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Response to Mr. Edward Harper

Reader comment on item: Daniel Pipes fights the worldwide threat of Islamism - from Malibu
in response to reader comment: Prospects for the development of moderate Islam

Submitted by Faqi (United States), Mar 9, 2007 at 14:02

Mr. Harper, in your response you referred to two items, one was the so called Golden age of Islam and the other ' to give them space as in the Minneapolis taxi drivers case' .

The so called golden age of the Moors is more a myth concocted by the Muslims and Islam. If it was so great as the Muslims make it out for non-muslims, why did, after over 700+ years the Christians over throw Muslims with such ferocity, that alone proves that Christians and Jews had Dimmi status (third class status) in this so called "Golden age".

There are many good books out there that explains why the Moors in Spain tolerated the Christians and Jews. During this 'golden age" non muslims had to pay the Jiyzra (a tax which all non muslims have to pay to the Muslim state, in other words what the mafia called protection money, not to be attacked). Muslims are great in uttering gibberish about Muslims discovering everything before the west. Very soon they even may add more items, such as automobiles, planes, the steam engine & so forth as invented by the Muslims..

If they were so scientifically advanced what happened to them? Why are they at the bottom of the (40 odd Muslim countries), totem pole now, groping in squalor, illiteracy, ignorance, abuse of human rights and so forth? I recently read on an Islamic web site that even Einstein's 'theory of relativity' was elaborated by a Muslim long before Einstein. How stupid even to say it, also, another said that Muslim sailors discovered the American continent long before Columbus therefor, the Muslims have a better claim to America to establish an Islamic state.

This is how they concocted knowledge. It was in the period 750 to 1258 AD that all Greek and Roman manuscripts & books were translated to Arabic in Baghdad during the Abbahsid dynasty. Muslims needed the Jews and the Christians to do these translations from the Greek & Roman manuscripts, then they destroyed the originals and then claimed, it was they who discovered everything copied into Arabic, they said it was they who used the 'zero' & the 'decimal point' in math, in fact it came from the Hindus in India, it's a well established & documented fact.

The Europeans referred to the "Arabic numerals" as the Arabs were using them which they got from the Hindus of India. Euclid was a Greek mathematician best known for his treatise on geometry therefor the Muslim claim of Geometry is incorrect, Christian and Jewish scholars employed by the Muslims copied all the ancient works into Arabic.

Even with the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen to the Muslim countries, they still are third world. The Muslim members of OPEC have acquired ten trillion dollars since 1973. This represents the largest transfer of wealth in human history, all the result of an accident of geology, as well as the failure of the West, and above all of the Americans, to recognize the uses to which some of that money would inevitably, be put. This money has been used to fund Wahabi mosques, virulent anti- western madrassas, campaigns of Da'wa & above all terrorism against the very countries that transferred this wealth to Muslims, their enrollment in public relations efforts on behalf of the OPEC states, armies of Western experts who sold their soul for the money, "consultancies," bribes, and other forms of payment, manage to do so well even to this day. See the Status of Saudi Arabia even when 15 of the WTC terrorists were from that country, what US President condemns them? - not one. If at all any democracy be established in the middle east, it should be in Saudi Arabia the funder of all terror in the west.

Before I end this subject on the so called Golden age, let me state this: Ali, Islam's fourth caliph and Prophet Muhammad's dearest companion, cousin and son-in-law, had said that extra-Islamic documents or books that contain information absent in the Koran are false and misleading, while others that contained knowledge already in the Koran are unnecessary and hence, they must be destroyed. On this ground, the 3rd Caliph Othman order the destruction of the massive library of Alexandria (built by Alexander, ~332 BC) after the Muslims' conquest of Egypt in 641. All the documents collected over the years were lost for ever to humanity.

"To conform to a core Islamic principle of discarding anything from the Jahiliya age (the age muslims refer to, before Mohammed & Islam), they collected many of original Greek manuscripts from around the kingdom and overseas, translated them into Arabic and destroyed the original transcripts to create an impression that those materials came from the days of Islam. Hence, many of the original Greek manuscripts do not exist today, survived only in the Arabic from which Europeans later translated. The translations were mostly done by the educated Christian, Zoroastrian (Persian) and Jewish sages employed by the Muslim rulers".

Here lie the mysteries of how the Islamic world flourished during the Islamic golden age (8-13th century) despite Islam being such an anti-intellectual, obscurantist and iconoclastic religion. In the 12th century, however, the Koran-based orthodox Islam, revived by great Islamic theologians like Imam Ghazzali (d. 1111 AD), pushed the exercise of philosophy, science and freethought into the back-burner, resulting in the decline of scientific and intellectual progress in the Islamic kingdoms. For example, the proverbial Islamic ruler Saladin of the crusade, a zealous orthodox Sunni, disposed of what was left of the famous library of Cairo,(after the initial destruction in 641AD) consisting of nearly one million books, scrolls and manuscripts after he defeated the Fatimids in 1171 AD. Some were sold, others burned or the rest were left for rotting.

This is what transpired at a meeting of Muslim Minneapolis tax drivers and the airport authorities "Our stance is first come, first served," said airport director Steve Wareham. "The message is if you want to drive a taxicab at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, you will serve all customers."

Many cabbies disagreed, saying that the proposal denies them the right to freely practice their religion. All I can say is : " when in Rome.................. why give into these types. If they cannot accommodate all passengers then go do another job they cannot come to the US as asylum seekers and dictate to Americans their archaic prejudices. America I thought was called a 'meting pot' -E PLURIBUS UNUM - "out of many, one".But it appears the Muslims in America do not understand this or want to be "one". They want exclusive rights only for them.

The creative solution to the Muslim immigration problem is a tuff one.
Declare Islam is a cult not a religion. Educate non-muslim masses about Islmic barbaric teaching in Quran. Once Western masses know about Islam, and able to read the unspoken messages between the lines of Islamic teaching, only then there will be US public support for drastic action. Muslims are beyond teaching. Do not waste your time trying to reprogram Muslims.

Please follow what is taking place in Florida (The moderate/secular Muslim summit) many exchangers taking place there right now on, you could view it on "UTube". All of the so called "moderate Muslim organizations" in the US & abroad have condemned this summit in no uncertain terms. So the myth of their being a Moderate Muslim is moot.

I have much respect for Dr. Pipes, but I have to disagree with him on the so called elusive being called a Moderate Muslim.

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