Letter of Endorsement
American Mideast Associations endorsement

Washington DC - A coalition of major American Mideast organizations declared its endorsement of Dr Daniel Pipes nomination to the US Institute of Peace and warned against the Jihadist nature of the militant campaign against Pipes.

In a joint statement, the American Maronite Union, World Lebanese Organization, the American Coptic Associations, the Assyrian American Movement, Iranian Christian Organization, South Sudan Movement of America, the Assembly for Lebanon, Aramaic Democratic Organization, Shuraya Movement and the Middle East Christian Committee, called on the US Senate to confirm Dr Pipes.

Failing to do so, said the statement, would be a slap in the face of millions of Americans from Middle Eastern descent. Dr Pipes research and academic activities have contributed to a better understanding of the plight of the minorities in the Middle East. His work and the forums he organized shed light on the ignored segments of the Middle East populations, including women, youth, ethnic and religious minorities.

We remind the Senators that the overwhelming majority of Americans from Middle East descent is Christian, or is affiliated with Muslim minorities. This nomination speaks also to their concerns

We deplore the orchestrated campaign by Jihadist lobbies who have for decades hijacked the representation of our communities. We call on you to look around your communities and realize that the millions of Maronites, Lebanese, Egyptian Copts, Assyro-Chaldeans, Southern Sudanese and moderate Muslims have suffered from so-called scholars who have betrayed the legacies of these communities and eventually America by siding with Oil-money at the expense of Human Rights.

Dr Pipes has his own views on national security, but he has our views on Human Rights and Terrorism in the Middle East. Failing to appoint him would be considered by millions of voters, nationwide and in the 50 states as a message against an entire segment of the American society.

The Senate will have to chose between a number of vocal Jihadist activists - who have endorsed all dictatorships in the Middle East, and the ideologies of the Terrorists in the US - and the majority of Americans from Mideast descent as well as moderate Muslism. As we approach the second anniversary of September 11, we hope the Senate would send the right message to our communities, and through us to the American people, so that in turn we send back our messages to Congress next year.