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Forever Victims

Reader comment on item: Waging Jihad Through the American Courts

Submitted by Arlinda DeAngelis (United States), Apr 1, 2010 at 15:16

Islam in its eternal victimhood is responsible for nothing. On September 11th Islamic spokesmen everywhere on the planet claimed Islamics were the real victims of September 11th because their civil rights were being violated as the planes struck. Their most beloved blood lusting terrorists/ jihadists joyfully claimed responsibility. The Taliban and Al Qaeda made public pronouncements of their success while the faithful danced and sang in the streets from Syria to Afghanistan. The Great Satan was blown to bits and sheik Osama bin Laden mastermind and cave dwelling mad man became the most beloved lunatic in the kingdom.
Islamic response to their slaughter of us was to scream that Islam was the religion of peace and love and, in addition to their success their civil rights were being violated. Even though there are no personal rights or freedoms in Islam, such rights and freedoms are useful tools to Islamics when they immigrate to liberal democratic nations. Liberal democracies are the perfect venue to wage Jihad and terrorism because the guarantees provided to all people under democracy and the institutions that insure those rights become an important weapon under which hate mongering and Jihad can spread like wildfire.

Democracy is the perfect accelerant for spreading Islamic hate and terrorism. In the days following the attack, the Islamic faithful actually filed hundreds of formal complaints with the NYPD complaining that they were being harrassed by Americans on the streets of New York. Not one of their complaints could be verified but all the media carried their cries of harrassment.

We, the walking wounded experienced Islamic victimhood in action. What was astounding was the speed and organization displayed by Islam to claim and file formal charges of harrassment with the proper authorities. Its immediacy, coordination and public outcry was planned long before the attack. For example, while standing at a bus stop on September 11th, trying to get to Long Island (all train service was suspended) II was confronted by a young girl wearing a head scarf who began to loudly complain about the inconvenience of tardy bus service. She paced and shouted She was looking for an incident. In the days following another young girl wearing a head scarf on the number 7 train from Queens to Manhattan began screaming that she had been called a terrorist by a passenger leaving the train. Only she heard the pejorative. She began to curse and swear for the next 1/2 hour. None of the other passengers heard or saw anything. She made it up. The Islamic screamer may not have been a terrorist but she certainly was a pig and a vulgarian to subject a train full of quiet passengers, shell shocked from the attack of a few days ago to a 1/2 hour barage of the most disgusting vituperations I've ever heard.

On Long Island ten or fifteen young Islamic men on Sepember 11th began to celebrate with a parade in a park in Manhasset. On 14th Street in Manhattan, the Palestinian owners of a stationary store came out into the middle of the street banging pots and pans in an impromptu victory dance for their jihadist victory. Then they filed false unsubstantiated complaints against Americans.

There appeared on trains, buses and on the quiets streets of the outter boroughs large groups of Islamic women covered in black berquas and men in dresses. They had never appeared in such numbers before anywhere.

Three thousand innocent people lay incinerated in three states: New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Twenty thousand children lost their parents and a great city came to a stand still. Islam was enthralled by its success and a murderous blood thirsty unwashed cave dweller named Osama bin Laden glowed and smiled at the number of dead. He became an Islamic hero, a legend ... his name the most sought after for their new born sons.

I am sick to death of the murderous insanity of Islam. Why should we, the liberal democracies have to tolerate their eternal mandated hatred of women, Christians, Jews, Hindus, buddists, Infidels, freedom, democracy, personal rights, prosperity and education requiring global jihad, terrorism and fatwahs. They live and we die by the bloody Queran.

Islam uses our very freedoms and the institutions that guard those freedoms as a weapons of Jihad. The Constitution has become a contract to kill us. They can also acquire with alacrity our nuclear weapons along with the necessary reactors and centrifuges to manufacture them. Do our freedoms and the institutions that insure them require that we do nothing except grant them the means to annihilate us? First we provided them with the environment that gave them the freedom to organize, spread their disease and the prosperity to support their global war. Then we bought their oil that provided them with the money to buy their weapoons of mass destruction. Then , our global trading partners, newly enriched through our policy of globalization, sold them the reactors, the centrifuges and the clay to create nuclear weapons to destory the planet and, if that wasn't enough for the madmen of Islam, we elected a president who gave them the time they needed to create the warheads and the stockpiles.

Who could ask for a better adversary than the United States.

That thing that cancer that Islam is killing us. Enough is enough.

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