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Reader comment on item: Is Allah God? - Continued
in response to reader comment: The Divine name that will endure for ever

Submitted by John (Pakistan), Jan 22, 2007 at 01:25

Who are we? Jews (Yahudim) or Christians (Notsrim-Hebrew, Nasri-Urdu/Arabic, Acts 11:26 and 24:5)? A big question for many or for some this is not a question at all. In today's world there is a big hatred amongst Christian (Notsrim) circles for the two remaining tribes of Israel (Yisrael), known as Jews (Yahudim) and this action is named as "Anti-Semitism". Was Yahshua (Jesus) our savior anti-Semitic?

The Bible says that Salvation (Y'shua) is of the Jews (Yahudim); meaning salvation (Y'shua) is from the Jews (Yahudim). Where does that leave those Christians (Notsrim) who hate the Jews (Yahudim)? I have used the text from Revised Scriptures True Name Edition bible alongside KJV or NIV standard text to make it easy to understand (Binah) the Hebrew words and also to provide the learning opportunity for the people who want to learn Hebrew. This will also help our Jewish (Yahudim) brethren to understand (Binah) the teaching easily. I have also used Hebrew key words with English in brackets and if some other language is used it is mentioned alongside.

The names of Yahshua (Jesus) and Yahweh Elohim (Lord God) are mentioned in the original Hebrew form in order to restore the understanding (Binah) and the sounds of these names. In today's world we really need to know that what are the real names of our Yahshua (Jesus) and Abba Father Yahweh Elohim and how they sound in the original form.

John 4:22 "Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation (Y'shua) is of the Jews." (KJV)

Yochanan – John 4:22 "You worship you know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation (Y'shua) is from the Yahudim." (RSTN)

I would like to explain what is different between being an Israelite (Yisraeli) and being a Jew (Yahudi). Being Hebrew or Israelite (Yisraelite) is being from any of the 12 tribes of Israel (Yisrael) or joining into them, but being Jew (Yahudim) means being from the Tribe of Judah (Yahuda) only. These days two and the half tribes i.e. Judah (Yahuda), Benjamin (Benyamin) and Half of Levi (Lewi) are called by the name of Jews (Yahudim). But still Jew (Yahudi) is not a religion it is a race (Zera).

Do we have two Gods to follow? Are the Jews (Yahudim) following Elohim different from the Elohim of Christians (Notsrim)? Do we have a different Elohim in Old Testament (TaNaKh) and another one in the New Testament (Brit Chadasha)? Some Christians (Notsrim) would say yes. Ask Muslims and they will tell you better than any Christian (Notsrim) because they hate both Jews (Yahudim) and Christians (Notsrim) alike and they know that we believe in the same God (Elohim). Why is that?

Could it be because the same Satan (Heilel) is in operation today as he was in the old time spreading hate and deceiving people?

The Church today has made the Elohim of Abraham (Avraham), Isaac (Yitzchak) and Jacob (Yaakov) very hard and cruel at heart, the one who liked to kill people and was the Lord of wars and bloodshed. The Western Christendom makes it appear like that suddenly Elohim was tamed and became full of grace (Chen) and love (Ahava) which He failed to show at many places or in many stories in the Old Testament (TaNaKh).

What is the name of our God? The name of our Lord God is YHWH Elohim and it was given to Adam (Ahdahm-Hebrew) and he told the same name to his son (Bar) Seth and the whole race (Zera) of his sons (B'nai) and daughters (Bat) knew and worshipped in the old age.

Genesis 4:26 "And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD." (KJV)

Beresheeth – Genesis 4:26 "And to Seth, also there was born a son; and he called his name Enosh: then men began to call upon the name of YHWH hwhy." (RSTN)

Adam (Ahdahm) told his son and grandson (B'nai) to say and proclaim the name of THE LORD (YHWH). But in English or the Greek it is hidden from the average believer but not in the Hebrew. If we consult the Strong's concordance [1] it shows that in this verse the word in Hebrew is Yahweh and Adam knew Lord's personal name as Yahweh or I AM THAT I AM long before Moses (Moshe-Hebrew) in Exodus 3:14.

Even Peter (Kepha) used the same name Yahweh when he quoted from Joel (Yoel) during his first ever sermon in the book of Acts (Maaseh Shlichim) 2:21. A lot of Christians (Notsrim) quote from Peter (Kepha) so what was Peter (Kepha) a Christian (Notsrim) or a Jew (Yahudim)? Joel (Yoel) used word Yahweh in his book and Peter (Kepha) was talking to the Israelites (Yisraelites) gathered from all the nations at the feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) so people knew what he was talking about. Peter (Kepha) used the same majestic NAME under the influence of the Holy Spirit's (Ruach ha Kodesh) Baptism. No one can refute that Peter (Kepha) was not saying Yahweh or using some other name. A Question is raised that how come Peter (Kepha) used the verse from The Old Testament (TaNaKh) after being Holy Baptized and becoming Christian (Notsrim) at the birth of the New Testament (Brit Chadasha) restored Church (Eidta-Hebrew, Congregation or Ekklesia-Greek)? Did he use the name of the Jewish (Yahudim) God Yahweh to convert the Jewish (Yahudim) people into Christianity? It doesn't make any sense, does it? In his Sermon Peter (Kepha) no where says that their (Jews') worship is wrong but he said that their actions were wrong because they did not believe in Yahshua (Jesus) as divine Messiah and Elohim.

So the Jews (Yahudim) were not being considered as some old religion but as a race (Zera) that needed to open their eyes and start believing in Yahshua, the Yahweh Elohim that himself came down to earth (Aretz).

The name of Jesus in Hebrew is "Yah-Shua" and it literally means "Yahweh – Who saves or Yahweh our Savior". The matter is not Judaism or Christianity, the matter is opening of eyes and understanding (Binah) the Elohim himself becoming human. Today Jews (Yahudim) have a problem with this idea but it does not mean that they do not "Believe" in Yahweh as Abba Father. In John (Yochanan) when Yahshua (Jesus) was talking on the same issue of Him being from Elohim and divine Jews (Yahudim) replied that they believe (Emunah) in the Abba Father and He is Yahweh.

John 8:41-42 says, "You are doing the things your own father does." "We are not illegitimate children," they protested. "The only Father we have is God himself." "Jesus said to them, "If God was your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me."

Yochanan – John 8:41-42, "You do the deeds of your Abba. Then they said to Him, We are not born of fornication; we have one Abba, even Eloha. Yahshua said to them, if YHWH Eloha were your Abba, you would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from YHWH Eloha; Neither came I by My own accord, but He sent me." (RSTN)

Here we see that Yahshua (Jesus) did not have to tell them that Yahweh the Elohim is the Abba the Father. But the problem was that they could not see Elohim Yahshua the Son himself standing in front of them. As the Son Yahshua (Jesus) had the attributes of His Abba Father and He was preaching the Word (Torah) of His Abba Father.

Both Christians (Notsrim) and Jews (Yahudim) Believe (Emunah) in Yahweh as Abba Father but Christians (Notsrim) are a step ahead to understand (Binah) that Yahshua (Jesus) was Yahweh in flesh (Basar-Hebrew, Bashar-Urdu/Arabic) to save us. But these days all average Christians (Notsrim) think that who believes (Emunah) in Yahweh is a Jehovah's Witness.

I was shocked to know that many people do not even know the name of our Lord God Yahweh Elohim and think His name is Yahshua (Jesus) only. I was talking to a western Christian (Notsrim) and I said do you believe (Emunah) that Yahshua (Jesus) is Yahweh and his reply was who is Yahweh; he did not have any clue of this. Churches (Eitda-Ekklesia) do not even tell them about this. We are not Jehovah's Witness group and we know that Jehovah's Witness' beliefs are totally unbiblical and they misuse the name of True Living God. Many churches (Eitda) and pastors/teachers (Rabbi) tell their people that it is enough to know only about Yahshua (Jesus) and they do not have any idea about the Abba Father Eloha who sent Yahshua (Jesus) his son for the salvation (Y'shua) of human race (Zera). We need to have full understanding (Binah) of the Godhead. The Hebrew language is the TOOL that Elohim has provided for us and if we are prepared to do some legwork not just to open the eyes of our fellow Christian (Notsrim) brothers only but the Jewish (Yahudim) brothers too.

Scripture teaches that Yahshua (Jesus) is same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8 but many Christians (Notsrim) are bent on a mutating Elohim. Why?

Psalm 102:27 says "But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end." (KJV)

If we say that Elohim introduced His grace (Chen) in the New Testament (Brit Chadasha) and the grace (Chen) was not active in the Old Testament (TaNaKh) than we are at fault. The first picture of grace (Chen) was shown by Elohim, right in the first chapters of the Book of Genesis (Beresheeth). The day Adam (Ahdahm) and Eve (Chavah) sinned (Khata, we use same word for sin in Urdu/Arabic) Elohim still awarded them the physical life (Chayim) to spend their years on this earth (Aretz). Elohim also promised with them that He will set them free from the death (Mot, in Urdu/Arabic we have same word for death) and curse, they had brought upon them by this sin (Khata), and He prophesied about the Messiah (Moshiach) His son Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ). He also told them that how Yahshua (Jesus) will be born by a woman (Isha). Genesis (Beresheeth) 3:15. Elohim also shed the blood (Dahm) of the Lambs to provide them the sheep skin for clothing to cover their nakedness and shame in Genesis (Beresheeth) 3:21. This is how He taught them the way that the sins (Khatet-plural) and shame can only be covered by the shedding of blood (Dahm) which He confirmed later in His divine Law.

Leviticus 17:11 says "For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I (Lord God) have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul."

Wayiqra – Leviticus 17:11, "For the chayim (life or lives) of the flesh is in dahm (blood, pronounced as Dah-hm, in Urdu we use Dam for Spirit or Jaan): and I have given it to you upon the alter to make keporah (Atonement, Yom Kippur-Hebrew or Kafara-Urdu/Arabic is driven from this word) for your beings: for it is the dahm that makes keporah for the being." (RSTN)

Our Lord God Elohim never said once in the Bible (TaNaKh (Old) and Brit Chadasha) to do good deeds and works in order to get saved or to save our souls good deeds will be the source of atonement (Kafara-Keporah). Even in the Old Testament (TaNaKh), that Western Christendom seems to disown, Elohim always said that the blood (Dahm) was the only way to bring salvation (Y'shua). Praise the name of Elohim that He showed this picture and method to our father Adam (Ahdahm) and through him to the rest of the human race (Zera). Lord showed him the way to the cross, the coming of Messiah (Moshiach) and the way He will die, why blood (Dahm) is important, why lamb was replaced as the temporary sacrifice to cover their shame for the small period of time and all other teachings that are present in today's Christian (Notsrim) faith (Emunah) in the very first chapters of the very first book of the Bible. Can't we see Elohim's everlasting and ever present grace (Chen) right in the beginning (Beresheeth-Genesis) of the Bible and the human race (Zera)? Yes we can if we have the eyes to see it.

Elohim is alpha and omega, and all His attributes are there from eternity and they are and will remain same in the eternity. Grace (Chen) and Love (Ahava) are always there and Elohim has shown His grace (Chen) and love (Ahava) throughout the Bible and I do not have enough space to mention all of them here in this article. Many eyebrows must have been raised up to this point but my brethren and fellow believers we should not limit Elohim and disrespect Him by keep changing our ideas about Him so quickly.

To understand (Binah) the Biblical Christianity we need to always go back to the Hebraic roots of Christianity and all Bible teachers (Rabbis), scholars and seminaries agree on this point. Going back to explore the Hebraic roots does not make us Jews (Yahudim) or follower of today's Judaism that is mainly based on Oral Torah (Rabbinic Halachah). Rather it helps us to understand (Binah) the Bible more accurately and in-depth because in my opinion and opinion of many scholars the whole 66 books were written in Hebrew/Aramaic and not Greek even though we have thousands of Greek manuscripts but we also have a beautiful Aramaic New Testament (Brit Chadasha) known as the Peshitta which is attested by many good scholars to be an excellent codex. Scholars such as Andrew Gabriel Roth have critiqued it and found many translation issues in the Greek codex, words that were not translated correctly and left in Aramaic because of lack of comprehension of the language at the time. Papias, Irenaeus, Origen and Eusebius cited that Matthew's (Mattityahu) gospel (Besorah) was in fact Hebrew so what happened to the Hebrew codexes? The Assyrian (Ashurim) Christians (Notsrim) faithfully preserved the Peshitta Bible attested by some scholars to be 2nd century.

[2] Papias (Eusebius, H.E. 3.39.16)
"Matthew (Mattityahu) collected the oracles (ta logia) in the Hebrew language, and each interpreted them as best he could."

Irenaeus, Adv. Haer. 3.1.1
"Matthew (Mattityahu) also issued a written Gospel (Besorah) among the Hebrews and their own dialect while Peter (Kepha) and Paul (Shaul) were preaching at Rome (Roma) and laying the foundations of the church (Eitda-Ekklesia)."

Origen (Eusebius, H.E. 6.25.4)
"As having learnt by tradition concerning the four Gospels (Besorim), which alone are unquestionable in the Church (Eitda-Ekklesia) of God (Elohim) under heaven (Shamayim), that first was written according to Matthew (Mattityahu), who was once a tax collector but afterwards an apostle of Jesus Christ (Yahshua ha Moshiach), who published it for those who from Judaism (Yahudim) came to believe (Emunah), composed as it was in the Hebrew language."

Eusebius, H.E. 3.24.6
"Matthew (Mattityahu) had first preached to Hebrews, and when he was on the point of going to others he transmitted in writing in his native language the Gospel (Besorah) according to himself, and thus supplied by writing the lack of his own presence to those from whom he was sent."

There are many scholars (Rabbis) today who have done extensive research on the Peshitta and cited references to show that the Greek New Testament (Brit Chadasha) is actually a translation of the Peshitta. For references of these works of Aramaic primacy see the following scholars Paul Younan, Andrew Gabriel Roth , Raphael Lataster , James Trimm, and Steven Caruso. An excellent work is the book Ruach Qadim by Andrew Gabriel Roth that can be purchased at www.ruachqadim.com .

Essentially my opinion is that the Bible was given to the Hebrew people, for the Hebrew people and with the Hebraic mindset. Every teaching, story and all commandments or even all the covenants made by Elohim were made in a way that leads the human race (Zera) to our Messiah (Moshiach) Lord (Elohim) Yahshua (Jesus Christ). If we read the Old Testament with open eyes, understanding (Binah) heart and careful study then we see that everything points to Lord Yahshua (Jesus). If we say that the Old Testament belongs to the Jews (Yahudim) only, it raises many disturbing questions. Was Elohim preparing only the Jews (Yahudim) for the coming Messiah or the coming salvation (Y'shua)? Answer is NO. The Lord picked the nation of Israel (Yisrael) out of Abraham's (Avraham) loins to reveal all His oracles for mankind.

Yahweh Elohim (Lord God) promised the salvation (Y'shua) and the coming of Messiah (Moshiach) to the whole human race (Zera) because He gave His promise to Adam and Adam is the father of the entire world, not just the Jews (Yahudim).

Romans 3:23 says "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." (KJV)

Romiyah 3:23, "For all have sinned, and come short of the tifereth of YHWH;" (RSTN)

Paul is not quoting something new here and his context was taken from the book of Psalms in this passage. The key word is "All" and "All" does not mean Jews (Yahudim) only. So all sinned (Khata) and came short of glory (Tifereth), the glory (Tifereth) which Elohim gave to Adam and he wanted Adam to give birth to the God fearing race (Zera). Rather we should say that the Plan of Elohim was corrupted because Adam fell and could not stand up to the plan Lord Gave him in Genesis 1:27. Why Israel (Yisrael) and Judah were so important in the sight of the Elohim than. The answer was given by Yahshua (Jesus) our Savior Himself.

In John 4:22 Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman and he said: "Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation (Y'shua) is of the Jews."

Yochanan – John 4:22 "You worship you know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation (Y'shua) is from the Yahudim." (RSTN)

These are not my words but the word of our own Messiah (Moshiach) Lord (Elohim) Yahshua (Jesus) and who dares to say that He was wrong. The whole Bible claimed that the tribe of Judah will be the door for Messiah and the promises of everlasting Kingdom to the King David was to be fulfilled. The genealogy of Yahshua (Jesus) even says that He was from the Tribe of Judah. Yahshua (Jesus) was Jew (Yahudim) himself and my question to the Christians (Notsrim) today is Yahshua (Jesus) a Jew (Yahudi) or a Christian (Notsrim)? In answer we suddenly make Jew (Yahudim) a race (Zera) not a religion but my friends Yahshua (Jesus), Mary and Joseph were all Jews (Yahudim) and in Yahshua's (Jesus) lifetime EVERYTHING was done in Jewish (Yahudim) way. Even in the later days and coming times we see that Yahshua (Jesus) will be called with the title of "the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David", Revelation 5:5. (KJV)

Now we need to come back to the importance of the Hebraic touch and the back ground of Biblical understanding (Binah). Let me give you a very little example and we do not need to go so far. Let us take only the very first verse of the Bible and look at it from the Hebraic point of view and with Hebrew text and mindset. It will explain it's in depth study which we can not ever see using English or Greek.

Genesis 1:1 says in English, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (KJV)

A very basic verse and known by a kid even. In Hebrew the verse goes like:

"Bereishit b'rah Elohim et ha'shamayim v'et ha'eretz."(RSTN) [3]

Now when we see "et" as the forth word in this verse in Hebrew language, it does not make any sense. All the Hebrew scholars agree that they could not understand (Binah) why this word was recorded in this verse because if it was not there it would have made no difference. Now "ET" is made of two Hebrew alphabets, and they are ALEPH and TAV. Aleph is the first alphabet and Tav is the last one.

When we see Yahshua (Jesus) saying that He is Alpha and Omega He was not talking in Greek as we read now, actually He was talking in Hebrew. He was saying that He is Aleph and Tav and the Israelites (Yisraelites) had this understanding (Binah) already that Aleph Tav was always referred to the Yahweh Elohim the Lord God Almighty, because only Lord God Elohim is the Beginning and End. Elohim is plural expression. The sound "im" works in Hebrew just like "s" works in English to show the plurality. For example Eloha and Elohim, Cherub and Cherubim, Seraph and Seraphim, Ger and Gerim. This verse is the answer to the oneness people and Unitarians who do not believe in triune nature of our Lord God Elohim. We see that the whole trinity was in action at the time of creation. Now we try hard to fit in Yahshua (Jesus) using the English language to show the whole trinity in the first two verses in the book of Genesis. We say that it is written in verse 3 that the "Lord Said" and words of the Lord is Yahshua (Jesus). But we see the signature of Yahshua (Jesus) in the very first verse. So Elohim ET or in English Elohim (triune) Alpha & Omega created the heaven and earth. The same thing Paul was trying to explain in his letter to the Colossians.

In his letter to Colossians chapter 1:16-17 he says, "For by him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him. And he is before all things, and by him all things consist." (KJV)

Qolesayah chapter 1:16-17 he says, "For by him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in Shamayim, and that are on Earth, visible and invisible, whether they are thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him. And he is before all things, and by him all things consist." (RSTN)

Paul saw it right there in the first verse of the Torah and he showed it to the Jews (Yahudim) living in Colosse. This understanding (Binah) was never revealed in the Greek mindset or English mindset and as we see that how going back to the Hebraic roots and mindset can open up our eyes and understanding (Binah). It makes the teaching so easy and effective.

If we apply the Greek mindset then we misinterpret the things and ideas and it is the biggest reason of introducing idolatry amongst the Christians (Notsrim). If we go back to the same verses written by Paul to the Colossians, in verse 15 of the first chapter it is translated in Greek and than in English:

Colossians 1:15: "Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature." (KJV)

Qolesayah 1:15: "Who is the image of the invisible Aloha, the Bachor of all Creation." (RSTN)

Now we can see that it makes it look like that Yahshua (Jesus) was the first born of all the creation or the first one to be created. Many apologists use this verse to justify their position against Christianity or the divinity of Christ (Moshiach). Even oneness Pentecostals use this Greek school of thought and deny the divinity of Yahshua (Jesus). Another group said that even Adam was created in the image of Elohim so what is special about that in Yahshua (Jesus) as he is only the first one who was created in Elohim's Image. But this is not the case because Yahshua (Jesus) is Elohim Himself.

Now let us see the verse in the Hebraic mind set how this verse interprets itself. When Adam was created he was created in the Image of Lord God or Elohim (Triune/Plural), and he was created man and women Genesis 1:27. In Colossians 1:15 the word for Elohim is translated as "Theo" in Greek but it can not explain who is this God? Theo could be the God with small "g" too. But in Hebrew we see that it is translated as "Eloha" the Head of the trinity the Abba Yahweh. So we see that the understanding (Binah) changes suddenly here as Yahshua (Jesus) was the Firstborn and He was in the image or the likeness of His Father YHWH. The Singular expression of Eloha was especially mentioned to emphasize the Point of Yahshua's (Jesus) teaching that whoever sees Him sees the Father.

John 14:8-9, "Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?" (KJV)

Yochanan 14:8-9, "Philip said to Him, Master, show us the Abba, and it will be enough for us. Yahshua said to him, have I been so long a time with you, and yet have you not known me, Philip? He that has seen me has seen the Abba; how then are you saying, Show us the Abba?" (RSTN)

Look at the answer of Yahshua (Jesus), it clearly shows that "No Human" could see the Father but only the Son. That is why Paul said the Yahshua (Jesus) was the image of the invisible God or Eloha the Father. Also the Hebrew translation says that Yahshua (Jesus) was firstborn "BEFORE" all the creation not "OF" all the creation. It actually refers to His resurrection before all the dead of the world as the first one to rise from the grave and not about being a creation a s such.

So it answers many questions and shuts many mouths that are steadfast to disown the Triune nature of Godhead and Divinity of Christ (Moshiach) but was it clear before we went back to the Hebraic roots of the biblical school of thought. And if people say that it is being Jew (Yahudim) to go back to the Hebrew roots and way of teaching to understand (Binah) the Bible I say let it be, because the Bible was not written in Urdu, Hindi, English or Greek. It was written by Hebrews, in Hebrew and the duty of Hebrew nation was to show it to the whole creation.

Lord says in Exodus 12:49: One law (Bible the Word of YHWH, or Jesus) shall be to him that is "home born", and unto the stranger that "sojourneth" among you. (KJV)

Shemoth 12:49: "One Torah shall be for him that is native, for the ger that sojourns among you." (RSTN)

So the word of YHWH was and is same for Jew (Yahudim) and Gentile (Gerim) the same way it always has been. Take a guess that who is the word of YHWH?

John 1:1-2 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." (NIV)

Yochanan 1:1-2: "Beresheeth was the living Torah and the living Torah was with YHWH and the living Torah was YHWH. The same was with in the beginning with YHWH. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made." (RSTN)

Who is this WORD, isn't it Yahshua (Jesus) Moshiach (Christ) himself the Living Word of Abba Yahweh Elohim. He came out of Him (Father) and everything was created through Him (Son). So actually it is clear for us now that there is only one Yahshua (Jesus) for both Jews (Yahudim), the home born and gentiles (Gerim) who were grafted in.

Most Bible believers are aware that the Jewish (Yahudim) people today are not biblical disciples or followers in the purest sense. Unbelieving Jews (Yahudim) who have not come to personal faith in Yahshua ha Moshiach (Messiah Jesus) are traditional Jews (Yahudim) who live by rabbinical "Halachah (way to walk or conduct)" and tradition as opposed to both Torahs (Mosaic and Yahshua's (Jesus)) or Testaments Old and New given to man. Either by choice or through ignorance they often have chosen the traditions of the rabbis over the Word of YHWH, when the two sometimes contradict.

The same thing Yahshua (Jesus) and later Paul criticized. Yahshua (Jesus) has never said in the Bible that He breaks torah or does not believe in the Law. I have heard many Christians (Notsrim) say today that Yahshua (Jesus) Broke the Sabbath. If we agree with this than He could not qualify for the atonement (Keporah) of our sins (Khatet) as the blameless lamb. The breaking of Law or any commandment was/is considered as sin (Khata) in the sight of the Lord and Yahshua (Jesus) was not a sinner (Khata). Yahshua (Jesus) showed the eternal nature of the Torah in Matthew 5:17-20 by saying that He was not on earth to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Fulfill here means to confirm something already said i.e. to make do on a promise. He also mentioned that it will not be abolished until the heaven and earth will be gone. So neither the world has finished and nor Torah, according to the very words of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ). Paul addressed the same issues in his letter which many Christians (Notsrim) tend to twist and misinterpret.

As I have mentioned above that there were two types of Laws in Yahshua's (Jesus) time and also in Paul's time. The Law which Yahshua (Jesus) was referring to was the Torah given by Elohim to Moses (Moshe) and the numbers of the laws were 613. The rabbinic ordinances or Oral Torah were added by the Pharisees of that time and they were condemned by Yahshua (Jesus). After adding the man made law the number was raise up to more than 1000 and Paul criticized the same thing. In the New Testament we see that it has been translated as "LAW" both for Yahweh's Law and man made law (Oral Torah). But we need to reads the text in Hebrew to understand (Binah) when Paul was talking about the man made law and when he is talking about torah. Same way we see that there are many expressions of Love (Ahava) but we have only one word in English for it. To fulfil the law does not mean to abolish it completely.

John was pointing to the same danger in the book of Revelation 22:18-19:

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book; And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (KJV)

Now here many people think that John is only talking about his writing but this is not the case. When John was writing he did not know that he was writing a book for the Bible. Even at that time around 95AD there was no New Testament as we have today. The Book of Prophecies was referred as TaNaKh, the Old Testaments and John told people that Yahshua (Jesus) came to abolish the man mad laws and editions and to teach us the heart of Yahweh's Words. Even Yahshua (Jesus) pointed out to the same danger of man made editions and He also told us the Punishments of doing this.

In Matthew 5:19 Jesus Says: "Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

So now even when Yahshua (Jesus) is saying these words there was no New Testament around and He referred to the TaNaKh. It means that our rewards in the Heavenly Kingdom are based upon the way of life according to the law of Yahweh. Many Christians (Notsrim) will suffer and have the least place in the Kingdom of Yahshua (Jesus) according to His own words, and my brothers and sisters this is serious matter.

Many churches even discard the very basic "Ten Commandments". The words that were written by Yahweh's own finger (Exodus 31:18) and how can we say that the Ten Commandments have got nothing to do with us now? Do we mean that Elohim was lying in the Old Testament? How can the Elohim see us lawless when he is never been Lawless and never wanted the man to be lawless.

I John 3:4 says: "Everyone who sins (Khatet) breaks the law; in fact, sin (Khata) is lawlessness."

He gave first of his commandments to Adam, the biggest commandment, obeying Yahweh and loving Him with full heart and Adam broke it. If Yahweh can punish him for his lawlessness and the whole human race (Zera) came under punishment, how can He let us go as being disobedient to Him? Being in Yahshua (Jesus) does not allow us to start living in the sate of Lawlessness.

Let me give you an example from the book of Hebrews. All the things in the Tabernacle and the Temple were the copy of the Heavenly Model Hebrew 8:1-2, 9:1-5, and 23-25. Now we see that all the things are present in the heaven in the original state. So if the two tablets of the Ten Commandments are still in the heaven why should not we follow them today? Do you think that Lord gave something new to Moses as the Ten Commandments? IF there was no Law than how did Elohim Judge Lucifer's sin (Khata) a long time before Adam was even created and Moses was at the Mount Sinai? IF there is/was no law than Elohim would never had been able to judge the fallen angels and Lucifer as sinners. These are very sensitive issue and many will say that where does it mentioned in the Bible but we need to learn and understand (Binah) the system of our Lord Elohim, through which He operates. If Yahshua's (Jesus) mission was to abolish the Ten Commandments than why Yahshua (Jesus) told the rich man to follow them, why did He not give him a new set of laws, His alleged new commandments?

Lets see in Matthew 19:16-19: "And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life ? And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. He saith unto him, which? Jesus said Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, and Thou shalt not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself ."

Here we can see clearly that Yahshua (Jesus) was preaching in favor of Ten Commandments as valid and useful. Yahshua (Jesus) told that man to keep all the commandments and to follow Him. Now if we say that Yahshua (Jesus) said that because He did not die at that time and people were still under the law than it portrays Yahshua (Jesus) misleading the people and not telling them the truth. He kept telling them to obey the law, the very law he did not believe in and was going to abolish and wipe out forever right? Why did Yahshua (Jesus) not tell them the reality that this law is rubbish and in less than three years (Yahshua (Jesus) died on cross in less than 3 years of this event) this law will be no more so leave it and do as I say? Do we have any answer for this?

I also heard an Asian pastor saying that Torah and Law were the punishment and curse on the Israelites (Yisraelites) and Human race (Zera). Why can not we see that The Lord took away the Punishments not the Law? He took away the Yolk of Oral Torah and man made Law that made the life of people Hell. He wanted to teach them the truth and the heart of Yahweh the Father behind the giving of His law. Paul says that Law is good (Romans 7:7-11) and he knew that law was given to recognise the sin (Khata) and if we do not recognize the sin (Khata) how can we recognise the atonement (Keporah)? If there was no law how Yahshua (Jesus) would justify His death (Mot) on the cross and shedding of His blood (Dahm), as effective to remove the Human (Basar) sin (Khata)? And even now as there is no temple, no law, no legalities than how can a person who is born in 1990 can be saved from his sins (Khatet). How can a person say that a guy named Yahshua (Jesus) died in 30AD and I am saved in 1990 because I think so? If there is no law we can not relate ourselves and our salvation with Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ). How cruel we are, because at one stage we discard the very law by calling it legalistic and Jewish (Yahudim) and at the same time we justify our actions and salvation (Y'shua) based on the same law. Paul even called the law holy, and the commandments holy, righteous and good (Romans 7:11) Even the nations that do not have the Law of Moses; also will be judged according to the same law written on their heart by Yahweh himself.

In Romans 2:14, 15 Paul says "(Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law, since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.)"

In this passage we can clearly see that even the nations that do not have or obey the law will still be judged by the requirements of the same Law. Do we say that Lord is being unrighteous Judge to these nations now? Never! Because the Law is eternal, it is recommended by Yahshua (Jesus) himself and it is written on the hearts of the people of the whole earth. Why Elohim said in Hebrews 8 and 9 that He will write His law and Commandments on the hearts of the people. The very reason is that Lord knows that He gave the Law as the blessing not as the curse and the word of Yahweh remains forever.

Psalm 119:160 says: Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

Yahshua (Jesus) is the LIVING TORAH and He fulfilled the law on our behalf. The law did not lack in anything but we lacked to fulfill it. It does not make the law bad if we lacked but we were not reaching the standards of it. Even our salvation (Y'shua) is truly and still based on this law. No matter Jew (Yahudim) or Gentile (Gerim), if Elohim's Salvation (Y'shua) is same for everyone than Elohim's Law (Torah) is the same for every one, because we are justified by the shed blood (Dahm) of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ) and that was according to the law/Torah.

Paul says in Romans 2:13 "For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous ."

It is clear that the righteous in the sight of the Elohim is he who "Obeys" the law not who listens to it. Adam's Sin (Khata) was Disobedience and Yahshua's (Jesus) quality was Obedience. In Hebrew Paul tells us about the Obedience of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ). So what are the Pastors going to do who teach their flock to be disobedient to the holy righteous laws of Elohim?

Hebrew 5:7-8 says, "During the days of Jesus' life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death (Mot), and he was heard because of his reverent submission. Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation (Y'shua) for all who obey him."

So what made Yahshua (Jesus) and than the following believers righteous in the Sight of the Father, only obedience. Yahshua (Jesus) was obedient to what? He was Obedient to the law and he did and fulfilled the requirements of the law that Yahweh the Father wanted Adam to fulfill and he failed to do so.

So if now one says that I have faith in Yahshua Elohim (Lord Jesus) as He died as my atonement (Keporah) and His blood (Dahm) cleans my sins (Khatet), do not we apply the same law and it requirements in our lives? Even Isaiah talks about the importance of the Law and in chapter 2:3 he says:

"And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways , and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

This passage is still future and Isaiah was talking about the millennial Kingdom of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ) in Jerusalem (Yahrushalayim). Why Yahshua (Jesus) will restart teaching the law again to the people who are in the kingdom, and many nations will come and listen and learn the WAY, and follow the PATH and learn the LAW. Who is the WAY, is it not Yahshua (Jesus), who said I am the WAY (TORAH was called the way in Hebrew culture) and the life and the truth. If law is abolished now than Elohim can not cast Satan (Heilel) into Fire because Law is gone and he is no more counted as sinner, can we answer this question? Please do not divide the Word of Yahweh Elohim by calling it Old and Abolished because Elohim's Words are eternal and He always remembers His Words.

We need to see that Yahshua (Jesus) is our mediator and he was here to teach us the way of Yahweh not to lead us astray and today's Church is effected by paganised teachings for 1600 years now. [4] We have added many unbiblical things (such as traditional Christian (Notsrim) practices that are never found in the bible) in the faith today and we are forgetting the biblical way of Christianity. [5] How can we justify our position in front of gays and lesbians, if we keep saying that the laws of Yahweh are done away with? If this is the teaching that Lord's Holy Sprit is pouring upon the pastors than we can not stop these homosexual sodomite people from defiling our Faith and Churches.

One last thing before we move on to the next leg of this article; we read in the book of Revelation that in front of the Great White Throne every living being was brought. All the humans from the time of Adam and till the time of the final clash after the millennial Reign will be raised and will be judged by their works and deeds. Revelation 20:11-15. Now my question to the fellow Christian (Notsrim) believers is that how will Elohim judge them at the end of Days (Moed) and by what law and means Yahweh Elohim will be able to Judge them if He has already abolish the law in Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ)? Trust me that Elohim will never be able to Judge those people by any means if there is no law to blame them and their works. Also remember the judgment will be based on the deeds of those people. No one can blame Yahweh and He is a righteous Judge and Truth and Justice are the two bases of His Throne.

Jews (Yahudim) made the same mistake and are still paying the price of rejecting the Word of Yahweh, Yahshua Elohim (the Lord Jesus Christ) the Jewish (Yahudim) Messiah. It was said by Elohim at the time He was giving his Word to Moses and the nation of Israel (Yisrael) that when they will disobey or break his commandments and reject His word, He will punish them and scatters them among the nations to show that his words and promises are eternal. The same way He will accept them back and bring them out of the nation when they will accept his Word (Deuteronomy 31). When the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Yisrael) the ten tribes broke the Holy Laws and added up their laws to please themselves rather than their Lord and Creator Yahweh Elohim. Elohim punished and scattered them and they are still scattered in the Diaspora. The Northern Kingdom was called Ephraim and the Southern was called Judah. Ephraim made the mistake and went into idolatry and Lord Punish them.

Genesis 48:19 " And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations."

Ephraim was prophesied to become many gentiles (Gerim) nations thus even in the Lord's judgement was the mercy and fulfilling of prophecy given to Jacob (Yaakov) and this is why we see in the House of Israel (Yisrael) spiritually speaking the Church some of whom are the biological seed while others are non-biological seed.

Judah Rejected the Living Torah, the Word of Yahweh, their Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) of Nazareth and Lord punished them too. According to the words of Yahshua (Jesus) in Matthew 23:37-24:2:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together , even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, "Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord" . And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down ."

Yahshua (Jesus) was so sad and out of his sad heart He uttered these words and we see that the plan of Elohim was to GATHER the nation of Israel (Yisrael) not to SCATTER them, but Judah's rejection brought this judgment upon them. In 70AD the word of our Elohim Yahshua ha Moshiach (Lord Jesus Christ) were fulfilled and the Southern Kingdom was exiled too. Elohim brought them back in 1948AD and it was an answer to the people that try to discard the Old Testaments and kept saying that it is done away with. The reason of Jews (Yahudim) coming back to the Land of Lord's promise is the re-establishment of the Throne of David and to show that the return of Moshiach Yahshua Elohim (Messiah Lord Jesus Christ) is near now. Same way Lord is bringing the House of Israel (Christians (Notsrim), Gentiles (Gerim) and Diaspora) back as well.

Now there is a point to think about. Lord has never liked if a brother hates his own brother. Since the beginning we see that one who hated his brother Lord punished him and blessed the one who was being hated. Cain hated Abel and Lord Blessed Abel and punished Cain. Ishmael hated Isaac and Lord Blessed Isaac. Esau hated Jacob (Yaakov) and Lord Blessed Jacob (Yaakov). 11 brothers hated Joseph and Lord exalted him over his brothers. David was hated by his brothers and also Saul his fellow Israelite (Yisraelite) brother and Lord blessed him above all of them. Ephraim (Northern Kingdom) hated Judah (Southern Kingdom) and even went against Elohim their creator and Lord punished them for this. Judah Hated their brother Yahshua (Jesus) (Jesus is a Jew (Yahudim)) and Lord punished them for hundreds of years and exalted Yahshua's (Jesus) name above every name. In Acts 2:36 peter was telling same thing to his fellow brethren:

"Therefore let all the house of Israel (Both Ephraim and Judah) know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified (because of the hatred) , both Lord and Christ."

Right now what are we doing? Are not we repeating the same thing? We hate our own brothers and Yahshua's (Jesus) own tribe. Do we think that we will get away with this? By calling them "Judaism" we can not separate them from worshiping the same God Yahweh Elohim, we worship.

The Only problem or difference between Christians (Notsrim) and Jews (Yahudim) is the understanding (Binah) of Yahshua (Jesus) as Moshiach (Messiah). Otherwise if they start believing (Emunah) in Christ (Moshiach) will they still be different from us or apart from Christ (Moshiach) what else Bible teaches that is/should be different in Christians (Notsrim) from the Jews (Yahudim). Early church was follower of Torah and the entire Bible as it is. But after 4th century and Romanization of the Church, Christianity changed its face in the hands of "Anti-Semitic" church fathers. Throughout the history we can see the church has a lot of Jewish (Yahudim) blood on her hands. Do we please our Lord in all this by kicking out our brothers who are blind? Will not Lord Punish us for all this hatred business? Let see what our Elohim Yahshua (Lord Jesus) says about this entire situation. In the parable of goats and sheep (Matthew 25:31-46) we can clearly see that the emphasis of Yahshua (Jesus) is on the hatred of His Little brothers. When Yahshua (Jesus) was telling this parable there were no Christians (Notsrim) around and we can not spiritualize it. Many Christians (Notsrim) have this problem that they try to spiritualize even the literal things of the Bible. Yahshua (Jesus) was talking about the Tribe of Judah His own little brothers and he who will hate them will suffer in hell.

The plan of Elohim is to bring both houses and kingdoms Judah (Jews-Yahudim) and Israel (spiritual and biological Ephraimites Christians (Notsrim)) under one roof and in one fellowship. The most favourite passage of Christians today is Hebrew 8:8 and let me tell you that Paul was not introducing something new here. He quoted the verses from Jeremiah 31:31. Now Christians (Notsrim) you may please show me that is there any mention of Christians (Notsrim) or gentiles (Gerim) here Hebrew 8:8. We think that Christianity is only for Gentiles (Gerim) but this is not the case. Elohim has never made any covenant with any other nation apart from Israel (Yisrael). Both Jews (Yahudim) and Christians (Notsrim) have to be the part of the Commonwealth of the Nation of Israel (Yisrael) (Ephesians 2:12) the house of Jacob (Yaakov), to be the part of this covenant. Lord here used the words that He will establish His covenant with Both Houses, the House of Judah (Jews-Yahudim) and House of Israel (Christians (Notsrim) and the grafted in Gentile (Gerim) nations). When we believe in Yahshua (Jesus) even as non-Israelite we become Israelites (Yisraelites) and the offspring (Zera) and seed of Abraham (Avraham).

Galatians 3:29 says: "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."

Now this is not the Old Testament I am talking from. This is the teaching of the New Testament by the people that opened their hearts and eyes to see and learn what Holy Spirit wanted to teach them. In this verse for the seed the Greek word "Sperma" is used. Abraham's (Avraham) Sperm and the word sperm is derived from the Greek word Sperma (Strong's Greek # 4690). Sperma means "something sown, seed, including the male sperm, offspring, a remnant, issue, and seed." The noun is purely physical, pertaining to literal male semen and their offspring, giving forth a remnant (people). So if you belong to Messiah Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ), then you are descendants of Abraham (Avraham), and his "Heirs according to the Promise". The bible does not add the word "spiritual" before sperm and neither should anyone else. The theological Wordbook of the Old Testament says: "ZERA (Hebrew equivalent for the Greek Sperma) refers to semen". The word is regularly used as a collective noun in the singular (never plural). This is an important aspect of the promise doctrine, for Hebrew never uses the plural of this root to refer to posterity, or offspring. Thus the word is deliberately flexible enough to denote either one person (Messiah) who epitomizes the whole group, or the many persons in that entire lineage of natural-spiritual descendants. [6]

Even Yahshua (Jesus) shared the same plan with His disciples in John 10: 14-16:

"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep . And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd ."

Here we clearly see that Yahshua (Jesus) was referring to the sheep that were lost in the world, the people of Ten Tribes and the gentiles (Gerim) too. It is a plane reference to the other fold, pr flock of the nation Israel (Yisrael). Ephraim or the House of Israel (Christians (Notsrim) as the spiritual descendants of Abraham (Avraham) from Gentile (Gerim) nations and the natural descendants (Zera) or Diaspora, 10 tribes in exile) are the sheep that Yahshua (Jesus) says that He must bring back in command of the Father. Note that even before He died and rose, He had two existing Israelite (Yisraelite) flocks, not one. Through His mission as the Good Shepherd, both folds will become one. [7] The father loves (Ahava) Yahshua (Jesus), because He is faithful to His primary mission of taking two Israelite (Yisraelite) folks (Both Judah and Christians (Notsrim)) and making them one Israel (Yisrael), knowing Yahweh. [8] When Yahshua (Jesus) said that there are some sheep not from THIS FLOCK, He meant the House of Judah (only 2 tribes) by THIS FLOCK not the entire nation of Israel (Yisrael).

The truth about the true purpose of Yahshua's (Jesus) death (Mot), which is to restore and re-gather both houses of Israel (Judah-Jews (Yahudim) and Israel-Christians (Notsrim)), brings sharp division among the Jewish (Yahudim) community. But does it help Yahshua's (Jesus) mission of brining both flocks under one shepherded, if we keep calling them followers of different religion. If we keep calling Old Testament Judaism than why do not we tear it apart from our Bibles to follow pure Christianity? Rather we should try to understand (Binah) Lord's plan and the things in the Old Testament and you will find everything pointing towards Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ). It seems like whenever Judah hears of Yahweh's Love (Ahava) for both Houses as in Luke 15; it brings out the worst in them. The message of the true kingdom always brings division, and those who teach the truth will always be labeled as divisive. Yet this is the message alone that heals and ends vexation and jealousy. Now tell me, are we following the mission of Yahshua (Jesus) or we are just destroying His real will? Shall we hate the Jews (Yahudim) our elder brother of the prodigal son parable? Shall Jews (Yahudim) hate Christians (Notsrim) their prodigal younger brother who Lord Yahshua (Jesus) wants to bring back? Both houses of Israel (Yisrael) are blinded for each other and Satan (Heilel) has caused this blindness to destroy YHWH's eternal plan of Kingdom. The day both houses will stand together will be the day of Yahshua's (Jesus) return. Jews (Yahudim) disown Yahshua (Jesus) as Son of Yahweh and Moshiach (Messiah) and we disown Yahweh the Abba Father by disowning His commandments and misinterpreting them. We disown Yahweh by saying that Old Testament is not for us but it is for Jews (Yahudim). Who are we to say this and are we bigger than Yahweh Elohim who gave these commandments to the entire mankind?

Now I also want house of Judah to open their eyes and see the truth of the house of Israel (Yisrael), their prodigal brother. The one that once was lost but now found, once died but now brought back to life. If Lord wants to bring back the House of Israel (Yisrael) than house of Judah never will be able to stop them to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh. Now we will look at the issues and teachings that separate both Houses, Christians (Notsrim) and Jews (Yahudim) and we will see that how we can bring them together if we believe in the thing as Elohim want us to believe. Jews (Yahudim) are still stuck with Halachah – The Rabbinical ordinance and Christians (Notsrim) are into replacement teaching and they need to come out of Romanized, Paganised anti-Semitism. We will examine that what are the usual beliefs of both houses and how we shall believe according to the true biblical understanding (Binah).

First of all we will examine the belief in Yahweh's Word as the sole authority For Life. House of Judah (traditional Jews (Yahudim)) and some Jewish (Yahudim) sects believe in divine inspiration of Scripture, but others do not. Some Jew (Yahudim) sects believe in the Old Testament (TaNaKh) as the only divine inspiration and they believe in its entirety. Others believe in none of it, and still others believe only in the first five books of Moshe (Moses). For the New Testament (Brit Chadasha) they say that it is fictitious at best and anti-Semitic at worst and is responsible for atrocities done to the Jewish (Yahudim) people. (Yati)

Now when we come to the traditional part of the House of Israel (traditional Christianity) we see that there is mix understanding (Binah). Christians (Notsrim) are puzzled between the understanding (Binah) of Old and New Testaments and they can not work those out as one. Traditional Christianity teaches that the Old Testament only tells us about the Historical facts and it is no more that the books of History. Many say that it is not important for us to believe or follow it at all and we only need to see it to learn the lessons from the mistakes of Israelites (Yisrael). For the New Testament traditional Christianity tells that it is divine and it has replaced the Old Testament. They believe that New Testament contains and teaches everything different from Judaism i.e. Old Testament.

What we both Jews (Yahudim) and Christians (Notsrim) should believe: We should believe that both the TaNaKh (Old) and Brit Chadasha (New) covenants are divinely inspired and alone are the basis for obedience to Yahweh. We should believe that the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi is inerrant and eternal and The New Testament is as much the "Davar Yahweh (Hebrew for the Word of Yahweh)" as is the TaNaKh the Old Testament. It is the second part of Yahweh's complete revelation to humanity. New Testament is the continuation of the True word of Elohim and the Bible covers the story of Human race (Zera) from Adam in Genesis to the final destiny in Heaven in the book of Revelation.

Second main issue is "The Blood (Dahm) Atonement (Keporah)". Traditional Jews (Yahudim) say that it is not necessary. Referred to as "tshuva (repentance), tzedakah (righteousness and charity) and tefillah (prayer) in Hebrew." (Yati)

Traditional Christians (Notsrim) say that Yahshua (Jesus) is the Blood (Dahm) atonement (Keporah) for all but since they do not try to go back to Hebrew roots of the requirement of Blood (Dahm) Atonement (Keporah). They make it like super natural story or myth which an average Christian (Notsrim) can not grasp. They try to make it looks like something new introduced by Elohim and they can not discern just like Jews (Yahudim) that Yahweh Elohim was trying to show this reality since the fall of Adam.

But the both houses should believe that the blood (Dahm) atonement (Keporah) in both covenants is essential to remission and forgiveness of sin (Khata) without which no man can enter Yahweh's holy presence. It is same requirement for the Jews (Yahudim) and Non- Jewish (Yahudim) Israelite, Gentiles (Gerim) and rest of the world and no one will be saved without believing (Emunah) in the atonement (Keporah) of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ).

In Jewish (Yahudim) circles Oral Law (Torah she-be-al peh) is very important part of their practice of faith. The House of Judah (traditional Jews (Yahudim)) say: It is central to Jewish (Yahudim) belief and lifestyles, giving us Halachah (ways to walk) before Yahweh. Without the Oral Law traditional Judaism would cease to exist. (Yati)

The traditional part of the House of Israel (Christianity) has two different thoughts. Many traditionalists such as Catholic, Methodist or Church of England etc, have no idea of what is the Oral Torah is all about. Others think that Oral Torah is the Law of Moses and that is done away with; so we do not have to talk about it at all. (Actually the Oral torah is not the law that Elohim gave to Moses (Moshe), this is the law that Yahshua (Jesus) criticized in Matthew 23, the ordinances that were added by Pharisees).

What we believe is that Talmud is rejected as divine revelation, but respected as a great historical work of man's wisdom that can add insight to understanding (Binah) scripture. We do not follow the Oral Torah but we keep the real commandments of the Lord. For example, Yahshua (Jesus) always criticized the Oral Torah and Rabbinic ordinances. Yahshua (Jesus) was not a Sabbath breaker as many people think but He refused to go with the extra bits and pieces which Rabbis and Pharisees added up in the commandment. Yahshua (Jesus) was a Sabbath keeper and we see that on many occasions Yahshua (Jesus) went to the Temple or synagogues on Sabbath day. Yahshua (Jesus) has never said in the Bible that Sabbath is over now, or stop keeping it, but Yahshua (Jesus) wanted to show that Lord gave us the Sabbath for our comfort and blessings not as a hard yolk as man made law portrayed it. Sabbath breakers were considered sinners according to the law, and please tell me, was Yahshua (Jesus) a sinner, because according to traditional Christians (Notsrim) He kept breaking the Sabbath?

Trinity and Unity issue using "The Shema" (Deuteronomy 6:4): The house of Judah (Traditional Jews-Yahudim) say: We profess it as the bedrock and pillar of Jewish (Yahudim) faith. The traditional view is that the Shema proves that Yahweh is an "absolute unity, and not a trinity." (Yati)

The traditional part of the house of Israel (traditional Christians (Notsrim)) has various groups and many are not sure about all this. Catholics have different idea of trinity. Some times they take Holy Sprit as myth and try to fit in Mary in the Godhead. Protestants believe in the Trinity but they do not go back to the Old Testament to look at Elohim and many find it hard to prove it during apologetic debates. There is another school of thought which are called Oneness or Yahshua (Jesus) Only and they try to fit Father and Spirit into one Yahshua (Jesus) and do not believe in the three Persons of Trinity but three Manifestations of One Yahshua (Jesus) in three different roles.

We believe that Jews (Yahudim) profess that the Shema is bedrock and pillar of Jewish (Yahudim) faith. But the word Echad (one) in the Shema is written by Moshe Rabainu (Moses) with the clear intention of teaching the true compound nature of the one Yahweh. But in Godhead there are three persons Yahweh the Abba Father, the Son Yahshua (Jesus) and Roach ha Kadosh (The Holy Sprit) and they are one in compound and they also work separately.

The Torah is the next big issue for Jews (Yahudim) to hate Christians (Notsrim) because they see them as torah-less people and the same way Christians (Notsrim) hate Torah by calling it curse and they hate Jews (Yahudim) because of it. The House of Judah (traditional Jews-Yahudim) say: The Torah is the primary focus of Life. They try to fulfill Torah through personal striving, personal fulfillment and good deeds. (Yati)

The traditional part of the House of Israel (Traditional Christians (Notsrim)) say: It is finished and it has got nothing to do with us. It is Jewish (Yahudim) thing and Christianity has no part in it. Many believe that Yahshua Elohim (Lord Jesus) came to abolish it and it was finished on the Cross of Yahshua (Jesus).

We should believe as the true follower of the Bible that "The Torah" is the instruction manual for the redeemed (by the blood (Dahm) of Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Christ)) community of Yahweh. Torah observance is a by-product of a spirit filled and directed life. All attempts to perform Torah outside the born again experience is doomed to failure. There is no salvation (Y'shua) if we only keep trying hard to please Yahweh by the works of Torah but Yahshua (Jesus) is the fulfillment of all the requirements of it. Our observance of Torah is effective and pleasing to Yahweh after our salvation (Y'shua) by faith in the blood (Dahm) of Moshiach (Christ). Yahshua (Jesus) took away the punishment not the Word of Yahweh and Torah is still the Word of Yahweh.

Moshiach (Messiah) the Yahshua Elohim (Lord Jesus Christ) is the key and biggest issue of separation bet


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