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8.55 ... Good ayat, wrong translation !

Reader comment on item: Does Turkey Still Belong in NATO?
in response to reader comment: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Apr 21, 2009 at 07:53

BERK AKK wrote :

> Dear sir ,first of all i honestly say you that i never undestand the 8.55 verse as how it was translated to your side. <

It was translated 'to my side' by Hafiz Abdullah Yusuf Ali who - following your logic - certainly 'mistranslated' the verse to denigrate Allah and his slaves in the eyes of the kafirs who might happen to be aware of its existence, what ?

Now check other 'mistranslations' of 8.55 :

PICKTHAL: Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the ungrateful who will not believe.
SHAKIR: Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe.

"The ungrateful" are "kafaru" in original - 'those who disbelieve' or simply 'kafirs' or 'gavurlar' in your 'secular' Turkish.

> If that was true then i would admit your claim.<

So I challenge you to prove right now what and why is not true in Yusuf Ali's , Picktal's and Shakir's translations of 8.55 and what is true in yours instead ? We have here on the forum also some experts on Quranic Arabic who can help you in case you are unable to prove anything.

> Hovever i am not a good religious believer<

You are not a good Moslem ? From the hidden line of arguing I've inferred the contrary. You are as good a Moslem as your imam.

> ,i searched for you from various translations that does not come to your conclusion.<

You mean the Turkish translation : " Şüphesiz Allah katında, yeryüzünde yürüyen canlıların en kötüsü, inkaredenlerdir. Artık onlar iman etmezler." ?

"Canlılar" is a very weak expression ' 'animated beings' , 'beings with a soul', although "en kötüsü" (the most wicked, raffian ) is expressive enough , isn't it ?

Anyway, what conclusions did these 'other translations' of yours come to ? ... "The sweetest servant in the sight of Allah is he who doth not believe in Islam for he applies his mind as is appropriate to every human being worth the name instead of relying on incoherent and infantile hallucinations of a primitive ignorant Arab murderer who pretended to be my prophet!" ?

>Some leaders in history or in present day may have judgements in similiar ways as your said translations,<

It's very interesting to see how consistently and obstinately you insist on the word 'translation' and how scrupulously you avoid that which is translated, i.e. how you are afraid to touch upon and face the nasty original ayat !!! It speaks volumes and betrays you completely!

I sense a typical Moslem crook who would rave about and vilify anything and anybody but never ever his beloved deen and Allah - the brilliant author of the dull Quran. It's impossible for a Moslem to admit there might be something wrong with Allah or his word. It's such a relieving trick to blame 'mistranslations' , 'misconceptions' ... and - implicitly- reassure, defend and save Islam that stands and falls with this thrid-rate booklet called the Quran... Sickening Moslem comedy of errors !

> not only these verses but many others,a great portion of people especially from anotolia completely differs in way of understanding such verses.<

A two generations ago "a great portion of people especialy from Anotolia" were totally illiterate. Now their grandsons and greatgrandsons exercise their consummate skills in Quran interpretation, logic, literary criticism and translation science... An interesting metamorphosis of 'a great proportion of people [...] from Anatolia' ! I assume that they are as right now as they were before.

> Should we apologise that we dont understand the verse as you have translated?<

Why ? It's Allah that makes you not understand things, doesn't He ? How could you dare apologize for Allah ? before us - "the worst beasts in teh sight of Allah"? Come on, Moslem! You are insulting our intelligence!

> But as far as i see a great portion from your side trying to built a wall forcing positive thinkers to take position or making a choice.<

"A great portion from my side" are still clueless as to what monsters Moslems in fact are and what a heinous death and crime cult Islam is. Ayats like 8.55 help them a lot understand the whole magnitude of the coming danger. You present it right , hence your determination to circumvent, ridicule and invalidate a valid point by pretending to ignore 8.55 and dismiss its literal and faithful translations.

It's always the same recurrent seek-and-hide game with you Moslem jihadists. You assume that nobody knows anything about you. You come as wolves in sheep's clothing. You spread sweet lies of "the religion of piece", "Abrahamic brotherhood", "Islamic tolerance" etc. etc. When you notice your tricks don't work, you blame and vilify the critics. When it's not effective enough in view of the overwhelming evidence against you, you switch to blaming a small group of extremists within your ranks that forgot to put on sheep's clothing. But when even that doesn't work, you return to "misconsceptions", "mistranslations" or pressed hard you admit you don't know or udnerstand what you DO KNOW very well and what constitues the very core of your evil teaching !

> Do you think one day al people in earth will accept your claims?<

"Claims"? I rely on the evidence and it's you Moslem that produce unsubstantiated claims. You said e.g. Ysuf Ali's translation of 8.55 was wrong. But where is the evidence that you are right and Hafiz Yusuf Ali was wrong ? It's just an empty makeshift claim of yours to deflect our attention form the nasty problem you want to be overlooked by us kafirs!

> What if not? will you exterminate? or what ?<

No, it's you Moslems that will start exterminating as always. Islam starts jihads. Cyprus and Iraqi Kurdistan were your last victims. Whom will you try to expel and exterminate next ? Some parts in Greece? Armenia ? Russia ? We know beforehand that you Moslem aggressors will blame your victims and cry "Catch the thief!" if they defend themselves! This tactics never changes.

> You dont mine personally if someone insults you if he find reasons is a peronal way of thinking but not universally accepted.<

"universally accepted"? Moslem narcissistly perverted mind has now gained the status of 'universality'. What a joke !

> This also goes wrong with basic terms of psychlogoy scientific facts.Insulting TO someone damages his vital physchologie.<

It's exciting to learn from a Moslem liar that truth which some Moslem finds insluting 'TO someone damages his vital physchologie.' What the point here? Never insult a criminal because you might "damage his vital psychology".. It's nevcessary and much better to see a damaged perverted psychology than see a triumphant LIE and CRIME as that of Islam !

> I agree in that islam being teached in wrong ways in many countries<

I see.. Islam is not wrong , it is just taught "in wrong ways in many countries"... Not in Ataturkestan , what ? ... The Moslem sheep is bleating out the old sweet anti-insulting nonsense. Bleat on ! If you don't , then Allah may send you to hell and you know that bad Moslems are dropped down to hell a level lower than we kafirs ...

> ,but BEFORE calling ALLAH to an international conference please pick up him from airport and make the necesarry hotel reservations:). <

It will be a total waste of money and of hotel space ! I'll rather call and tell the relatives of the 9/11 victims and of the US soldiers killed by jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan about Allah's arrival. I assure you that they will take care of your Allah better than anyone else.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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