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islamic hypocrisy 2

Reader comment on item: Back to the Shores of Tripoli?
in response to reader comment: Wrong Perspective or the Wrong Spectacles?

Submitted by the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan (Australia), Mar 14, 2011 at 07:43

Mr Riaz, safely living in the UK, writes in response to reader 'Susan' statement that

Susan - "I'll be the first to admit that we should have never 'liberated' Iraq because Muslims aren't worth liberating"

"Your statement proves me right - bigoted to the hilt - if you had ounce of morality you wouldn't have said it."

When Muslims choose consistently to replace a system of government with one just as bad - or worse - then it is a fair thing to say that external support for enhancing such changes of government is a waste of time, effort and money.Why throw good money after bad?

'Decent' muslims like these voted in and accepted Hamas. Others voted for the Iranian Government and the present ineffectual Pakistani government. Her making that statement has nothing to do with the calibre of her morality. Why so quick to judge?

And if she had said something positive about Muslims and who governs them - would you say she was 'bigoted to the hilt/ then? Or is a person only bigoted when their views do not agree with your own?

",,,Millions of Muslims are human beings - just like the non-Muslims."

Why state the obvious? But apart from that - so what if they are human beings? Millions of Nazis were human beings too. Millions of devoted communist party apparatchiks in the former Soviet Union and currently China are human beings too. Millions of muslims would like to see the millions of Jews in Israel wiped out .

"I believe in decency, freedom, justice and truth. Not the "hateful" and "spiteful" diatribe you came out with. "

Good for you. So what are you doing about Muslim injustice to wards non-muslims around the world? Anything? No action group to champion the rights of Copts in Egypt or anything?

".Not the "hateful" and "spiteful" diatribe you came out with. .But here is something back:"

You don't believe spiteful diatribe - but 'revenge' for the slightest criticism is OK.

"Western men cannot control their sexual urges as most Western countries tend to have the highest rate of domestic violence. "

Another non-sequitur! Is it just the muslims that come on this site that are so prone to it? Examine the sentence - you make 2 false claims - then try to link them together. Domestic violence is never always related to sexual matters. The cause could be anything - not sharing housework, alcohol, not sharing childminding, money and financial stress, physical (non-sexual) violence - the cause being normally anything but sex. Though sometimes there may be a sexual element to it - and then it is a criminal offence in most western countries. However rape in marriage is not recognised in Muslim countries - so therefore is not reported as a crime - which totally skews any statistics. Also - with rape cases in Muslim countries - quite often the victim gets the blame and punishment - so again - who is going to report a sex crime - that needs 4 males witnesses?

"Pornography is rife and is mostly the sacred art of the White Women or those Westernized. Sex is used to sell everything - semi nude woman. "

I can only put such statements down to the fact that living in a muslim enclave in a western society warps your perception so much that you cannot see what is really going on around you.
Pornography is certainly available and indulged in by some. Like anything else after a while it gets totally boring - there's no new variations on a theme. However - pornography is legal. People are left to make up their own minds about what they want to do and how they want to spend their time. There is no sharia telling you what you must and must not do.

As you should know, Westerners have no hangups about sex - and have long since left the Victorian era where even table legs had to be covered - lest they lead Victorian men astray - that's why their women don't bother wearing freedom sacks now. Women don't perceive themselves as being the personal possessions of their partners.

In contrast pornograophy is illegal in most muslim countries - yet huge numbers of muslim internet users download and view the most perverted stuff on offer. The highest number outright (not per person) of searches for bestiality titles comes from Pakistan.

As well as being off the wall morally - it is also a criminal offence in Pakistan - yet so many flagrantly break the law.

"....There are no laws to protect sanctity of marriage anywhere in West."

??? People protect what is sacred to them - not some nanny state. If you need a law to protect a relationship - there's something very wrong with it in the first place.

"Pedophilia by Catholic Priests - from Italy, Spain, Ireland, UK, USA and etc"

yeah, right.

."....Demeaning and degrading women to nothing more than Sexual Objects -"

... go on.

"......USA loots the whole country and its maniacal Iraqis that are the looters? Those objects were there for centuries - they only got looted with Americans coming. Bush's probably got the choice items."

You really think so - 'probably"?. A US president gets easily identified stolen antiquities? Well it's consistent with the credibility of the rest of your arguments.

"In poor starving Gaza, candies and sweets are being handed out to celebrate the courageous murder of a baby. A baby who will never grow up even enough to taste a candy. Cries of "Allah Akhbar" fill the air. But who is this Muslim deity greater than, a 3 month old baby whom his followers had to murder in the dark. What a mighty deity this Allah's worshipers must think he is, that he cannot even murder babies himself, but must rely on his cowardly followers to sneak into their homes and cut their throats. Jackals serving a jackal headed god. The old Anubis with his black grin. The joke as always on his followers, trying to bargain for their afterlife, with death clutched in their hands. "

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