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Letter sent to GMU by e-mail and by standard mail.

Reader comment on item: My Disrupted Talk at the University of California-Irvine
in response to reader comment: George Mason U. quashes speaker due to Islamist's protests

Submitted by Ynna (tchkah) (United States), Mar 2, 2007 at 14:35

A letter to Sir Alan Merter, and the administration of the GMU.

Dear Sirs and Madams:

As an International Student in the US, I was appalled by the fact that yesterday, Feb 28-2007, an honored Sir and world widely recognized scholar was impeached from speaking at GMU, as a result of an Islamic Fascists groups, that pressured for the cancellation of his speech, a group feeling in their right to block however goes against their interests, silencing those who do not comply to their racist and totally undemocratic agenda, yet doing that in the United States of America.

No only you left an American University being controlled by mediocre students, whose main target is to perpetuate their heinous agenda against the Western Civilization and implement their Islamic Totalitaric movement over those who do not follow their crimes as a path, but also, you left an honored American scholar to be dumped by a whole bunch of irresponsible students, making clear that such a "kind" of people and inexperienced "students" deserve more honor than an American Scholar with such a background like Dr. John Lewis's.

Sir Merter, I read your curriculum vitae , currently posted in your Web Site, and I was wondering how YOU would feel, if it would have happened to you, yet endorsed by someone who belongs to the same environment- a colleague- what a betrayal….

You speak so beautifully about GMU goals, but personally, as an international student and a foreign citizen in the US, I would never, ever endorse applicants, or better saying, very rich applicants from my country to apply to GMU. Yet, if other Universities do the same, I would never endorse them to come to the biggest democracy of the western civilization history, visibly a fallacy (1), and spend three times more than they would spend in any English speaking Foreign Country, for what, in my understanding, GMU' compliances to this absurd Chutzpah, apparently to this very moment, endorsed by your administration in-actions or silence, do not honor what you promise in your Web Site.

There it is stated that (2) "…GMU will be a magnet for outstanding scholars"... (Your administration has just barred Dr. Lewis from illuminating your students and scholars' minds), and when declaring that GMU will "...Transform into knowledge and wisdom the vast amounts of information now accessible through new technologies"…

(By obsequious, transform, into what?) _ I personally did not see any wisdom in stopping such an intellectual authority from speaking at this honored center, and the only transformation that I saw was that anarchist, irresponsible victims players and supporters of others' extermination, realized again that they able to stop an honored AMERICAN scholar.

A whole bunch of ignorant, spoiled children, deplorably premature FOREIGNER Arab Americans and poor Americans, poorly minded and indoctrinated, AND corrupted "students", whose aim is not to cooperate, but to destroy your University goals, deserve more credibility than such a intellectual and brilliant brain, btw, one of those who deeply contribute to the fame that Universities in the US represent
"La Crème De La Crème" of the most intelligent, and advanced civilization in the world- thus subject for any sacrifice to be imperatively financed as a priority- especially by foreigners like me.

Finally, I do not think that George Mason, a man whose ideals most important to both the man and your university: freedom and learning- are being honored at all.

For sure HE will be ashamed, not delighted. (3)

I hope your administration deeply consider rectifying such a Chutzpah, showing as a result what really is stated as axiom in your Web Site.

Thank You All.

A Student. (My name).

(1) As an "incidental" proxy, established in Wall Street where ends justify intermediate steps, in other words, crooks and powerful brokers smash, short, "naked" shorting, kill, corrupt and bulldoze those who do not belong or support them, thus cooperating with criminals, but yet declaring that their huge profits is a proof of their efficiency and credibility, looks like American Universities have followed in my vision the same path, going against all American Values, in order to cooperate with in my opinion, this low form of life in academics (spoiled "students"), getting as a result support from all "Shariah Law-ed" sides, thus proving how valuable American Universities are.

(2) http://www.gmu.edu/vcenter/vision/vision.html

(3) http://www.gmu.edu/vcenter/vtour/tour02.html



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