasingly intolerable and perhaps cut even shorter.

Anyone who looks for truth at the cost of anything, or all, will find God. I pray that for you.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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