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Reader comment on item: Palestinians Taste a Dose of Their Own Medicine

Submitted by Yoven (United States), Nov 17, 2005 at 16:38

Hello Mr. Pipes & Readers,

I have always commented on Islamic terrorism and expressed my views on Islam from a secular eye. I have expressed my opinion numerously on Mr. Pipes articles based on my observations from Islamic atrocities and not from my personal belief system.

However, I have read some troubled comments recently from some readers about Hinduism, and not being an expert on Hinduism myself, I do adhere somewhat with the Hindu belief system. I am now living in Canadistan and I was born in the East French Islands. My ancestors 200 years ago moved from Southern India and migrated to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. I am deeply sorry but I don't want to reveal as yet in which country I was born due to the fact that I wish to protect my identity in this day of age of global Islamic Jihad.

Hinduism is not only a mere religion as most people seem to think. People have limited Hinduism in the category of religions but that it is not exactly correct. Hinduism stems from a word that was use to categorize the people of the Sindhu river. Hinduism is a way of life, it is a way of thinking, it is a school of thought and it is a representation of the holy trinity as one. The caste system is composed of two parts, the religious caste system and the social caste system. They both are totally different and not connected at all to each other. The social caste system has been and is still illegal in India; the lower class formerly called the "untouchables" is now emerging as a major work force in India that holds an important position within the Indian economy. Some people harshly criticize the ancient social class system of India being the sole cause of those so called "willing" religious conversion. Those people tend to forget about world history and the way people use to live in the past. The social caste system in India was not perfect but I was a good system for that time to keep the people in order and to keep the well being of a region or nation. We all know that India now is governed by a democratic government and is the largest democratic nation which means one law for everyone (except privileges for those "Islamists"). I would agree that the ancient Indian social class system was not perfect and sometimes unfair but on the overall it did work for its time. We all know that European Kings did not mix with the farming class and that goldsmiths did marry princesses. The aristocracy belonged to a higher class and the peasants were a different class. In all ancient cultures, there were different classes & tribes and most of the time different classes did not intertwine with each other. A princess could be put to death in ancient England if she would fall in love with a simple peasant and vice-versa, so it would be unfair to criticize the old Indian class system and forget about all the other primitive class system that was existent at that time.

The other side of the caste system that is not connected at all with the social caste system is the religious caste system. The religious caste system does discriminate on age, religion, color, wealth & origin. Hinduism is not just a religion but rather a universal way of life, there is no commandments, no set rules or supreme authority that dictates Hinduism. Being a Hindu is a state of mind that connects with the past, live accordingly to the present and improve its Dharma for the future. A Hindu doesn't hold any book or revelation as the divine word of God because God in our eyes is not a male authority from above that dictates our lives but rather an ever lasting power that resides in all inanimate and animate objects. God is everything and nothing; there is only one nirvana but many ways to get to it. A Hindu believes that one soul has to reincarnate itself until it attains supreme perfection and become one with the universe. Sanskrit scriptures are not to be read with the intention to be hold as the only truth but rather to be read as philosophy books to better understand life and better understand mankind. Hinduism is a collection of philosophers and sages that have transgress material and spiritual abode to reach a higher place. Hinduism is a collection of thought in the written form of about 9000 years and indefinite oral form, it is an everlasting open book that doesn't require divine intervention to be written or understood. Hence, the religious caste in Hinduism is the progress of one soul thought one lifetime, one can be poor and reach the highest level in Hinduism. I am sorry if I offend any Christians on saying this when I say that Jesus Christ was one of the Hindu saints and sages that attained nirvana, there is historical fact and data that maps his lost 17 years, Jesus was taught by Buddhist monks and Hindu sages and history is there to prove it in Tibet, India, Kashmir and all other lands that Jesus went to. There are certainly Hindus that converted to Islam on their own, just like Islam is converting people in American jails, deranged minds seems to be attracted with deranged ideologies but the main populace of the Islamic nations, it was conversion by the sword.

God Bless...

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