Islaamic conference
 How the Khilaafah will be restored
 & Man-made law destroyed


 ...80 years on from the destruction of
 the Islamic state - 3rd of March 1924...

Wednesday 3rd of March 2004,
 From 7pm to 9pm, Central London.

 For venue, please phone on the day of
 conference: 07939 737 727. For media
enquiries call: 07956 600 569

Remembering 80 years since the destruction of the

How the Khilaafah will be restored & man-made law destroyed
Wednesday the 3rd of March 2004 | 7pm to 9pm
Speakers: Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad & Abu Muwahhid

..:: Tawheed the way for Khilaafah ::..
& Friday the 5th of March 2004 | 7pm to 9pm
Speakers: Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad & Abu 'Izz ud-Deen
For more info call: 07939 737 727 | Media call: 07956 600 569
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Al-Muhajiroun declaration
The Al-Muhajiroun leadership would like to state that our Pakistan
branch is no longer part of Al-Muhajiroun but has in fact become
independent from the main body. The ex-members of Al-Muhajiroun
in Pakistan will continue to function, however as an independent
body having its own name and its own Ameer and having nothing to
do with Al-Muhajiroun world-wide, following their resignations from
the Jamma'. We pray that Allah (SWT) gives them all the success
in this life and in the hereafter and helps them achieve all their
Islamic goals.

On behalf of the Leadership Committee of Al-Muhajiroun
Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad