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Abraham's Faith in His L--d is the Model of the Faith One Should Have in The Anointed of the L--d

Reader comment on item: Palestinians Who Prefer Israel
in response to reader comment: The Faith Of Abraham Was Not What You Think

Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), Feb 5, 2008 at 11:23

Faith is a state of mind that indeed calls for courage, and to have faith in Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) and to believe in the record of the full Holy Scriptures requires even more than the courage that Abraham has, for even as he is called the father of the faith we have today, he at least got to commune with his L—d face to face to reinforce his beliefs, something that if claimed by a follower of Jesus Christ today would call into question that person's state of mind.

All that being said, to say that there is no evidence of the fact of the person of Jesus Christ being born, then put to death by crucifixion and being raised again and calling it a falsehood calls into question the faith that anyone who holds faith in the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob based on the Hebrew Scriptures. The truth of the person of Jesus Christ begins in the Tenach (the Torah, Neviim and the Ketuvim –forgive the misspelling) and continues to this day in the witness of the New Testament faithful, both in synchronization to the destiny of Israel and her rightful place as the seat of the House of David.

Whom does Abraham worship? Is it not the Eternal Sovereign of the people of Israel? And Who does any true Christian worship through Christ Jesus, none other than the same Eternal Sovereign. To say any different is the falsehood of the Adversary, his lies being told from the garden. The faith of Abraham is the faith that this reader believes is described in the Scriptures, but it is not the belief system portrayed falsely by religious traditions told outside of the truth of the Word of G-d.

It is conceded and stipulated here that indeed the Greco-Roman culture of ancient times insinuated itself into the Christian ethos of those days after finding out that true and faithful Christianity could not be burned out at the stake or torn away in the games of the coliseum. Faux Christianity took on the masks of the godless entities in order to defame the truth and to use Christianity to conquer the world in contradiction to the true Word of the L—d. If one continues to associate Romanesque Christianity with its ill-conceived interference in the truth faith, then there is little hope that the necessary change of heart to have true faith in the L—d's Anointed is going to occur.

The faith Abraham had was completed in the first appearance of Jesus Christ, for the witness Jesus Christ had was declared by His saying that Abraham saw the day of Jesus Christ's revealing to Israel and was glad. In the final analysis, the L—d did not have to prove Himself to Abraham to know the truth of Him, but Isaac's life was in danger if Abraham did not believe what the L—d required of Him. Isaac's life was a foreshadowing of the sacrifice of the L—d's own Anointed as written in Isaiah, and by faith Abraham demonstrated that he could trust in the L—d to do exactly what He promised.

Semantically, one can minimize all the trappings of the made-up traditional religious aspects of Christianity and have some reason for doing so (for example, in contradiction to the traditional thinking, this believer believes that the birth of Jesus Christ occurred at Rosh Hashanah and was circumcised before Yom Kippur-and the wise men did not show up until maybe months later-all this fits Scripture). But to trivialize the truth of the Word of the L—d as it relates to an individual's faith and eternal destiny calls into question the destiny of the one who does not have the truth of the L—d guiding him in true faith. Ultimately, believing in the L—d Jesus Christ has never failed anyone who has done so in faith, but not believing in Jesus Christ will always be a failure of faith. Read the Holy Scripture in true faith and understanding and all such things that are true will be revealed by the L—d.

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