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A plan to stop terrorism

Reader comment on item: Palestinians Don't Deserve Additional Aid

Submitted by Carol McNeill (United States), Jan 1, 2005 at 06:54

Dear Dr. Pipes:

Here is a plan to stop terrorism. Stop Aid to Immoral governments, give it directly to the people by those who can best afford it.

1. Aim at its causes
2. Spend member countries' money wisely.
3. Implement a new era in International relations

International cooperation as a post cold war foreign policy was the preferred form of diplomacy by President George Bush Senior, as written in his" Reasons For Not Invading Iraq".
I .Urge our government to ask the United Nations to vote on taking a plebiscite of all the residents of the Holy Land, (Use Pilgrim Map: Israel Dept. of Tourism, 2000) asking if they would cease fire -- If they would, they'd receive individually, a 25% surcharge on all travel (tourism, pilgrimages, business, weddings etc) to the Holy Land as a payment for being good Caretakers of the region . All residents are entitled to this inheritance tax since it is the land of their ancestors. They deserve to share in the future prosperity of the region. It would be a chance to work together for the common good.

II. The Age of Computers makes this a possibility. We need to use the same technologies terrorists are using for evil.

III. It will be administered annually by funds received from member nations STOPPING ALL FOREIGN AID FUNDS to dictatorial and terrorist regimes, as for example the Palestinian Authority etc, and diverting these funds to the U.N. for record keeping.
The world is tired of seeing America as an arrogant power, giving American-made weapons to Israel to shoot at terrorists, but occasionally hitting innocent women and children (due to terrorists positioning themselves among innocents). The world is tired of all the suffering inflicted by the invasion of Iraq. And Israelis are tired of war.
The real America feels that pain as much as the pain of innocent families blown up by hopeless suicide bombers, getting recognition and money to their families by the very leaders who do not set that example! We need to restore moral leadership in the Arabic, Judaic and Christian world.
Terrorism is giving aggressive China a chance to use disunity to threaten democracy, and free enterprise. Thanks to Confucius, the words" Do not do unto others what you would not want done unto you" traveled on the Silk Road to the Middle East, where a certain Jesus Christ said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

IV. Urge our government to lead the United Nations Security Council to vote to end financial and military support to terrorist- led governments.
Fundamental Islamic militants who gain control of a nation would receive zero foreign aid from the members of the United Nations who condemn them, for human rights atrocities, and for the subjugation of women. As it is Al Qaeda is trying to wrest control of Iraq's government by killing off its moderate leadership. Trade sanctions would be imposed.
Other governments, headed by radicals or Royalty should be investigated for their contributions to terrorist deeds, and for blocking freedom of the press, and if found by the International tribunal guilty, expelled from the U.N., until those conditions are corrected.

V. Build a U.N. worldwide broadcast station, and have channels in every country so that individuals can see the alternatives. Let the UN. explain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by dramatizations and real life examples. Let moral religious leaders, like Dr. Robert Schuller explain what Christianity has done for him. Urge Jewish and Arab/Muslim leaders to interview guests who testify to the power of their faith in making the world a better place to live in.
Broadcast scenes showing how hard work has helped others in an interdependent world:, for example , U.S. helicopters aiding survivors in Iran's earthquake, donations from governments and individuals to help allieviate the suffering of the tidal waves survivors, excetera. In addition Programs on nutrition, health and education are desperately needed in many regions of the world. Employ local people to translate and present the world community at its best.
Member nations could sponsor the station by advertising their countries history and treasures to solicit tourism.

Putting money into the pockets of the have-nots from the money of those who have plenty is sensible for the Holy Land security. All would benefit except the terrorists who'd lose their followings. As Time Magazine reports, their numbers are growing, fueled by the atrocities of the good guys.

If Osama Bin Laden, educated economics graduate, terrorist, doesn't want Western ways, and air conditioners let his followers have less reason to recruit more anti Westerners. Let him burn in H***.
Let him know that if he dare set off nuclear weapons in this country, the heart cities of his faith will be destroyed. MAD worked during the cold war, and it will work now.

The danger to the free world is threatened by guerrilla tactics of the terrorists. We must stop encouraging them! The attack on the Russian school with the intention to gain publicity and support for an independant nation, was an example of how our giving financial aid to a government that trains its own children to kill others has failed .Animals kill their young, but since Abraham, humans do not.

Your article is right on the money!

Carol McNeill


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