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The Arabs and wannabe Arabs can go back to al-Hijaz

Reader comment on item: Recognizing Israel as the Jewish State: Statements, Actions, Analyses
in response to reader comment: Troubled Mathematics

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Dec 26, 2013 at 09:09

Our dear Amin whose Hindu ancestors must be proud of him wrote

And, I trust, if the blacks return to Africa and the whites to Europe,If? A very unlikely If.

Oh and East Indian Muslims aka Pakistanis and Indian Muslims and Bangladeshis leave England and return to India you included

the Arabs will return to the Hejaz to leave the Fertile Crescent to Aramaic-speaking Jews and Christians,Jews originated from Iraq -

Really? even if you are correct then you disagree with your Allah and we are told by no other than al-Tabari that your Allah gave the land between the Euphrates and Egypt to the Jews this would include today's Palestine oh and here is what al-Tabari is saying


What a disaster Allah is a Zionist

Palestinians & Syrian are Semitic people!


And what exactly is the:Fertile Crescent

ROTFL you do not know what is the Fertile Crescent? See? I told you not once but several times that you are no more than a غلباوي but substance? God forbid

And when did Jews abandon Hebrew and turn to foreign language?

Mr Eisntein Jews spoke Aramiac (gasp!) in antiquity and late antiquity it was the lingua franca of the people of the Middle East (Arabs included) for a very long period of time and even extant Jewish papyri from Egypt that cover let us say Khutuba texts were written in Aramiac and even Jesus' spoken language would have been Aramiac and even parts of the OT were written in Aramiac and not Hebrew as in the case of the book of Daniel and Ezra and I stand corrected here also the book of Esther and not to forget the great Targumim


This is why the Qur'an is full of Syiac or Syro-Aramiac words and sentences and one can very much debate that Surat al-Kawthar is no more than Peshitta 1 Peter 5:8-9 if one is to read it as a Syiac and not an Arabic sura

Oh the Arabs? early on extant fragments of the Qur'an were written by using Syriac alphabet and you can see in some of these framgent the Syriac covered by the Arabic Abgad and this is what the Arabs called Garshuni or Arabic texts written by using Syriac Abgad

How come you did not know that? Let me guess because you are and you must pardon me ignorant

Egypt to the Copts,The muslim Egyptians are as Egyptian as the Copts -

Well Gaston Weitz believed that 92% of today's Egyptians can trace their ancestry to the ancient Egyptians which means that you make a good point here but most Egyptian Muslims would tell you that their ancestors came from al-Hijaz what can I tell you

so where do you propose they will go?

Tell those that claim that their ancestors came to Egypt from al-Hijaz to go back to al-Hijaz and good riddance


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