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The Worst President Ever. A Post-Obama America, Year 2016.

Reader comment on item: Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes

Submitted by Sofa Sogood (United States), Sep 21, 2008 at 22:24

I think Barack Obama will be the worst President this country has ever seen. He will damage our nation in more ways than I have the energy to write about here. But just to outline a few.

Here is one of the BEST videos I've seen, expressing just some of the doubt of ordinary citizens.



I don't know if John McCain would be the best President we've ever had, or if he is the best man available for the present moment, but I have no doubt that, although he might be misguided about some issues, he's generally in the right ballpark, and that he surely is dedicated to his country. He's aware of the terrible threats that face the US and the rest of the world, and there's no doubt about his intentions or his allegiance to the American people. He's not mired in PC fantasies and moral equivalences or grievances that will bring nothing but harm to every citizen of the world. When compared to Obama, the Politically Correct Internationalist Global Citizen, there is no comparison.

We must notice that ALL of Obama's records from his Illinois State Senate office have been disappeared. Ditto for his client lists at the Law Firm he worked for. No paper he has ever written at University has ever shown up. He says he threw them all away. Two years from his biography are completely blank. He spent time in Pakistan with friends after college. Who paid for such a trip for a young student? These are reasonable questions of a man whose true ideology can be considered unknown because of his many odd, to say the least, associations, and which seems suspicious to us. Don't we deserve better answers than rebukes for asking? Or the, he's not the (insert name) I knew for 20 years. Or the, he's just a guy who lives in my neighborhood, when that's been proven a false answer? According to him, we are racist to ask. How dare we? We're only asking because he looks different. Tweaking our fear of even being suspected of such an abominable trait. A quick jiu-jitsu move on his part. That's very clever intimidation. And it works.

Domestically, it's glorious that this country has risen above it's racist past to elect an African-American to be the Nominee of the Democratic Party for President. Has he ever made a speech praising the nation for this accomplishment? That is, other than his very brief homage to Martin Luther King at the DNC. But the way Obama has consistently presented himself as a victim of racism thoughout his campaign, when it's been clearly shown as the opposite, is an indication that this is going to continue throughout his presidency.

His extreme leftist background and beliefs -- it is fantasy as regards our economy. It's just lots of college student jargon that has no relation to reality. His plans and ideas go way, way beyond bolstering up of Social Security and Medicare for the elderly. And even way beyond Universal Health Care. His programs and plans change daily as he pulls ideas out of the air, or from one of his 300 advisors, to suit whichever group he happens to be attempting to influence at any given time. We will see massive poverty on a level we haven't seen before. We can expect almost all opposition to his ideas, and all his failures, to be blamed on and characterized as some form of racism, which will of course be associated with the Republicans. He and his reckless opportunistic moves are going to take race relations in this country backwards in leaps and bounds.

I honestly believe he and his wife, yes, she does and will play a major role, have fallen for his own mythology. That he is the One who can Heal this Mean nation. It's very dangerous. They really do believe he is above the law and knows better than our laws and Constitution. There have already been remarks from his camp that the Constitution oughtn't to be so sacrosanct. He truly seems to believe himself about his good judgment, although he has done nothing to demonstrate anything of the sort. He's shown quite the contrary, and on a consistent basis. More danger.

Take note that he and his Committee have recently gone to his pals at the Justice Department to attempt to silence, and prohibit the TV cable channels from showing a video about his relationship with Bill Ayres. They lost, but the video isn't around any more.

In addition, his Campaign recently has used thuggish behavior to attempt to shut down a radio talk show which had a guest speaking about Obama's connections and failure with the CAC, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where a grant of $100 Million meant to be used to improve education was used to fund radical groups instead. They flooded the station with phone calls and emails. None of the phone calls debated any issues or facts, but solely denounced any critic of Obama as a liar and worse.

Freedom of speech anyone?

Obama Seeks to Silence Ad Tying Him to 60s Radical


As someone, I can't remember who, astutely pointed out, under the Terrible Bush threat to Civil Liberties, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, and all the listening in on personal telephone conversations, Michael Moore is as of yet still not imprisoned in a Gulag somewhere, and Noam Chomsky is still yakking away at NPR, and publishing and selling books. Let's see what an Obama presidency will bring us.

What is known about Obama's political history shows that he is anything but what he has created as his Image. He is the typical stereotype, or even worst stereotype, of an ambitious politician reared and trained in the Chicago Machine. His record in Chicago shows ugly tactics used to defeat and destroy opponents with information mysteriously appearing from supposedly sealed files of their divorces, deals with slum lords who embezzeled tax monies which left hundreds without proper housing or heating for one of the coldest winters. There is the failed educational project involving his association with an unrepentent terrorist and avowed radical which included the waste of $100 Million, all to get backing for himself.

And we can see how he's handled his opposition to Sarah Palin. By attacking her family. By sending in a small army to Alaska to seek out the 12 people who despise her and organize them into forming a March Against Palin. In typical PC equivalence and disinformation fashion, he equates attacking Palin's personal, private choice to give birth to a Down's Syndrome baby, and attacking her pregnant 17 year old daughter, with the criticism his wife Michelle received for those nasty speeches she gave while campaigning for him. No one attacked his wife for her fashion sense, her looks, nor did anyone attack his innocent children. It goes on and on.

Internationally, and the most important at this point in history. First of all, he believes that American power should be equal to the power of all other nations, and that we should follow the dictates of the vile and corrupt U.N. Equal power sharing is another fantasy. Without America as the Superpower, which nation will step into the vacuum? With all its imperfections, which nation will be more humane and generous than the US? Forget about the EU. They are still cowering in the memory and shame of the last time they held the power. Anyone care to nominate Russia, China or any one or group of the Islamic nations?

He's reckless, although he brags about his judgment. Words come pouring out of his mouth without prior serious thought. Note his comments on attacking Pakistan, which currently is officially our ally, and which has a nuclear arsenal that could be vulnerable to takeover by Al Queda. Or, after Russia invaded Georgia, his first words expressed the mindless robotic PC view that both sides were equally responsible, and that the problem should be handled by the UN Security Council, forgetting that Russia sits on that same Security Council and has veto power. So many impulsive words which he changed three times before he got it right by mimicking McCain's words. On one day he proclaimed that Jerusalem will never be divided, and the next day he explained that he meant that Jerusalem will never be divided by barbed wire. Laughable, if it weren't so dangerous. His remarks about speaking with enemies without pre-conditions. Can he be imagined performing tough diplomacy on Putin or Ahmadinejad?

Obama's latest debacle as described in the New York Post.

Obama Tried to Stall GI's Iraq Withdrawal (for his own political advantage).


Hot Air has the Obama camp response, which in fact, confirms the New York Post article.

Did Obama Just Confirm Taheri?


To anyone who has been following his words and actions, it's clear that Obama ultimately believes in a world-wide, and domestic as well, re-distribution of wealth, equalizing of wealth, which in reality amounts to the equalization of poverty. Thus, the ONLY bill he has personally sponsored in the Senate is the Global Poverty Act which will commit the US to giving almost a Trillion Dollars to the corrupt UN for the ostensible purpose of eliminating poverty in Africa. That is, over and above the enormous sums we already contribute to the UN, other nations, and other humanitarian causes. While promoting this abomination, he has the gall to complain that the US is $3 Trillion in debt.

On page 1 of the following article, Andrew C. McCarthy at NRO, further discusses Obama's obscene proposal to the Iraqi government to delay the agreement for troop withdrawal until President Obama could take credit for it. Here, McCarthy continues on page 2 to discuss that while Senator Obama caterwauls about our losses in Iraq, he's hoping you won't notice, because of his MSM pretorian guard's complicity in keeping it unreported, that he has already proposed the most jaw-dropping transfer of wealth in American history. The taking of nearly a Trillion dollars out of the pockets of American taxpayers and doling it out to the world's worst regimes through its most corrupt intermediary, the U.N. The Global Poverty Act.

Fraud. Obama as Guardian of the American Taxpayer


Obama is concerned with Fixing Global Poverty First, or rather filling the pockets of corrupt and vile UN and national tyrants, before fixing our own critical financial problems. Before the Social Security and Health Care which fill his speechifying. Before the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which he and his pals refused to deal with months ago when McCain tried to get Congress to get a hold on the situation. The same Fannie & Freddie who contributed more to his campaign than anyone except one other Congressman's.

Regarding Muslims, there may be Muslims who regard him as an apostate. There will also be Muslims who will regard him as a secret Muslim, performing taqiyya. And there will be Muslims who take him for what he says he is, a Christian. Yes, there could be problems regarding this. But there are so many other issues regarding his Presidency. It's hard to say which are the worst ones. This is just one more of the many.

As far as his personal belief goes, as distinguished from his religious affiliations, it's not really anyone's business, and it doesn't matter much, unless he's a believer in a religion that has political ramifications. That being said, I'll venture my nosy and inappropriate opinion. It seems to me religion isn't important to him at all. My guess is that he doesn't think about it much, if at all, and I think he's probably an athiest or an agnostic, although who can really know even if they actually care to know. But his true religion is himself and his ambition, as is his self-promoting leftist, dusted or more so, with James Cone style racist, ideology. On the other hand, his family and other affiliations with Muslims, and more significantly, with Islamists, does matter.

But what's even of much more importance at this moment in time, is that he doesn't believe there is an Islamist threat. He sees Ideologically Radical Islamists as just like any other relgionists, and that the only problem is that some bad people are terrorists. All that needs be done is to invade Pakistan, rout out Osama Bin Ladin, and be done with the problem. As far as he is concerned, there is no problem with any of the tenets of Islam that need to be faced, there is no objection to be made regarding nations adopting the Sharia as public law, there is no serious movement to re-establish the Caliphate to rule the world, there are no sleeper cells awaiting word from Hizbollah or Al Queda which require our determined vigilance to surveil and disempower, there are no stealth Islamists using Lawfare to slowly, step by step, erode the laws of Western nations, much less the US Constitution, and to replace them with the Sharia.

For the simplest and most easily accessible example, see his campaign's choice to exclude all the many truly Moderate Muslims available, and instead choose Ingrid Mattson to say prayers at the Democratic National Convention. She is President of ISNA which has been identified as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood whose stated mission in America is to destroy Western Civilization from within (soft jihad). Also, ISNA has been identified as an Unindicted Co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in the US. This is the least revealing of his ignorance or worse, regarding this issue. Here, McCain largely gets it. Obama doesn't or doesn't want to.

Meet Ingrid Mattson


As just one further example is Obama's association and friendship with Rashid Khalidi over many years. Not just social friends, Obama, through the Woods Foundation, awarded $75,000 to Khalidi's Pro-Palestinian organization. Khalidi, in turn, has given Obama political support. He is a former influential member of the PLO while it was still listed as a terrorist organization, who Obama says has taught him a great deal about the situation in the Middle East. At a later date, of course, when speaking to a Jewish group in Florida, he said he doesn't agree with all of Khalidi's opinions, and he's not an advisor to his campaign.

I wonder, if it was brought to his attention, what his opinion would be about the Somalis violent strike against the Swift company. Or the recent Taxi Driver problems in Minnesota. These are just the tiny steps, the step by steps to slowly supplant US laws with Sharia compliant laws, rules, and customs. Let us not forget the assault being made into our Public School system. Articles and Weblogs on these topics can be found here on this Website. Can't happen here? Check out Canada and Europe. Hey, check out this past week's news about London instituting Sharia law and courts for Muslims.

Swift Fires The Violent Somalis Over Ramadan Violence


Will he do anthing, or will he attempt to prevent anything from being done, to defend against what is called lawful Jihad in the US? McCain has stated that he is aware of this problem, and wants to confront it. There's little doubt who Obama will defend and who he might confront with accusations of racism and Islamophobia.

So many, many of his associations have been with extremists and radicals. That is, aside from the associations with corrupt politicians and outright crooks.

There's obviously some meaning in the fact that all our nations enemies are hoping and praying that he gets elected. It's pitiful that there are those who see the meaning as a positive sign. What happens when a desire for peace at any price meets an insatiable desire for world conquest? That's the question to ask them to answer.

Clifford D. May has some other good questions to ask of those prepared to vote for Obama.


And outright lies? The left says Bush Lied? Just you wait. Politicians may lie at times, but there has never been a Presidential Candidate who has lied as often as Obama. From one day to the next, with a bare face, he just denies or says he was misunderstood.

And the MSM just drools and goes along with anything he says or does. It's other-worldly.

With the loss in confidence in the Republican Administration, the MSM campaigning for him, the recent and coincidentally helpful to his campaign, financial disasters, ACORN well-funded, successful, unreported and unstopped voter fraud perpetrations in all swing states, and the Messiah Myth still carrying some weight, he's got an excellent chance of winning.

Hang on. Did you think the world changed after 9-11? What will the Post Obama world look like in 2016?

For as long as a Democratic majority in Congress lasts through his presidency, and perhaps beyond that -- get ready for terrible race relations. Get ready for anti-free speech laws, as in the recent UN proposal to criminalize speech that criticizes religion, meaning Islam or Islamists, or of the type as was recently exposed in Canada.

Or as in Jordan's new law which can charge anyone at any location in the world with the crime of Islamophobia, and will request extradition to Jordan for trial and punishment. A lot of writers better be careful to which countries they travel. When requested, Denmark refused to extradite their cartoonists.

Will the US give extradition rights to Jordan under pressure and threats from the nuclear empowered Ayatollah or Ahmadinejad who could cut off our access to the Persian Gulf while we're still waiting for windmills and Don Quijote to provide enough energy? Or will we say no and live without our engines and motors? Become the India of 50 years ago. Either way would be better than a nuclear war, many will say. No doubt, Michael Moore will be safe once again, as long as his sexual orientation doesn't change. It might not be such a comfortable time for gays.

Get ready for an atmosphere of fear. Fear of expressing non-PC opinions. Fear of watch groups awaiting a word which doesn't fit within the bounds of their rules, so they can prosecute perpetrators of thought crimes into the poorhouse, or perhaps jail time. Get ready for many more stealth Islamists within the government, within the Cabinet. Get ready for massive poverty and unemployment. Get ready for a rise in crime and violence. Get ready for a rise in anti-semitism with Mearsheimer & Walt's Israel (Jewish) Lobby and the topic of Jewish dominance becoming standard fare in conversation, political and otherwise. Will only those Jews who join in the ranks of the anti-semites be socially acceptable? Perhaps not even them. Get ready for more terrorism on our shores, including nuclear dirty bombs, as Al Queda gains control of Pakistan's nukes, and Hezbollah is supplied with the same by Iran.

I'm not saying Obama will necessarily encourage all of these evils. It's just that his affinities and leanings will. This is what the blank projection screen his Yes We Can chants and enthalling but meaningless speeches have created. This is what his becoming President will mean to many. They are joyfully awaiting their opportunity. The Daily Kos kids for instance, and others already accepted and posted on the Obama campaign website. All he will have to do is nothing. They are and will be a portion of his voters and contributors, let us not forget. And they will gather their own power and gain voice and visibility during his reign.

Get ready for Iranian supremacy in the Middle East and Russian dominance of Europe. Get ready for Russia's taking back total control and oppression of the Eastern European nations, and likely extending into South America. Get ready for the effects on us, while we kow-tow to whatever their demands might be. Get ready for a significant rise in the power of Islamists, both violent and non-violent. And violent revolutions all over the world. Get ready for a World Without Israel and a second Holocaust. One with no pretence of shame and guilt but instead, triumphalism.

We survived Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, but, although misguided, he was all pro-American. Then there was the not so pro-American Jimmy Carter. We survived the economic scourge, but it can't be said without lasting harm. He, after all, brought us an empowered Ayatollah Khomeini and the Rise of Shiite Revolutionary Iran, which has brought us to today. And Now, a world ready for Barack Obama to take the stage perhaps until 2016.


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