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GU Students Participate in Ramadan Fast-A-Thon
The Georgetown Hoya, DC - 25 Nov 2003
... their communities while increasing understanding of the Muslim faith, thousands of
students throughout the United States fasted during the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon ...

UW students stage Ramadan 'fast-a-thon' to aid the hungry
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 19 Nov 2003
Instead, yesterday's "fast-a-thon" brought together Muslims and non-Muslims at the
University of Washington for an observance keyed to the Islamic holy month ...

Fast-A-Thon breaks fund-raising goal
The Daily - 19 Nov 2003
Non-Muslims joined the iftar at the conclusion of the Fast-A-Thon, which
raised more than $1,200 for Northwest Harvest. by Dylan Lee Lehrke. ...

Fast-a-Thon shows glimpse of Ramadan
The University of South Florida Oracle, FL - 20 Nov 2003
By Taylor Williams. As part of Hunger Awareness Week, the Muslim Student
Association sponsored a Ramadan-inspired Fast-a-Thon on Wednesday. ...

Students unite for Fast-a-thon
The UCLA Daily Bruin, CA - 6 Nov 2003
Students from throughout the campus are joining Muslim students who are observing
Ramadan and fast from sunrise to sunset today in an all-day Fast-a-thon, put ...

Fast-a-thon unites a diverse crowd
The UCLA Daily Bruin, CA - 7 Nov 2003
... fasts in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. The students participated in the Muslim
Student Association's Fast-a-thon. The event was designed ...

Students fasted for Ramadan, awareness
Vanderbilt Hustler - 17 Nov 2003
by Leah Watson. Rand was a little less crowded Thursday because a number
of students were fasting for Ramadan and Fast-a-Thon 2003. ...

The Silhouette
The Silhouette, Canada - 13 Nov 2003
The Muslim Student Association at McMaster is inviting the McMaster community
to participate in a voluntary Fast-a-thon. On Thursday Nov. ...

Eliminating misconceptions of Islam
Iowa State Daily - 9 Nov 2003
... During the entire week, students, faculty and staff can sign up to
participate in a Fast-a-thon, which will take place Sunday. Fast ...

UC News Record, OH - 16 Nov 2003
After 10 hours of fasting from sunrise to sunset last Wednesday, students participating
in the fast-a-thon celebrated with food and traditional prayer. ...

Muslims seek understanding
Daily Lobo (subscription), NM - 21 Nov 2003
... The Fast-a-Thon is a three-day voluntary fast by non-Muslims who choose to join
people practicing the religion. The event began Monday and ended Thursday. ...

Students will fast to help the hungry
Iowa State Daily - 13 Nov 2003
... The Muslim Student Association has organized the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon as a part of
an effort to bring awareness to the struggle of the hungry in Story County. ...

UF Students are Going Hungry for Ramadan > >
AM850, Florida - 17 Nov 2003
People are encouraged to go hungry today as a part of the Muslim student
association "Ramadan Fast-a-thon". The Ramadan Fast-a-thon ...

Non-Muslims fast to raise donations and awareness
The Michigan Daily, MI - 12 Nov 2003
... Dubbed Fast-a-thon, the event, which has attracted between 200 to 300 non-Muslim
students, prohibits participants from eating, drinking all beverages — even ...

1200 students fast to feed homeless in Ramadan event
The University of Maryland Diamondback, MD - 12 Nov 2003
... Dubbed Fast-A-Thon 2003, the event's purpose was to feed four needy
people for each student who pledged to observe the Islamic fast. ...

UC News Record, OH - 11 Nov 2003
The annual Ramadan Fast-a-thon takes place Wednesday, Nov. 12. "The
Ramadan Fast-a-thon is to make everyone aware of the needs in ...

Fast gives non-Muslims a taste of Islam
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - 18 Nov 2003
... Lyons had ample opportunity to ask Tuesday night, at the second annual Ramadan Fast-A-Thon,
sponsored by several Muslim organizations from the university and ...

Muslim student associations join hunger-awareness effort
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - 15 Nov 2003
... Local businesses will donate $1 for each student who agrees to fast.
CSU had its Fast-a-Thon yesterday, and Case's is today. Both ...

Students hold Ramadan fast for charity event
Stanford Daily - 14 Nov 2003
With the number of hungry families in the United States continually increasing,
the Islamic Society of Stanford University is hosting the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon ...

Students fast for world's hungry
Red and Black - 12 Nov 2003
The Muslim Student Association will host a campus-wide Fast-A-Thon
to create more awareness of world hunger. "We thought it would ...

Muslim FAU students raise cash, awareness
Palm Beach Post, FL - 17 Nov 2003
... The university's Muslim Student Organization held its first symbolic Fast-a-thon,
a one-day fast that included more than 100 students of all faiths, to raise ...

Fasting for faith, funding
The Daily Campus - 19 Nov 2003
... members of the association hope that students will endure their hunger to help
raise money for the North Texas Food Bank by participating in a Fast-a-thon. ...

College students fast for the hungry
Hamden Journal, CT - 20 Nov 2003
... But people right here need help too," she said. On Thursday, the 20-member Muslim
Student Association will hold a Fast-a-Thon to raise money for St. ...

Deck the halls
Seattle Times, WA - 18 Nov 2003
... The University of Washington's Muslim Student Association is holding its first
"fast-a-thon" on campus today to raise money for Northwest Harvest. ...

Muslim Student Association
The University of Maryland Diamondback, MD - 11 Nov 2003
... Dubbed Fast-a-thon 2003, the event's goal is to feed four needy people for
every student who pledged to observe the Muslim fasting practice today. ...

iMacs could do a better job than current system
The UCSD Guardian Online - 17 Nov 2003
... the AS Council suspended rules forbidding them to give student groups money for
food, giving $1,000 to the Muslim Student Association's "Ramadan Fast-A-Thon ...

Ramadan Observance Strengthens Ties Among America's Muslim ...
Voice of America - 12 Nov 2003
... Muslim students at the University of Texas in Austin began a "Fast-a-thon" last year
to encourage non-Muslims to fast for one day during Ramadan… for charity ...

UA students celebrate Ramadan
Arizona Daily Wild Cat, AZ - 3 Nov 2003
... The MSA has decided to host a Ramadan Fast-a-Thon on campus, a first for the
UA. The association will encourage non-Muslim students to fast on Nov. 13. ...

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