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To Zahra Namdar, a.k.a Iranian Hater

Reader comment on item: Israel and Syria going to war?
in response to reader comment: To Arya M,From: An XXX Iranian {now 100%American}

Submitted by Aria M. (United States), Jul 13, 2008 at 18:05

Zahra: "Get It through your proud Iranian head,I am An American!"

Good for you. I too was born in Iran and currently hold an American passport. If you're juggling parochial factoids, at least try to make them relevant... I consider myself a global citizen and do not have an affinity for Iranian culture -- that's just a matter of preference. From a legal stand point, a passport merely signifies your nationality, not the whole cultural idiosyncrasies that goes with it.

That being said, being raised in a particular culture would congenitally and psychologically bind you to its core attributes. You can accept other cultures base on manifestation of preferential acquiescence but can never divorce yourself from your roots (i.e. Your ethnicity will always remain Iranian). An Indian guy, a Chinese woman, or a French teenager, they all will retain those cultural subtleties of their country of origin even though if they spend the rest of their lives somewhere else.

Zahra: "I do not Have Any desire to see any mosques around my neighborhood ."

If you have an issue with a construction of monument of certain spiritual importance around your neighborhood, then the matter should be resolved at the municipal level. Nevertheless, if your issue stems from the racist stand point, aiming to discriminate, then, as I have said before, you only brand yourself as a bigot. Your intolerance is a contumely to the most quintessential characteristic of being American: freedom of expression and religion. So I guess you have a long way to go to call yourself an American as you have shown no redeemable quality so far. If any of these fundamental dictum are too much for you to handle, please do everyone a favor and leave America.

Zahra: "My own former Iranian cousin and friends ,go to Iran just to have fun!.They hold the US passport in their left pocket and [...] Iran's passport... in their right pocket!"

Ya, and your point is? Many people have dual citizenship and as you have mentioned, it's for "fun" or family related accounts, and the reason is to bypass the the hardship of visa acquisition. If you wish to never visit Iran or some other country, that's your prerogative but don't ever reprehend others who hope to visit their family and friends. I have reiterated this point many times but it appears that you are just another overweeningly flatulent piece of braggadocio who does not have a rudimentary understanding of the contemporary circumstances.

Zahra: "Not only that ,Most Are born and raised in the USA,......So, your estimate on % of Iranians are wrong!"

Estimation for what? Are you suggesting those who hold dual citizenship were "most[ly]" born outside of Iran? Haha, are you delusional or just decided to divorce yourself from reality? You can't just call up a foreign embassy and request a passport, that's preposterous. Your congenital idiocy is impeding you from making a coherent averment.

Zahra: "Where are The good Iranian Americans?"

You are talking to one. "Good" is a subjective term and with all honestly, do we have to sit here listen to your Finger-Wagging aunt Sally's gratuitous assumptions? Are you implying that having a particular ethnicity automatically renders you (as you have maliciously inferred) a "bad" person? Your moral steam engine is fizzling out for being overly judgmental.

Zahra: "Where are the good moslims? My foot!!!"

Everywhere, only if you open your heart and eyes. There are decent and shoddy person of almost every background, ethnicity, faith, and nationality but prejudicing base on those attributes alone is frown upon in the civil world, if you haven't noticed. Your very name, "Zahra," is a Muslim name, haha. Perhaps you may want to retract your rant.

"My foot!!!" What does even mean? Are you trying to mix a bit of "Iranian" idiom into the dialogs? Haha, may I remind you how hypocritical you sound when you dis your own ethnicity, yet pepper the verbality of your statements with Iranian colloquy? Unless you are suggesting you are blessed with giant feet or perhaps own "Haines Shoe House". I suggest utilizing plausible deniability more often in your discourse...

Zahra: "They are scared? ... Islamic people are not scared of anything."

That's called a non-sequitor butter troll. ...

Zahra: "Do you know how many Iranians I met ,with 3 different names+how many international passports they hold."

*yawn* I thought you hate Iranians; how come, now, you are admitting to "meeting" with them? Many Indian and Chinese immigrants embrace a more Western surname as it would facilitate their assimilation in to the society. So once again, what is your point? Technically there is no "international" passport, where did you come up with that scheme?

Zahra: "I have A strong hint ,Most Iranians are phony political refugees!"

You have a "hint?" What are you a psychic now? As you have confessed, your premise revolves around concocted postulation which has no place in the realm of honest discourse. "Political refugee..." such as yourself, right? Or perhaps you are referring to Mehdi Kazemi, an Iranin gay young man who is being deported back to Iran so the authorities can have him hang -- that kind of "phony" refugee? Oh, my bad, your very religion -- Christianity -- considers homosexuality a "sin" so I suppose his death means nothing to you.

I asked you not once, but twice to present a concrete and "verifiable" research that points evidence to your premise. Thus far, you have failed miserably to provide any so we can securely contend your remark is merely a speculation, period. Indeed, myths were soon punctured...

Zahra: "It is against the International law to go back to your native country, once you were granted a refuge!"

Not necessarily. There are many Iraqi "refugees" all around the world at this point but that does not mean they can't move back to their country of origin. Perhaps you meant to say "political asylum" in which case that statement holds true. However, once again, you implied that "Iranian" political refugees are impostors but you failed to provide any evidence for that matter.

Zahra: "Most phony political prisoners In Europe are either in jail or being deported!"

You said it yourself, "phony political prisoners" which means their status of fraud has been determined by the governing authority or else you wouldn't be calling them "phony." In that respect, the assumption that "Iranian" political refugees are impostors would be patently false. If one does not have an evidence to prove his refugee status, then he/she must be deported to the country of origin -- nobody is disputing that matter. However, the gist of your sputum of garbage condemns "ALL" foreigners who seek political asylum as fake. Disseminating deceptive and misleading evidence are all you got at your disposal and it shows.

Zahra: "Switzerland is recognizing how these people are taking global advantage of their system."

Again, where is your proof? Just because your daddy was an ambassador to Austria 30 years ago, it doesn't make you an arbitrator of bogus claims.

Zahra: "Do you know how many Iranians are Globally In jail for fraud?"

No, what don't you indulge us with your infinitely "peculiar" wisdom. You ask me a question to sensationalize your quack, yet you conveniently dodge the answer, bravo cup cake.

Zahra: "What is your real name? Are you scared too? "

Why? So you can pass my name to Iranian regime? I've already made some effort to spread the plight and struggle of Iranian students to achieve more social and political freedom so perhaps Mullahs are not too fond of me by now. What are your credentials? What have you done to combat the regime? Ya, that's what I thought, only a coward hiding in her mansion somewhere in California writes such drivel with a smug sense of righteousness.

Zahra: "my respect for Tibet and It's nation under pressure is strong... globe witnessed their small but powerfull [sp] voice wich [sp]..."

Bahahaha! Where did Tibet come into play? What does Tibet have to do with any of this? You lame brain red herring would only serve as robotic motions of delusional praise.

Zahra: "Now tell me Iranians are more cyvilized and have more guts,or the nation of Tibet?"

"cyvilized!" You can't even spell worth snot after all the blow hard ballyhooing that "I am an American." Please come back when you got your license first and finish grade school. You can't even locate Tibet on the map let alone champion their cause.

Zahra: "Yes ,under the Great Statue Of liberty ,I can freely say I am Anti-Islam."

Oh ya, the good old freedom of speech pap... when convenient, you smear the First Amendment as a broad shield to hide behind your racism. Perhaps for someone who never been properly educated, you cannot possibly comprehend the distinction between right to free speech and hate mongering.

Zahra: "We must take military action as soon as possible against Iran..."

We? Who are we? You would strap yourself with a machine gun and fight the mullahs? Or would it be a son of a widow who sends him overseas to fight another poor man's son at the expense of your self-aggrandizement? War, war, war... That's all you can muster when you have nothing better than fiddling with your intellectual bankruptcy. You are a lost cause Zahra and I petty you.

Zahra: "John Mc Cain [sp] is the answer, Bibi is the solution and Sarkozy has guts!"

You neither have a mind for psychoanalysis nor political punditry. Stick to your strong suits. ...

Your entire premise derived from spewing more of immaterial palaver and your pronounced hatred. You are not even capable of putting together a coherent set of thoughts let alone waltz in here to your own echo chamber of prevarication. Engaging in racially hyperbolic inflammatory rhetorics by someone your age is just baffling. You... do not deserve another response from me. Go ahead and conjure up some self-congratulatory comments so you feel good about yourself. Have a nice life.


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