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AlGhabra is WEASLE

Reader comment on item: Is Omar Alghabra of Canada's Liberal Party an Islamist?

Submitted by HR (Egypt), Dec 23, 2005 at 05:51

Alghabra is not only an "Radical Islamist" but also a true "Weasel".

People are loosing even the standards of "Logic Thinking"

Lets go through the whole issue together:
1- Accusations were made against Alghabra and his supporters, and all the Islamic Statements and Radical Fanatical heat that rose in space that night. It could be true, it could be false, or somewhere in between. OK?
Also, accusations were made against Rogers, as they were there shooting the whole thing. Rogers ignored the phone calls to release tape, in reponse to the elections day.

2- Alghabra, came out saying "its all false".

3- Rogers, after ignoring all the requests from day one, came out saying they edited the tape, and they didn't keep the Raw Tape.

4- Everybody, started defending Alghabra, saying the accusations are not true.

5- All sorts of Forums spoke about this, including the CBC forum.


1- Where is Alghabra?, why didn't any one ask him, where were you from all these Radical Statements, even if we believe "you said nothing", it was your night. Why did you not show your regret?

2- Why did Alghabra not make it clear?, and say the whole truth (from his view at least). Why did he stand up in the press and said "I said nothing in my acceptance speech" and left it like that. Why did come out and say "on the other hand, I regret the statements made, by so and so".

3- I didn't see Alghabra apologizing for what was said by his supporter/s. Not apologizing clearly shows his agreement.

4- Rogers had a proof and erased it.

5- What if nothing came out in the Mississauga news?. And why do we believe that the Liberals are saying the full truth? It was their Riding, wasn't it. Common sense, they will try to cool things down.

6- What happened, all of a sudden to the CBC-Erindale Forum? They removed many posts.

7- WHY WE NOW, TAKE THE ACCUSATIONS A BIT MORE SERIOUS. WHY DO WE BELEIVE JUST THE WORDS OF PARISH AND ELIAS. AGAIN IF YOU HAVE REMEBER ITS THEIR RIDING, AND THEY CARE THAT OMAR KEEPS GOING FOR THE ELECTIONS. Why do NOT start believing that YES, Omar had his statements too ? Why do just believe what comes out of them?. If Omar says "NO" then its no!!, if Parish says its only the Markham Councilor, then its so. And any one else saying anything different is falsely accusing.

8- After 22 days of the elections day, and after a lot of pressure. Why not did the Liberals start speaking out and admitting ?

9- Now, the Markham Councilor is defending himself. Why don't we beleive him now !!!!??? Just because Parish and Elias said so it doesn't mean they are saying the truth.


SO, one critical question would come out, why now??, why did Parish and Elias speak out now?, they could have easily stayed silent.
Its simple, cause the word was spreading, many saw the incident, not only the names we know from the internet. The word was spreading, and that would affect the elections, and would help the conservatives to take the seat.

SO!!, they sat down and thought about it, and they made this very clever move. By going out and confessing, they would keep some confidence from the people. They made it look as if the whole thing was from a different guy, so keeping their Nominee clean. They also made it seem as if its the conservatives were heating up the whole thing.

So, now, all this anti-Omar Liberal move rising in Erindale, will start cooling down. All the Liberals who don't the truth and never even went to the elections (only 20% went and some only stayed till the very end, when all this happened) would come out a elect Omar, to keep the Erindale seat for the Liberals.

Tricky move, but clever. Its politics and you have to be that tricky to move the public as you wish.

Note: Again and Again, it has been confirmed from many, that Omar did say Radical Statements.

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