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Considering the Penalty for Obstructing Jesus Christ and the Acceptance of His People Israel

Reader comment on item: Accepting Israel as the Jewish State[: Public Opinion in Four Arab Countries]
in response to reader comment: More to Mr. M Tovey - Part -6

Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), Jul 6, 2010 at 16:28

First of all, were I to look at your expression of wishing a happy independence day, and take it the context of your less than appreciative view of America's place in the world, the wonder might be, is there confusion or patronizing in the underlying attitude that belies the greeting. Nevertheless, yes; it was a good Independence Day for some, so thank you. It is too bad the reality of why America came into existence has been perverted by those who hate the United States; and not knowing the real reason why, many will never understand.

As you are a detractor of the American experience, you can never realize the real reason America came into existence. The process of information upon which you have developed your view of America is flawed beyond any ability I may have to re-educate you; and I've not got the thirty years it took me to understand it all to impart the reality. It's really too bad.

If you have not read the letters of George Washington (or of his like-minded compatriots) to the various framers about the heinous activities of the slave trade, then your education of early American history is seriously incomplete. I suspect you do not know the first casualty of the American Revolution was a free black man killed by the British, giving his life for the freedom of others. If you do not have the evidence of Thomas Jefferson's view of the French influences of inciting the indigent native tribes against the non-French settlers long before the battle for Independence from the British was begun, then there is much that needs to be understood before making accusations about someone you obviously know very little about. Neither do I think you understand the reason Jefferson had a Quran of his own was to understand the enemy he faced along the Berber coast. And I would love to know how old you are to remember Theodore Roosevelt's actions, let alone whether or not they were appropriate or not.

Now you continue in your diatribe about things for which you do not have all the facts, and of a preconceived ideology that colors the information for which you still have a ready view. To the converse, I have yet to read of your observation on the questions of Kashmir (much closer to home for you), of the rights of the Sikhs and their frustrations as expressed in the assassination of Gandhi, or of the destruction of the temples by Muslims. Do we now get the idea? There is enough blame of inappropriate actions to go around; America is not alone in this race to the destruction of humanity. Therefore your intention to lay at America's doorstep the blame of all that has happened is misguided at least, and worse, is filled with prejudicial error.

Now let us give a lesson on civics as it relates to America, for it is evident still that you do not understand why America even exists. As has been said before, America was started on Biblical principles, with the admonition that only people who supported those Biblical principles were in a position to conduct the America government under those principles. But sinful humanity being what it is, those that hated the Holy Bible got into the American political arena from the very beginning and began subverting those principles, which as you can see continues to this day; and even is more entrenched than any human can withstand. So what is the governing Biblical principle about government(?); that Almighty God is the originator of government and is in force by His ordinance; and gives the appropriate government to the people to be governed as He sees appropriate. When America's intentions were to be governed by Biblical principles, He provided the blessing for that. When defection becomes the order of the day, what do you think He's going to do? Be careful, for as you condemn America for departing from Biblical principles, what do you think is appropriate for your government if it never adopted such a premise to govern. Then, how about you individually?

You speak of certain Christians standing for Biblical principles, John Brown against slavery (Abraham Lincoln –a born again Christian, by the way-for officially abolishing it and losing his life for doing so), the above mentioned Crispus Attucks, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer (not American, yet not alone in his stance) against the Nationalist Socialists of Germany. What do you think prompted their actions and efforts? Why do you think their actions stood out enough for you to notice, and make these citations? It is the love of Jesus Christ that gave them the courage, the message of the Gospel that gave them their example to be examples for the cause of Jesus Christ. I will try once more to provide an insight as to why this is so.

It is all based on the words of Jesus Christ, and of the love He demonstrated to me and all those who have taken Him at His WORD and believed in Him in faith. He went to the cross and died for my sins, which is the minimal basis for my believing in Him in faith, and not someone or something else.

In John 15:13, Jesus Christ says, Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

In John Brown and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, we see this taken to an extent farther, that they stood against the powers that hated what Christianity stood for, of the Divinely instituted equality of every man, woman and child, and that sinful humanity without Christ worked the evils that we see around the world. There is then the necessity for believing in Jesus Christ as Savior.

In the more modern context, I read where a Security Officer spotted a potential homicide attacker in the streets of Israel. As he, the Security Officer, moved in to intercept and deflect the obvious intention of the attacker to harm innocent civilians, the attacker detonated his vest device, killing himself and the Security Officer. The Security Officer was nineteen. I have no information as to the spiritual proclivities of that young man, but even he demonstrated the Biblical principle as stated by Jesus Christ, even for strangers. Is his action to prevent harm to others any less heroic? To look at the reaction of the Muslims that rejoiced in the death of the attacker for his attempt to instill terror and murder of the Security Officer, one is found to wonder at each of their motives and for me, make the determination that the Security Officer's bravery will have a better read in heaven than the murderer's. Where does your ideology take you on that?

Now, in the same vein that Jesus Christ was tempted to debate the qualities of Scripture in the wilderness, your attempt to use Scripture to justify your position of unbelief fails for the lack of understanding what that specific Scripture means. Mammon in the times of Jesus Christ's first visit to His people (the Jews, in case you have forgotten), was a god of money, and the service to the god was for the sake of money. Thus, you cannot claim to be a servant of Almighty God and then serve Mammon. It is contradictory. Thus, your use is out of context.

So, as long as there are situations where supporting the specific actions of Godly principles by faithful people who follow the Holy Bible as the guide to all things, to Jesus Christ I will endeavor to be obedient. My trust in Him provides that guidance. If you can see enough to understand that the current American Administration is following some other path than as the Holy Bible dictates, nothing but trouble will result, as such judgment requires. For example, there is an attempt for the America Administration to distance their relations with Israel, even as the American Executive meets with Israel's leader as this is written, something many in the Muslim world relish. I do not support that. But the question……idol worshipping, is a long stretch even for human logic for my intention to honor my Almighty God, who gave me salvation through Jesus Christ.

Now as to the question of fear, I have none as it pertains to my faith in Jesus Christ and my expression of His love for others (even as I care about you); that He has promised to be my defender and shield through the power of His love. Does that make me different than the average American? It could very well be, such that I think you have once again, confused the world's perception of just who is a true Christian compared to those who merely take the title for convenience. I do not fear the rest of the world, rather I fear for the world as it propels itself at Satan's whim to its own destruction, and for the people who have refused to believe in Jesus Christ, for the judgment they face for rejecting Him.

Let us digress for a moment and revisit: it is purported by proponents of the Quran that the Islamic Prophet met Jesus Christ in heaven? If such a monumental meeting had indeed taken place, do you, or anyone else think that Jesus Christ would have mentioned it? But He does not; that further, the words of Jesus Christ are dismissed for the premise that the Quran has somehow, someway, supplanted the Holy Bible. The overwhelming evidence is that the Quran does not replace the Holy Bible. You have yet to provide competent evidence that the Holy Bible is anything other than what Jesus Christ has said it is. What do you think He is going to say about why you are calling Him a liar?

I could go on, but why? If you think you do not have enough arguments now to explain to Jesus Christ why you do not want to believe in Him, let me tell you what you have thought so far is sufficient. You really should not compile more evidence of your unbelief. Yet repentence is all that is required to accept Him while you yet can, asking Him into your heart in faith and and belief.

Now again, it is your unbelief that questions Israel right to their own land, of their right to national security, and if the reluctance of the world to accept Jews in Israel altogether. But here again, Jesus Christ tells of the love Almighty God has for the Jews, and that the promise of the law is eternal, for which Jesus Christ died on the cross to fulfill. Failure to understand that, and failing in believing Jesus Christ is a person of His WORD regarding Israel is the source of the confusion to those who cannot understand why Israel even exists today against all the efforts of the surrounding Muslim communities, and even the rest of the world. Israel is your most promising evidence to reconsider, and Jesus Christ is your best evidence to realize that He told the truth, no matter what anybody else has implied or lied about.


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