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Quran Will Have to Proven

Reader comment on item: Daniel Pipes fights the worldwide threat of Islamism - from Malibu

Submitted by kamekish (India), Mar 7, 2007 at 01:23

Sir, I appreciate your effort to educate this world about the various burning issues related to Islam.

There are many verses written in quran which have to be proved. If not getting verified, how far educated individuals in deprivation are going to be forced to die untimely death.

We need a change to change this world.


1. Allah supported Muhammad with an invisible army. (9:40Mount SinaiMuslims find it non-sensical when Sugreeva's Monkey army helped Lord Sri Ram in Lanka war.)
8. Solomon verifies the army muster and finds a certain bird; al-hudhud (hoopoe) is absent on that day and seeks a fair reason for its absence. 27:20 –21
9. Wind obeys Solomon. 38:34-36
10. Jesus Christ was not crucified, as the Christians believe. A man in Jesus' likeness was crucified. 4:157-8 (Crucifixion is the vital part of Christianity without which it would not survive.)
11. The earth is fixed and not to be moved. 27:61
12. The sun hastens to its resting place." 36:38. (If man is the perceiver this is right since he is a victim of optical delusion. But what deluded Allah, the greatest perceiver to see the sun rush to its running place? Was Allah teaching wrong science?)
13. Sun sets in a black muddy pool. 18:86, 90
14. Allah brought down the Quran upon a mountain.59:21 (How could A mountain read and understand Quran !)
15. Allah makes a man "die" for 100 years, and then brings him back to life.2:259. (We, Hindus believe that there is nothing that God could never do. So, we believe that He can be born in innumerable shapes and forms of His choice and will at the same time. Alongside we are well aware that God is deathless and birth less.)
16. Allah created seven heavens and to each He assigned its task.41: 12 ( concept is described in other religious scriptures. )How could Allah assign duties to the inanimate things? Muslims ridicule when the similar idea is found in other religious text
17. Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad or Allah will turn them into apes, as he did to the Sabbath-breakers (Jews). 4:47
18. There is judgment even for the animals. 6:38 (Do they have a Quran and a prophet for their guidance.)
19. endowed with reason.34:10. (Animals could have been a better choice. Will the mountains be judged on the FINALDAY? )
20. Seven men slept in a cave for more than 300 years. 18:13-27
21. Allah's throne was on the water.11:6 (Was Allah sitting on the water)
22. Non-Muslims lack intelligence hence Muslims can fight and win them easily. 8:65.
23. Jesus made a bird out of clay that flew away when he blew on it. 5:110 (According to the Bible Jesus' first miraclewas at the wedding at Cana-John 2-11)
24. When Allah was revealed to Moses, a mountain was crushed into fine dusts.7:143
25. Allah gave the heavens, earth, and mountains the ‘trust' (The duty of being obedient to Allah), but they were reluctant so humans were entrusted with the same burden. 33:72 (How comes the inanimate earth and mountain could take the role of human being who are the spirit of Allah)
26. To show how he gives life to the dead, Allah tells Abraham to cut up the bodies of four birds, scatter their remains on four hills, and then call to them. Allah says that the dead birds will come quickly to Abraham.2: 260
27. King Solomon knew the language of birds. 27:16
28. When ants talked to each other, Solomon understood it! 27:18
29. The devils will inspire the non-Muslims to argue with Muslims.6: 121
30. Christ's birth is a monstrous blasphemy.18: 5
31. A spring flows out as job stamps on the ground. 38:41-2
32. Allah turned the Jews into apes. 2:65-66. (Was man an ape in the beginning?)
33. Allah instructs Muhammad to check whether the sky has any cracks in it. 67:3
34. Allah made the stars as missiles to throw at devils. 67:5
35. Allah carried His servant by night from the Holy mosque to the Further Mosque (Masjid al-aqusa) 17:1. The further mosque is either the Temple, according to Yusuf Ali and some refer it to Sidrat al-Muntaha in the seventh Heaven.However, a journey with one's physical body is something unbelievable.
36. Honey is a remedy for all diseases.16:68. of Solomon Mountains and held it over the Jews to threaten them.7:171
5. A she-camel leapt out of a rock and became a prophet. 7:73-77,85; 91:14; 54:29
6. Solomon talks to the ants. 27:19
7. The Jinn and birds were in Solomon's army. 27:17. ()
2. Allah turns humans into monkeys! 7:166
3. Allah created the stars to throw them at the devils. 67:5
4. God lifted up

Do we have right to question?

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