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Re: A balanced policy - Reply to everyone

Reader comment on item: Europe under Siege

Submitted by Reuben Horne (Australia), Oct 19, 2005 at 01:23

Dr Pipes,
There is a great convergence of opinion on the matter of immigration in the general population that has leant towards the negative in the past few years especially in Australia. An anomalous result of this is that the anti-immigration parties in Australia have members who are of the same ethnic extraction as the people they are trying to stop coming into the country. There is a keen appreciation that recent influxes will culturally transform the nation and may well erode their living standards.

In Australia it's less of a problem than it is in Europe. The influx of Islamic immigration and the disgustingly contrarian nature of their politics has for me broken down much of the reticence I had to see virtue in cultures (apart from the Muslims). For example the Indians experiencing much turmoil in their own country over the in-migration that resulted from the forced exodus from Cashmere in many respects have a deeper appreciation of the Anglo political institutions and rule of law than the Anglo-Celts in my country who take it all for granted. I have had lecturers in Law School of Indian extraction who are amongst the finest constitutional lawyers of their generation and whose full time job it is to remarket the virtue of Democratic traditions and the rule of law to a tired and cynical western audiences (whose ancestors invented these ideas in the first place). And perhaps this again is the problem - westerners can hardly complain about people who do not share their values transforming their countries if they are not prepared to market their values to these people.

There are ideological barriers to westerners being able to fly their own flags and propogate their own values. The Iraqi invasion for example conducted in a most culturally sensative manner may well wind up establishing another Iran. America acts as though democratic values and potential exist already within the country and consequentially only do half a job. Democracy is a very good product but legions of whining academics and half-wit pundit left wing students prevent us from marketing it effectively. As a person of part Asian descent I am sometimes, though not often, accorded a degree of immunity from this overarching political correctness.

The issues I contend such as the modern shape of multiculturalism however are always placed upon the "yes its a very complicated issue" pile. My views being somehow reasonable but too complicated for the average bovine twit who wades into these matters wearing the rosy colours glasses of left wing ideology - and always retreats to said ideology. It wouldn't be so bad if only these fools didn't have so much say and influence over present govenrment authority. It draws to mind a literary reference taken from of all places a computer game: "I speak with a passion that goes unheard."

Perhaps the problem then is just organisation. So many folks from so many different extractions meet for example here to share broadly similar views and communicate them intelligently and yet few of us band together to lobby as fervently as the idiots that dominate public policy in our nations. Saul Alinksy a mercenary left wing sociologist who would work for just about anyone extolled the virtues of organisation ahead of the moral content or tone of ones message. He helped depose CEOs by using gossip to drive them to stress related illness for example.

The banality of the Islamic message and its demonstrable untruths matched evenly by the similar deficiencies in the left wing message are irrelevant next to the fervor with which they market their ideas. Despite being minorities they dominate debate and we are forced to respond on their terms - no discussion will be aired except ones that proceed on the basis of Islam being essentially the same as Christianity or Judaism in its ethical substratum. As I have said often though I have yet to see Jesus or Moses rape someone in a passage of the Bible or Torah in the same manner which conquest hungry Mohammed did in the Koran to the wife of the leader of a rival tribe of Jews. The same cultural equivalence is given to people from societies that have essentially failed - the underlying proposition that the refugees are somehow appreciably different from the ones whom have organically produced political regimes that are demonstrably evil is logically untenable - but makes us feel warm and fuzzy - so often enough even the more sensible subscribe to it. In Australia for example the Islamic Lebanese (who in their Iranian sponsored vivisection of their country of origin created the problem from which they were fleeing) have become an objectionable fixture in Sydney - organised crime, welfare fraud, tax evasion, gang rape and terrorism (our first bomb making factory ever). Policing these people is almost an industry in itself.

Immigration then is something like a dating service only compatible persons need apply. Sometimes the migrants are far better and less jaded when it comes to the values of western society than the westerners themselves. And I hold myself out as an example of this phenomenon - a 7th generation Australian half asian ultra nationalist. With a little tweaking our immigration policies might actually serve to strengthen rather than to weaken us. But with the policy effectively in the hands of the left expect our societies to gradually spiral downhill. Like education and other areas it must be recaptured by the sane and the sensible. I'm pleased to see the first positive pursuit of an immigration policy that might actually be in Australia's interests thanks to a conservative government no less - we are bringing in 30,000 skilled migrants from places other than the Middle East and surrounds. We also always have non Islamic Asia to draw migrants from (our primary and principle source thus far) and as objectionable as Pauline Hanson found them - many nonetheless assimilate over time and they certainly don't conspire to (or fund those who conspire to) blow us up.

Nonetheless my sympathies go out Europe and I dread its impending Balkanisation. Just make sure that if things really go to hell it's the policymakers and ideologues that let things deteriorate who are up against the wall before any measures are taken against the poor fools fleeing strife torn nations who simply are trying to survive.

Reuben Horne.

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