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Hindu apologist: Re Ariana

Reader comment on item: Counting Islamists
in response to reader comment: Anwering Nura!

Submitted by Nura (United States), Oct 22, 2008 at 03:04

Okay, now coming to the hindu topic. Your knowlege about Hindus and hinduism is limited to the verge of nothingness. You really need to read a lot besides your Islamic books on comparitive religion.

What I know of Hinduism is from Western secular education. I actually took comparative religion at a secular university. There are various accounts, documentaries, human rights reports accounting of what I stated and actually much more. I am not a slanderer. I guess it's your turn to be an apologetic.

Hindu Gods is the creation of some sick minds.

I agree. This is why your conquers attempted to free you from the bondage of them, Muslim and Christian. It's interesting how you completely ignore the conquest of Christian missionaries in your country. How you completely ignore the history of invasion in your country. How many times, people, empires, invaded India in history? Your ethnic heritage is a mixture of all of them. Answer truthfully. The Vedas was not written in Hindi was it?

Islam is an offer that the majority of your people accepted, fought, died for, and continue to fight and die for. They must love the change.

Hindu do not worship Gods but God in his various forms. They do not believe that God is a person siting on a Throne farway having a ball creating Virgins for hedonistic pleasure of Suicide bombers.

On one hand you say that Hinduism was the creation of sick minds, then you go on to imply that it is actually not so bad. I try to avoid, as most Muslims, the direct attack of religious icons, as you should have noticed, however, I am tired of taking the high road. Our prophet (PBUH) taught us not to insult the god's of others for the fear that they would rebuttal a statement against Allah, in which they would be punished in the hereafter. Soubanna-Allah !how our Prophet (PBUH) tried to minimize the blasphemy of disbelievers for THEIR own good. Anyway, you have already insulted my Lord, so as we say in America, all bet's are off.

Let's start with Hedonistic pleasure as you so quaintly put it. There is a great benefit for us that Allah is transient not possessing desires and wishes like man. Imagine, evil god's; it gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Unfortunately, for Hinduism, There are many god's (I don't buy your argument), that have the same vices and wickedness as humans.

Without waisting too much time into this nonsensical religion, let's start our exploration with:


It's ironic that the polygamy issue is what started the exchange between me and you. Rama, a god (Astagfirulla), is said to have had 3 wives and hundreds of concubines.

'Though Rama had married Sita to be the queen, he married many other wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with the royal customs. (Ayodhya Kandam 8th Chapter, Page 28). (The term "Rama's wives"has been used in many placesin Ramayana).

Roma hated women!

Rama disfigured and mutilated many women by cutting off their noses, breasts, ears, etc. and tortured them (Soorpanagai, Ayomuki).

Rama said, "Women should not be trusted" and that "Secrets should not be confided to the wife". (Ayodhya Kandam, Chapter 100).

It is no wonder why Indian society has the worst form of treatment to their women, I believe, in history. You would have to prove to me otherwise. I believe historically Indian women were the most ill treated subjects within their own society, worse than a untouchable man. Indian men have only emulated their god (Astagfirulla)

Sambuka was slain (by Rama) because he was making penance which was forbidden to him by Vedas as he was a "Shudra".

A god that (Astagfirulla) committing murder because he asked for forgiveness?

Roma drowned to death (Uttara Kandam, Chapter 106)! That's worse than the belief that the son of God was crucified (Astagfirulla).

I believe that we were talking about pedophilia and I explained that your definition is misplaced and that Mohammed(PBUH) does not fit the definition even according to DMV-IV. It's interesting that the lord (Astagfirulla) Kirshna liked looking at naked young girls.

"My dear girls," He said. "Please come here one after another and pray for your garments and then take them away. I'm not joking with you. I'm just telling the truth. I have no desire to play any joke with you, for you have observed the regulative principles for one month by worshiping goddess Katyayani. Please do not come here all at once. Come alone; I want to see each of you in your complete beauty, for you all have thin waists. I have requested you to come alone. Now please comply."

This excerpt, shows A god (Astagfirulla), holding the clothes of girls, who were worshiping in the water, ransom!

The girls resisted and said:

"Dear son of Nanda Maharaja, please do not joke with us in that way. It is completely unjust to us. You are a very respectable boy because You are the son of Nanda Maharaja, and You are very dear to us, but You should not play this joke on us because now we are all shivering from the cold water. Kindly deliver our garments immediately, otherwise we shall suffer."……

When He did not comply, The girls said:

"But if You insist on putting this proposal to us, which is impossible to perform, then certainly we will have to go to Nanda Maharaja and lodge a complaint against You. If Nanda Maharaja does not take action, then we shall tell King Kamsa about Your misbehavior."

Krishna response:

"My dear girls, if you think that you are my eternal servitors and you are always ready to execute My order, then My request is that, with your smiling faces, you please come here alone, one after another, and take away your garments. If you do not come here, however, and if you lodge complaints to My father, I shall not care anyway, for I know My father is old and cannot take any action against Me."

The girls finally complied when they had not further choice. Imagine a pedophile for a god (Astagfirulla).

He promised to marry ALL of them later.

In addition, sexual abuse and INCEST is rampant in your country. According to statistics, in 1997, it has been reported that 63% of girls experienced sexual child abuse at the hands of family members.

I would rather not go into the rest of the statistics but check for yourself:


Incest the epidemic in India


It turns out that deities participated in incest!

The diety Panchali, married five of her OWN brothers.

Moving right along…

Why does Ganesh have an elephant head, it is a wonder among many people in the world who have seen depictions of him. I actually looked him up at my university library and found the most interesting story…

It turns out that Shiva (also known as "The Destroyer") beheaded his son Ganesh! He then tore the head from a baby elephant and then placed it on his son's neck. Poor calf... There are other versions state that Shani, another deity, actually burned baby Ganesh's head to ashes with the evil eye! Which story is worse? These are deities? They sound more like a band of psychopaths.

Moving right along…

Like many pagan societies, human sacrifice has been and still a practice among Hindu's. The belief of Kali and Shaki, the dark deities of violence, have been major influencers in human sacrifice including child sacrifice. I was horrified to learn that children were sacrificed to these goddesses in the past and in present times!! Dozens of kids are reported to have been sacrificed to this deity!

Kali sacrifice ritual:

"O man, through my good fortune thou hast appeared as a victim;
therefore I salute thee ... I shall slaughter thee to-day, and
slaughter as a sacrifice is no murder." Thus meditating on the
human-formed victim, a flower should be thrown on top of its head with
the mantra: "Om, Aim, Hriuh, Sriuh." Then, thinking of one's own
wishes, and referring to the Goddess, water should be sprinkled on the
victim. Thereafter, the sword should be sprinkled on the victim.
Thereafter, the sword should be consecrated with the mantra: "O sword,
thou art the tongue of Chandika" ... The sword, having thus been
consecrated, should be taken up while repeating the mantra: "Am hum
phat," and the excellent victim slaughtered with it.

1972 a leader in Maharashtra state- in order to find a treasure - offered blood from I I virgin girls to Manja.

Some time ago, two brothers named Siddharth and Ravi asked their 21 year old sister Shobha to take a bath and come for prayers to a nearby temple in Kerala State. To her horror, the brothers pierced her with a sword and iron rods chanting mantras. Withering in pain, she begged for pity, but she was cut to pieces and her body burned bit by bit. The brothers had done it to unearth a hidden treasure. At first they tried to find another victim but when they failed to find another virgin girl, they sacrificed their own sister. Only Brahmin children are exempted by the Vedas from human sacrifice.

2006 dozens of children sacrificed!


2007 an Indian Christian was sacrificed by a Hindu priest to Kali!


"A recent report by United Press trust of India (UPI) stated that during the past three years more than 2,500 young boys and girls were sacrificed to goddess Kali in India. Another of AFP's recent reports say: hundreds of young boys and virgin girls are sacrificed every month for the deity Kali. In one case Rama Sewak hacked his eight year old son to death in broad daylight in Dehii because goddess Kali had told him he would come back to life and bring him good fortune."

Supported by religious texts!!

"Let the head and blood of a human victim be presented on the right
side of Devi (Kali), and the sacrificer address her standing in front.
Let the head and blood of birds be presented on the left and the blood
of a person's own body in front. Let the ambrosia proceeding from the
heads of carnivorous animals and birds be presented on the left hand
as also the blood of all aquatic animals."
-- [Kali Purana, Rudhir Adhyaya -Chapter of blood-]

2.2 Karpuradistotra
"O dark one, wondrous and excelling in every way, becomes the
accomplishment of those worshippers who living in this world freely
make offering to Thee in worship of the greatly satisfying flesh,
together with hair and bones, of cats, camels, sheep, buffaloes, goats
and men."
-- [Karpuradistotra Verse 19]

Yajur Veda 30
Inspire, O Vivifier God, the sacrifice, inspire the lord of the
sacrifice to take his share! We call upon the Lord, distributor of
wonderful bounty, the One who looks upon men. I bind to the stake in
form of a token: ... for Strength a servant, ... for Pastime a
prostitute, for Lust a woman with a spotty skin, ...
Now he binds to the stake the following eight types of men: one too
tall one too short; one too stout one too thin; one too pale one too
dark; one too bald one too hairy; all to be offered to Prajapati.

-- [Yajur Veda 30:1-22] See also: The Gayatri mantra (RV III, 62, 10);
Rig-Veda 5:82,5 (ยง IV 8).

Harper's Dictionary (Comment)
Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism notes that there is a connection in
practice between the rituals of the horse-sacrifice and that it may
have been the model for the human sacrifices within Hinduism. It is
not clear, however which form is the earlier model and it could
equally be the other way around or it may be that both rituals are
merely variations of an even earlier theme.

Other Barbarism inspired by Kali and Shaki!

The Britannica Encyclopedia (2005 edition)

3.12) recounts how the "Binderwurs of central India ate their sick and aged in the belief
that the act was pleasing to their goddess, Kali." Cannibalism may
also have been common among followers of the Shaktism cults in India.

3.13 Kali and the Thuggee
In India, ... people offered lives to village goddesses, and followers
of Kali sacrificed a male child every Friday evening. ...
Members of India's Thuggee sect strangled people as sacrifices to
appease the bloodthirsty goddess Kali, a practice beginning in the
1500s. The number of victims has been estimated to be as high as 2
million. Thugs were claiming about 20,000 lives a year in the 1800s
until British rulers stamped them out. At a trial in 1840, one Thug
was accused of killing 931 people. Today, some Hindu priests still
sacrifice goats to Kali. [29]

3.14 Kali Sacrifice (Combined Comment)
Even one [human] sacrifice to the bloodiest goddess in the Hindu
pantheon, Kali, would keep the goddess happy for a thousand years.
[30] This would not prevent her worshippers from attempting to make
her very happy, ... [31] also according to Spencer the Hindu goddess
Kali demanded human sacrifice. [31a]

3.16 Child sacrifice
In India, child sacrifice was practiced to the goddess Kali. [33]

3.20 India Kali worship
Kali was the goddess of death and darkness, demanded human flesh. From
ancient times, the sacred scriptures of the Hindus, the Vedas, spoke
of the desire of the gods for human sacrifice: "The sacrificer will
sacrifice a man first for man is the first of all animals. Thus he
slaughters the victim according to its form and according to its
excellence" (Shatapata Veda).

This is what the Deities of Hindu's require? Muslims have it easy. There are countless other sources on these practices that still exist today.

If Hindu Society practiced social injustice on such massive scale as it is made out to be by missionary agencies then all those foreign visitors who came to India from timeto time must have noticed it and mentioned it.

There are COUNTLESS other sources that say otherwise and you very well know it.

Here are a few sources for independent study…

  1. The Untouchables OF INDIA Minority Rights Group 36, Craven St., London WC2 5NG
  2. Mr. Ghandi and the Emancipation of Untouchables, Bhim Patrika publication, Jullunder, India
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  4. Gita Rahasya? or manusmrit (A code of inhumanity), by B.G.Tilak, Higginbothoms, Madras.
  5. The sacred books of the East edited by F. Marx Muller The Vedanda-Sutras with the commentary by Shankaracharya translated by George Thibaut, Page 228-9: Published by Motilal Banarsidars, Delhi 1968
  6. The Untouchables OF INDIA Minority rights group (A U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COMMN.) 36 Craven St., LONDON WC2 5NG., U.K.
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Terrorism (Current) we'll talk more on historic later...

If I have not already mentioned, Mobs of Hindus have burned down churches and are hunting and killing Christians in the forests. This is the country we just signed a nuclear agreement with?

2006 event






A Hindu kills priest


I advise Christian Indians to run with their lives to Pakistan!

"Hindu Gods is the creation of some sick minds."

Sick indeed they are. Do you wonder then why God's wrath would fall on these people? MOST DESERVED!!

THIS IS WHY HINDUS FLOCKED TO ISLAM, NO SWORD NEEDED. They still convert to Islam today. The only people who were against Islam were the child murders and cannibals. Islam expelled the evils of paganism in Arabia and largely the East. Alhum-dulilah.

I really don't have the stomach to continue at this time

Stay Tuned…..


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