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My "hatred" is for lie, deceipt, and deception ...

Reader comment on item: The Limits of Terrorism
in response to reader comment: The Muslims will temporarily "rule the earth", but never the kingdom of God

Submitted by kman (United States), May 13, 2009 at 23:54

I am sorry for those of Islam for buying into the the distortions that Muhammad introduced into God's Word.

For the record, I know quite a bit about Islam and their beliefs in the dual doctrines of the Quran. I also know quite a lot of Islam's history both before and after it was re-written by Islamic scholars to make it more palatable to its modern day adherents and the clueless "infidels".

Jesus did not teach respect for figures of other religions. Islam may do that depending on which brand of the Quran you buy into. There are two versions of the Quran that preach contradictory beliefs neither of which ever understood the full meaning of the Messiah's coming. Jesus was quick to point out a lie and hypocrisy.

There are many denominations within Christianity, but they all adhere to the same all important and basic belief.

Jesus taught one belief and only one belief. Love for mankind was amongst his teachings. He didn't preach anything soppy. When religious leaders taught lies or from deception and hypocrisy, he called them on it - adamantly. He accepted death, humiliation, and hatred to pay a one time price for a humanity that failed to live up to the law that God handed down. (That presented a problem because God was perfect in law. That nature didn't allow him to be in the presence of imperfection without destroying it.)

So, Jesus, being man formed by the Spirit of God, and therefore God, also, became the only man (and God) who lived a morally perfect life. That allowed him to pay the price for the rest of humanity - providing that it was accepted individually by each one who would become paid for.

The idea of being a "nice" person and therefore eligible for eternal life in some kind of accpetable eternity is one of the biggest fables of mankind.

The Muslims believe only part of the message from Jesus - belief in God. Some believe in just coasting through life and leaving every one else alone and thinking that buys them accpetance before God or Allah - whatever you want to call him. The ones who wield power are always eventually deceived or bullied into aligning themselves with the militants who believe anything goes in decimating any population that doesn't believe in their "Allah". That opens the flood gates to every imaginable atrocity and heinous act that man can conceive of. That is the history of Islam in a nut shell. We can go on forever with specifics and fill every library in the world if you want with just the last several decades.

There is some "goodness" in the Quran, but Muhammad left out the crucial features that God has always taught. That would be helping the rest of mankind see the pure holiness, love, and truth of God along with God's payment plan. Man's total failure to live up to God's laws is laid out endlessly and in great detail in God's Word. For anyone to think all they have to do is believe in God and be a relatively "good" neighbor is to miss the final and deliberate act of God that gave all mankind the opportunity to see the truth of the "payment plan" - "the good news".

The Jews thought the Messiah would militarily deliver them from oppression when he appeared. That will happen in his second appearance when he defeats the forces of evil. His first appearance was to accomplish a re-teaching of all God's laws and love, and then make payment for those who decide to live for him.

The Muslims either live a closeted existence in their own isolated communities or, when power is achieved, decide to wipe out everything that isn't Muslim in whatever fashion they so desire. Well, not everything. As long as one submits to opression (that Jesus never taught) one can live in some Muslim nations. This isn't any message of love that a God who created man would have. He loves us very greatly and has done everything possible to help his creation see that loveand all truth.

Islam could care less what the rest of humanity thinks until it achieves power.

I don't have to back track very far to find real Islamic history. Weeks and months do very nicely and please don't trot out that old fable of the "few" who commit all the atrocities to the detriment of the rest of you. The rest of you are very quick to attach yourselves to the militants whenever the militants attain political or military power. When you start not only acknowledging the enormous weight of evil perpetrated in the name of Allah and speaking out against it, then you alone may be able to claim some integrity. For now, the vast majority of the Muslims are dead silent about the horrific crimes committed in the name of "Allah".

Point out to me which version of the Quran you believe in and then we'll discuss "facts".

When you can fess up to your own failings as must every human adult, and seek God's forgiveness through his Christ, then you will understand God's ultimate truth and love. His salvation isn't for just any one culture, people, nation, or "religion". You will never get any argument out of me about the moral standing of my nation before God. It barely holds onto any semblence of the "best" nation to live in, but it does do that. So far, I can study anyone's religion and beliefs and decide for myself as an individual (as I will stand before God at the end) what I believe, unlike what the Muslim nations decide for their individuals. That freedom is dying fast right now, and our moral decline is following right along behind. God's truth never dies.

God doesn't put value in humans who are forced to believe in him. He values those who will preach his plan and teachings despite the personal cost. There is a lot of value in the Quran, but its encapsulated whole is designed to blind man of God's true plan, love, and truth. It does that by taking God's greatest message and re-directing it into an alltogether different direction by introducing deceptions and distortion.

I take no personal pride in my God. He took me out of the same cess pool the rest of humanity comes from. His action, not mine. Mind you, I don't take away from those fragments of truth, love, and integrity that DO exist in the Quran. I don't have any love for the mis-direction it takes its believers in, though.

You can produce a math book that teaches 2 + 2 = 4 until you introduce the belief you can add 3 to it and equal 9. The fact that it has partial truth does not mean it has the full and ultimate truth.

Neither America or the English language has any root in the truth. It first came out in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. That truth was translated into English and then many other languages. The English speaking nations have lost an enormous amount of ground despite the "truth" that is printed in millions of their books. Many of their peoples, though, still hold on. So do millions in many other languages including those few who haven't yet been slaughtered or driven from Muslim lands.

The facts of islamic behavior have been detailed very heavily in past months on this forum. If you care to take a look back, you can spare a lot of back and forth dialogue from the both of us.

I eventually got over most of the rage and hatreds introduced by the mis-fortunes my culture visited upon me. God is working on the rest. You can do the same, but it may mean going against whatever culture or nation you were born into. God will accept no less than absolute allegiance to him despite national or cultural leanings. Note I accept that a measure of "hate" exists within me. I work against it, but fess up to falling short of the perfection Muslims claim, but don't have.

Enough for now. My time is very short and you have claimed more of it than anyone has for some time on this forum.


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