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I've just completed Save Israel, Barry Chamish's fifth book in his series of intelligence briefings on the crisis in Israel. It is a must read. The first three books by Chamish (Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, Israel Betrayed, and The Last Days of Israel), as well as Save Israel, are compilations, with revisions and updates, of his periodic briefings on Israel, of which I am a recipient. His fourth book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, is a complete work in and of itself and is the definitive investigative work on the assassination.
Chamish's books should be read as a series because each work builds upon the others as Chamish tracks the ongoing saga of intrigue and betrayal of Israeli sovereignty from within the halls of power. Chamish and I are both convinced there is a globalist conspiracy controlling the governments of the US, EU and Israel (though there are competing factions within the conspiracy, and a vast array of naive, loyal or manipulated government employees who do what they're told, not being fully aware of the agenda being advanced under the guise of National Security).
Since there are no defectors from the top echelons, Chamish finds the best evidence of conspiracy and betrayal in the accounts of whistleblowers who tell of government collusion and cover-up for corruption, murder, blackmail and bribery in high government affairs - all illegal acts that go unpunished because of a broad system of immunity granted to inside players. Where Chamish lacks insider testimony, he culls through the police evidence directly or watches for contradictions in official and media versions until he figures out what really happens. He could easily qualify as Israel's Sherlock Holmes. Chamish has a steel-trap logical mind that lets no detail escape his notice.
Analyzing conspiracy is a fine art. There is a lot of garbage and disinformation out there, particularly stemming from certain people who claim to know more than they can really know and still be on the good side. These types of people are either disinformation artists or are making some things up. But, to Chamish's credit, whenever he gets better information, he is quick to discard the old. He doesn't keep hanging on to problem information just to save his ego. He's a seasoned fighter and values only what is ultimately true.
If there are weaknesses in Chamish's books, it is in the editing. Perhaps due to the constraints of time and being too close to the action, Chamish fails to provide dates for comments referring to "last week" or some other unspecified date. There are also several Hebrew crossover words thrown into his writings that are understandable to those who frequent Israel, but which many readers probably won,t understand. Just type them into an internet search engine as you read along, and a suitable interpretation will be produced. Lastly, you,ll encounter a dizzying host of new names of key players and conspirators in Israeli operations that will be hard to keep track of, let alone keep straight. Have patience; the important names keep surfacing regularly in each new scandal or cover-up, and pretty soon you,ll know who the important ones are. Don,t try to remember them all. It helps if you start with his earlier books so you can see the big picture.
Save Israel, Chamish's latest, is the best so far. Before his Rabin exposť gained national attention, Chamish was viewed as a kook, albeit tenacious, an author to be ridiculed by the establishment press or ignored. No longer is Chamish ignored. His Herculean efforts to expose corruption in Israel have made him a type of folk hero among critical thinkers. By his own admission, he,s a flawed man, who the government and media loves to take pot shots at. Yet most of his imperfections can be overlooked because his intellectual integrity is what,s most important here. I consider Barry Chamish the world's most savvy witness of current events in Israel. He's not perfect, but he's the best Israel has for now.
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